9 Best Hairstyles For Young Girls


Hairstyles for young girls offer a large space for creativity. Some young ladies prefer long flowy braids which look like straight out of a princess movie while others who don’t pay much attention to their hair may prefer more short, boycut hairstyles. Whatever may be the occasion, every young girl wants to look her best and hair is the crown we never take off, so why not adorn it with the best hairstyles out there! 

hairstyles for young girls

9 Cute and Cool Hairstyles For Young Girls

A good hairstyle is one which looks sweet and simple and does not cause any inconvenience and discomfort. If you have thick and gorgeous long hair then French braids or a simple bun can do the trick for you. While those with shoulder length hair can don a smart pony and hence keeping the hair off your eyes. If you’re a young lady with the taste for short boycut hairstyle then a chic Bob cut which is chin length will be the perfect pick for you.

As for summers most young girls may prefer short boycut hairstyles to keep them classy and at the same time save them from fuss of long hair which becomes unmanageable and sweaty during summers. Moreover, young girls prefer hairstyles which won’t look overdone and aren’t very time consuming.

Mentioned below are some great hairstyle options for young girls between 6 to 12 years of age.

Ribbon Braids With Half Updo

Braids are the most easiest and comfortable hairstyles for most of the women and if you’re looking to turn a common hairstyle into a festive one, then this is the right choice for you! You can weave a ribbon into your braids to makes them look beautiful and adorable. You can also add some cute hair accessories like clips, little flowers and colorful ribbons to set the look. 


Buns With Floral Clips

One of the prettiest hairstyle for young girls which is better than braids is a bun. 

You can always experiment with buns and you can try twisting your hair and part your hair down the centre to the nape of your neck. You can also add floral clips to make your bun look chic and up to date. 

Short Pixie Cut

For girls who don’t care much about spending hours in their hairdos and prefer a hairstyle that is a boycut hairstyle but also gives feminine look, then short pixie cut is the one for you. This hairstyle suits almost every age group and also looks quite adorable. Especially during summers when you don’t want to sweat much and keep your hair maintained this hairstyle will get you covered. It covers the forehead and extends to the eyebrow level and is one of the coolest choices for young girls. 

Bob Haircut

Whoever first experimented with Bob haircut for girls, did it very right as this hairstyle has got all the factors needed, right from looking quite classy it is also very comfortable. And everyone loves Bob hair. If you are looking to come out from long hair and braiding styles and yet are not fully prepared to get a boycut hairstyle then you may just get a Bob! It’s stylish and elegant and it makes the hair look silky. This comfortable style is among one of the favourites in boycut hairstyles for girls. 

Some Cool Hairstyle For Teenage Girls with Long Hair/Shirt Hair

Now for girls who are in their preteens or teens there are other different options to explore for shorter hair or long hair.

Cropped Feather Cut

This incredibly simple hairstyle is very easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about how to style it for any occasion as it goes with everything. Moreover, Beauty stylists have been creating this exotic hairstyles for girls with short hair for generations and it still hasn’t got out of style for anyone. So if you’re looking for something stylish and fun to sport this season, cropped feather cut might be the one you’re looking for. 


Easy Side Braid

Now for girls who love keeping long hair and still want it to look manageable and cute at the same time an easy side braid is the right option. All you’ve got to do is side a small portion of your hair and secure it with a cute hair accessory like sparkly clip or a bow above the hair and braid the rest. It’s that simple! It is a perfect hairstyle if you’re busy and active everyday and have no interest in holding still sitting for hours in front of the mirror figuring out what to do with your gorgeous hair. 

Long Bob

If you’re a young girl who loves to experiment with her hair but doesn’t want it cut way too short but still want a boycut hairstyle for girls then long Bob may the Bob waiting for you to try it on! It is not ultra shot while still achieving the lovely benefits of short hair like quick washing and drying and never having to worry about what to do with it. And also a lot less time spent styling as it maintains some of the length. 

Undercut Or Half Shaved

Shaved hairstyles are the talk of the town among young teenage girls, especially the ones who like to keep their wardrobe and sense of style revolutionary and outgoing. Well in this undercut look the below layers of your hair get shaved and short while the top layers are left longer for you to experiment with them. 

Boy Cut For Girls

If you’re a girl who is really looking for a whole boy cut then this hairstyle, as the name suggests, does the work for you. If you have hair with texture this looks extraordinarily good and the texture is left to be embraced with the help of some styling products. It looks straight out of a fashion magazine and goes with literally any outfit you may want to carry.