21 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers


Halloween is around the corner. Have you decided on the Halloween costumes for yourself and for your toddlers? Halloween is one such day, which is equally enjoyed by kids and adults, alike. When they go trick-or-treating in their lovely cute ensembles, no one will want to send them back, empty handed. There are so many wonderful ways to dress up the kids, and the kids look cute and adorable in all these costumes. There are special dresses for girls and boys, which make them look awesome and sets them apart from all the other kids.

So, if you are searching for some cool Halloween toddler costumes for your toddler, you can check out the list of costumes that we have zeroed down for you.

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Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

There are many ways by which you can dress up your little one. But, there are some special costumes, especially for girls and boys, which will make them look adorable and cute.

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Toddler Halloween Costumes for Girls

1. Little Red Riding Hood

Who has not heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood? The cunning fox dressed in a grandmother’s costume would have given a lot of sleepless nights to all of us, in our younger days.The Little Red Riding Hood is a very popular character, and every young child and adult can easily relate to it. Well, this Little Red Riding Hood costume is such a cute costume that your toddler will definitely look adorable in it. A perfect dress for the little one. So, dress up your toddler in this, and see all eyes getting glued to her.



2. Sofia the First

How about giving your little darling girls a fancy dress? Little girls love Sofia the First, and they would be excited about wearing this pretty costume. The purple dress is simply gorgeous, and the matching slippers and crown, along with it, will make your toddler look outstanding and pretty.

Sofia the First

3. Black Cat

Cats always have a unique look, and make a perfect Halloween costume. This is a simple dress, but the makeup along with it, will give your daughter that perfect catty edge. So, if your toddler loves cats, then, this is the dress to choose, for sure. A basket along with some goodies can be carried, for those extra effects.

Black Cat

4. Pirate

Girls dressed as pirates make a pretty picture. And, this lovely pirate dress is simply awesome. Your daughter, with her pretty smile, will make many hearts flutter, and everyone will turn back to give her that adorable look. With the frilly frock, and a pirate’s hat, the look is complete with the boots and the sword. Sure, nobody would have seen such a pretty pirate ever.



5. Pink CupCake

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? These are everyone’s favourite. And, kids simply love it. So, this costume with the pink icing and the sprinkles, will make your daughter look yummy and cute. Just keep her safe or someone might want to grab her and eat her.

Pink CupCake

6. Princess Leia

This is a perfect dress for all Star Wars enthusiasts. This costume will remind people of the famous Star War characters, and will definitely get a round of compliments from everyone around. Surely, a lot of people will recognize the dress and the hairdo.

Princess Leia

7. Cinderella

Cinderella is the favourite character amongst kids, especially the girls. Girls simply love Cinderella and her fairy tale. So, dress her up as Cinderella, and your daughter will simply be too happy to be in it.



8. Skeleton

This skeleton costume is the trademark for Halloween. After all, the day is associated with scary costumes, and this skeleton dress will make your child get into the perfect Halloween mood. The costume is so simple and comfortable that the child can wear it and not feel uneasy anytime during the night. Not to talk about giving uneasiness to others around. The best part about this costume is that the bones start glowing in the dark, and will definitely startle people.


9. Frilly Elmo

Surely, every little girl adores Elmo. And, this cute little red dress, along with the red tutu, makes it a perfect ensemble, for every child. The child will really make many heads roll, and will get a lot of compliments.

Frilly Elmo

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10. Scrubs for Doctors or Nurses

This cute little doctor costume will have many pulses beating. Such an adorable doctor will have many people want their pulses and heartbeats tested. And, the best part is that the costume can be customized, as well. Nobody would have seen such a cute doctor ever.

Scrubs for Doctors or Nurses

11. Little Gnome Girl

This is such a cute girl’s costume. The yellow coloured hair and the red coloured cape looks so epic and trendy, and it completes the look. Sure, the mothers would want to wear such dresses too, along with their little girls.

Little Gnome Girl

12. Rag Doll Costume

The rag dolls are so cute and many little girls possess it. It is adored by every little girl. So, if you dress up your little girl in the rag dolls costume, she will simply look colourful and adorable. The bright coloured dress and hair will make your girl look pretty.

Now that we have seen a few Halloween costumes for girls, it’s time to check out some Halloween toddler costumes for boys, as well.


Rag Doll Costume

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Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys

13. Donatello Deluxe Jumpsuit

Boys are full of energy. And, this teenage Mutant Ninja turtle looks very cute and adorable. Dress him up in this green costume and your boy will be jumping up and down with all the energy that he has. Not to talk about the admiration that he will get.

Donatello Deluxe Jumpsuit

14. Dalmatian Costume

Dalmatians are such lovely dogs, and every child will relate with it. This cute Dalmatian costume will make your child look so adorable, just like those Dalmatians in the movie. The fur coat is fuzzy, and will give the perfect Halloween moment. When your child runs around in this costume, people will stop and keep looking at him. So, make him a leash free dog this Halloween so that he has the maximum amount of fun.

Dalmatian Costume


15. Baby Batman Costume

Batman is the super hero that every child aspires to be. And, most of the kids imitate batman’s style, and actions, as well. So, if you make your little one wear this awesome batman costume, he will be the most thrilled. A very simple costume, the dress will make him get into the role, and he would want to protect the streets, garden, front lawn and hedges too. Give your son the chance to become a small super hero, at least for a day.

Baby Batman Costume

16. Toddler Puppy

This adorable and fluffy puppy is so cute and sweet that everyone would want to pick him up. With the wide-eyed look, and the floppy ears, the puppy will make everyone take notice of him. The Halloween party will become a smashing hit with his presence. After all, who doesn’t like cute and adorable little pups, especially, when he has such a cute face?

Toddler Puppy

17. PJ Masks Catboy Costume

This blue catboy costume is a very good dress for the little boys. If your little one loves to go out in the night and save the day, then, dress him up in this costume. This costume will make him the official leader of PJ Masks super hero trio. And, it will also earn him a lot of appreciative glances. He will definitely have a blast and will enjoy each moment thoroughly.

PJ Masks Catboy Costume


18. Toddler Triceratops Costume

Kids love dinosaurs, and so do adults. People would have watched Jurassic Park series so many times, and are still so fascinated by the idea of dinosaurs. There are dinosaur themed parks everywhere and the magnitude of the animal still continues to awe people. So, dressing your little one in a dinosaur costume is going to get him a huge bunch of kisses and hugs. Who can resist picking up such an adorable dinosaur?

Toddler Triceratops Costume

19. Beast Costume

Kids love watching and reading ‘Beauty and the Beast’. And, when your little one is dressed up as such a cute beast, no beauty can resist his charm. Just add some touches to his face, and he will be ready to face the Halloween night, dressed as a perfect beast, looking out for compliments.

Beast Costume

20. McQueen Toddler Costume

McQueen cars are the favourites amongst the boys. They love to zoom, screech and vroom their cars in a typical McQueen style. So, if your son loves cars, then, this is the perfect costume for him. You will love the thrilled look on his face, when he sees this 3D costume. No one can stop his car and put brakes on his energetic running around now.

McQueen Toddler Costume


21. Minion Toddler Costume

Minions are those cute characters that are loved by one and all. The evil genius are great helpers, and are the favourites among the younger audience. So, how about dressing up your little one as a minion? Your toddler will be the next star helper. He will surely have a blast, dressed up as one, and you would be proudly looking at him, with star-stuck eyes.

Minion Toddler Costume

These were just some of the ideas for dressing up your adorable little toddler in the Halloween costumes. There are many other ways by which you can dress him or her up. Be creative and let your imaginative juices flow, and you would definitely have your child dressed uniquely, and adorably. The idea is to have fun, and create enjoyable moments for the child and for everyone around.

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