201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with T


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with T, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with T.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with T

TiaEnglishAn aunt, daughter born to royalty
TiahnaEnglishAbbrevation of Tatiana, queen of fairies
TianaEnglishAn aunt, daughter born to royalty
TiaunaEnglishVariation of Tatiana, a queen of fairies
TibbyEnglishShe who made an oath to God
TibnaEnglishFollower of the Christ
TibotaEnglishA woman from Tivoli
TicceaEnglishA kid of or the offspring of something
TiceEnglishA kid goat, or a gift from God
TidnaEnglishThe time of the grace and beauty
TieciaEnglishA fiery of frightened girl
TieganEnglishSomething pretty or of ornamental
TigerlilyEnglishThe combination of tiger and Lily flower
TigerniEnglishThe power of a tigress
TiinaEnglishFrom the river
TilaEnglishIn English it means Good person. In German it means mighty in battle
TiladeneEnglishOne who is from the valley of fertile land
TiliaEnglishThe tiel trees or lime trees
TilneyEnglishOne who belongs to the Tiln village
TimberlakeEnglishThe lake or reservoir in midst of timber trees
TimbreEnglishA quality of a sound, a timbre of a voice or music
TimbrelEnglishAn instrument for music
TinaEnglishA Christian girl; She who follows Christ
TinayaEnglishA follower of God
TinbleEnglishSounds that the bell make.
TineEnglishOne who follows Christ
TinikaEnglishThe glorious and beautiful
TinkiEnglishOne who is bashful or shy
TinleyEnglishA fence or a hedge
TinsleyEnglishTynni’s meadow
TinyEnglishA small or a little one
TaittEnglishOne who brings happiness to other people; Cheerful one
TaliniEnglishSnow angels; snow falling at dawn
TallysEnglishPet form of talia; A female lamb; Last name of a person
TamaryEnglishA woman who is a palm tree
TamasinEnglishShe who is a twin sister
TamberlynEnglishTo be someone’s twin
TambreEnglishOne whose music brings joy
TambriaEnglishShe whose music brings great happiness
TamecaEnglishOne with sweet nature
TameikaEnglishA girl of sweet nature
TamelaEnglishOne who is dark in a sweet way
TamesisEnglishOne who is dark
TameyEnglishA pet form of Tamara, which means a palm tree
TamicaEnglishShe who is very sweet
TamieEnglishA pet from Tamara, meaning a little palm tree
TamiekaEnglishA cute girl with sweet personality
TammeeEnglishA pet of Tamara. Means a palm tree
TammeyEnglishA name that means a date palm tree
TamminEnglishAn influential and talented being
TamraEnglishLike a palm tree
TamsieEnglishA twin sister
TamzenEnglishVariation of Tamsin, meaning a twin
TanandaEnglishOne who has the power to rule and control
TandiEnglishA fair princess
TangenneEnglishAn affectionate, trustworthy and humane being
TangerinaEnglishShe who is from the city of Tangiers
TangerineEnglishShe who is from Tangiers
TaniceEnglishGod’s incarnate
TanyEnglishShe who is tawny
TaralynEnglishVariation of the name Tara meaning the hill
TarapornEnglishOne who appreciates nature and surroundings
TarbaraEnglishA strange traveller who is from a foreign land
TarinEnglishBlend of names Tara and Erin, means a hill from Ireland
TarinaEnglishOne who is from a hill
TarranEnglishOf the thunder
TarrynEnglishFrom an ancient roman clan
TashiaEnglishShe who is born at Christmas
TasmineEnglishA twin sibling
TatemEnglishA joyful girl
TateumEnglishOld English surname
TathereEnglishA thoughtful, spirited and level headed person
TatrissEnglishA practical, diligent and talented girl
TattaEnglishA poised, affectionate and humble being
TaurinaEnglishFeminine form of Taurus, the bull
TaadeelArabicState of being equal
TaalahArabicYoung plam tree; Searching for someone
TaaleaArabicInvolving good luck or fortune
TaaliahArabicGod-fearing, devoted to God; Woman who recites the Quran often
TaaraArabicStar, or apple of the eye.
TabaanArabicRefulgent, splendid, or glittering.
TabasimArabicPut up a smile in the face
TabbasumArabicSmile happiness
TabinaArabicFollower of Muhammad
TaebbaArabicOne who is pure and chaste
TaghridArabicSinging as a bird
TahajeebArabicWay of life of a group of people
TahaniArabicCongratulate someone for something good that has happened to them
TaheeraArabicSimple or restrained person
TaheraArabicFree of any contamination, clean person
TaherahArabicMorally pure and decent, not sinful
TaherehArabicFree from all sins, pure one
TaheriaArabicShowing high moral standard
TahirahArabicA pure, pristine person
TahiyahArabicPolite word, sign of welcoming someone
TahiyatArabicGiving sign of recognition
TahiyyaArabicTo support or comfort someone
TahiyyahArabicGesture as a greeting or acknowledgement to someone’s arrival or departure
TahjeiraArabicPerson who is naived, innocent or inexperienced
TahkeemArabicPower to govern or to rule
TahminaArabicRustam’s wife in a famous poem; Strong woman
TahminehArabicFemale character in shanameh epic, a mother of sohrab
TahzibArabicReceiving or giving systematic instruction at a school or university
TaiatArabicCame back to life
TaibaArabicWoman who loves to repent to allah for all the sins
TaiebArabicA pleasant, sweet smell. A perfume
TajmeelArabicA decoration that is pleasing to the eyes
TakeiyahArabicOne who worships
TakeyaArabicGod-fearing, have a fear in God
TakiaArabicRighteous, morally right or justifiable
TakijaArabicOne who worships
TakishaArabicThe favourite child
TakiyaArabicSomeone who is polite and with good morals
TakiyyaArabicQuality of being religious or reverent
TakiyyahArabicDerived from the Arabic word Tarub means fear of god
TakkiaArabicPerson who is a worshipper of god
TakseenArabicOne who provides peace
TalayahArabicGolden ray of the sun
TalethaArabicA maiden, young girl
TalibaArabicOne who seeks knowledge
TalibahArabicSeeker after knowledge
TalihahArabicScholar, one who is rich in knowledge and continues to seek it
TalithaArabicA maiden, young girl
TamanniArabicOne who is hopeful and wishful
TamarindArabicAn Indian date
TailerFrenchA form of taylor
TaiyaFrenchA gift from the river
TalianaFrenchGoddess of beauty
TalyseFrenchShe who is a forest woman
TatienneFrenchFrench variation of the name Tatiana, means fairy queen
TayelorFrenchAn occupational name for a tailor
TaylorFrenchTailor or To cut
TaylyrFrenchA cutter; occupational name for a tailor
TempesteFrenchOne who is turbulent
ThurrieuaFrenchShe who loves thunder
TierceFrenchThird or one who owned a third part, a falcon
TildaFrenchthe strength or power in battle
ToulouseFrenchOne who belongs to the city Tolosa
TraciaFrenchWho has come from the land of Thracius
TraiceFrenchOne who is from thracia
TraisFrenchThe numeric Three
TravisFrenchTo cross over
TrayceFrenchOne who is from the Thricius
TreFrenchThe third-born child
TriamourFrenchOne who loves three times
TrinetteFrenchA very little innocent child
TriniqueFrenchA pure or unique person
TroyFrenchSon of a foot-soldier
TulipFrenchResembles as tulip floret.
TalisaSpanishA form of tallis
TanisSpanishSerpent lady
TaviaSpanishShe who is born eight
TavitaSpanishShe who is eight in line
TejanaSpanishGirl from Texas
TelmaSpanishShe who has will
TeodecSpanishAn entire Earth; fertile
TeodoraSpanishGod’s gift
TequilaSpanishA kind of liquor
TequillaSpanishDrink made from agave plant
TereSpanishGuardian of the harvest
TeresitaSpanishA popular saint’s name
TesoroSpanishPerson in charge of the finances
TheresaSpanishA harvester
TiaSpanishAn aunt, daughter born to royalty
TichaSpanishA noble person who brings joy
TieraSpanishthe earth or the land
TildaSpanishthe strength or power in battle
TildeSpanishA title or a superscription
TocaSpanishA cap or headgear
ToccaSpanishThe touch of a person
ToccaraSpanishThe friendly of beloved touch
ToiyaSpanishA victory or a win
TomasaSpanishTwin girl child, also a negro
TomasinaSpanishOne of a twin baby girl
TonaSpanishOne who is highly praised and priceless
TopaciaSpanishA jewel or gemstone
TorhtaSpanishTwisted or folded over
TranquillaSpanishOne who is tranquil or calm
TrellaSpanishThe star of the sky
TriaSpanishIn Greek it refers to the follower of Demeter. In Spanish it is the count of three
TrianaSpanishIn Sanskrit it means one who is piercing. In Spanish it means Third
TriniSpanishA holy girl, holy trinity
TristessaSpanishA hope or the hope to free from sadness
TulaSpanishMountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquil
TuliSpanishRefers to a brush which uses to paint anything.
TuliaSpanishRefers to the boundary of the beauty.
TulliaSpanishFeminine form of tullius (Name of an ancient king)
TulyaSpanishBe the same as or corresponded.
TyaSpanishSister of the father or mother or the wife of uncle, aunt.

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