201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with N


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with N, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with N.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with N

NoahGermanRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
NadetteGermanHaving the brave as a bear.
NadinaGermanGrounds for feeling hopeful.
NadineGermanA trustful relationship.
NadjaGermanThe person who will not give up easily.
NanettaGermanA graceful queen or empress
NaninaGermanA graceful person, a charming one
NastassjaGermanAlive again, Daughter of Czar
NedraGermanDissident, concealed, covert, secretive.
NeleGermanLaying eggs in the sand
NinaGermanThe precious talent from the most high God.
NixieGermanA small sprite of water
NoraGermanThe person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.
NyxGermanThe one who is charming and fascinating. Also the of Hindu deity Lord Krishna
NacelleEnglishIn English it means a Shell. In French, it means a small boat
NadalynEnglishFrom the prosperous man’s peak.
NadalyneEnglishFrom the high peak of a wealthy man
NaisbitEnglishThe nose-bend of the river
NaisbittEnglishThe nose-bend of a piece of ground
NalyssaEnglishBeloved child of light, a lantern
NataviaEnglishA pleasant gift from God
NaydiEnglishAn adorable, loving and independent person
NecessityEnglishunavoidable or extremely requisite
NedjelkoEnglishThe one who’s birth day is Sunday.
NedoEnglishProtector of snow or protector of wealth.
NeeliEnglishThe one who is winning the competition.
NekoEnglishThe butter made from the Sheep’s milk.
NeldaEnglishThe grain of the fenugreek shrub.
NellEnglishThe glittering pearl.
NellieEnglishThe most good looking and attractive woman in the world.
NellwynEnglishThe one who is very close to Nellie’s heart.
NellyEnglishThe most stunning and gorgeous woman.
NeltaEnglishWoman who came from near the sea
NelwinEnglishThe joyful or delightful mate.
NelwinaEnglishPositive and lively buddy.
NelwynEnglishDaughter of the winner.
NelwynaEnglishMerry and smiling friend.
NenniaEnglishWho belongs to the northern areas
NequoyahEnglishA serious, independent and wonderful being
NeruteEnglishA polite, easy-going and fun-loving person
NevaehEnglishThe backward spelling of Heaven.
NevilaEnglishThe newly established town
NewlynEnglishFrom the shrine of Saint Newelina.
NiawbrawakaEnglishA truthful and kind human being
NiccoleEnglishThe success of the nation.
NicheleEnglishBlend of Nichole (victory of people) and Michelle (gift from God)
NicholaEnglishThe people’s hero.
NightingaleEnglishA bird that sings melodiously
NikeishaEnglishResembling the cinnamon tree.
NiketaEnglishFailed, Unproductive, Vain, Ineffective.
NikkieEnglishThe people of triumph.
NirmanyuEnglishThe soldier at the northern entrance.
NoelleEnglishBirthday of Christ Jesus.
NoggaEnglishPoised and graceful individual
NoggeEnglishA person who is quick-minded and fertile
NoleneEnglishBeautiful and fairer in color.
NorabelEnglishThe person who is graceful and moral.
NoralynEnglishThe person who is wonderful and decency.
NorellaEnglishThe lady who is possessing integrity and honesty.
NoreneEnglishThe person who is entitled to honor and admiration.
NorlaEnglishA person who is poised and reserved
NorwoodEnglishThe soldier at the northern entrance.
NotekynEnglishName of a stated; snow glass and filled with light
NudEnglishA generous and expressive human being
NuenEnglishAn individual who has high standards
NuwairaEnglishThe petal of the beautiful flowers.
NyajaEnglishAn inspired and a guardian angel
NymeriaEnglishA warrior queen
NynyueEnglishAn entertaining, noble and kind person
NareenaCelticRefraining from acting.
NeelyCelticThe great champion of the nation.
NevanthiCelticA spiritual lady, holy lady
NevinaCelticThe one who praises the saint.
NiaCelticIllumination, Prettiness, Determination
NaailaAfricanthe person with the record of victories.
NaataaniiAfricanA poetess who writes the praise of the prophet
NafulaAfricanOne who was born during the rainy season.
NafunaAfricanThe one who is carried his feet first.
NailahAfricanThe accomplisher or the achiever
NaiserAfricanOne who is a founder of belief
NajaAfricanA person indifferent to pleasure and pain
NakatoAfricanThe twins or doubles whom were born as the second in the family.
NakeishaAfricanThe lifetime of woman or girl or lady or damsel.
NakiAfricanThe girl who was born first in the family or eldest daughter.
NakimeraAfricanThe talent or present of skills from God.
NalaAfricanLioness or Lots of Water
NaloAfricanThe most lovable person
NalorieAfricanLovable goddess of earth
NaserianAfricanThe lucky one. A fateful person
NashaAfricanIn Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge
NatakiAfricanOne who took birth as a royal
NathaaraAfricanTiny pieces scattered all over
NathifaAfricanClean, wholesome, unpolluted.
NatineAfricanThe person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.
NatoyaAfricanDance, or the one who can dance
NdutaAfricanTeach me
NeelaAfricanBluish shaded color.
NeemaAfricanThe one who was born in richness.
NeliahAfricanThe gift or present from the town
NeoAfricanThe talented one or skilled one.
NettaAfricanGate, shrubberies, trees, wilds, planting.
NgendoAfricanA traveler
NginaAfricanOne who serves
NgoziAfricanDedication, benediction, dedication, consecration.
NianaAfricanName of an African city in Mali
NichelleAfricanThe great champion among the women.
NimeeshaAfricanThe dearest angel of God
NisarAfricanOne who is passive and diplomatic.
NjeriAfricanDaughter of a warrior.
NjokiAfricanShe who returned.
NkechiAfricanThe precious treasure from God.
NkechinyereAfricanGod’s pleasure which came to this world.
NkiruAfricanOnce more God will provide an excellent gift.
NkirukaAfricanGod will give me something ever best once again.
NneniaAfricanThe one who looks same as her grandmother.
NnennaAfricanThe one who is fond of her dad’s mum.
NomaAfricanCultivator or farmer or sample or model.
NomalangaAfricanBrilliant or sunshine light.
NomasontoAfricanWho was delivered or received on Sunday
NombekoAfricanRegard, respect, admiration.
NomuulaAfricanWho is like unto Yahweh (Unchanging God)
NontleAfricanThe ruler of the deep sea.
NoxoloAfricanOne who is passive and diplomatic.
NsombiAfricanFull of happiness or complete gladness.
NoahHawaiianRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
NalaniHawaiianThe Head, or the chief or the heavens
NalanieHawaiianThe calm sky
NanaHawaiianIn Hawaiian, it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese, it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa, it signifies the status of a monarch.
NaneaHawaiianLand of heaven
NaniHawaiianIn Hawaiian it meant beauty or splendor. In Japanese it too means beauty.
NapuaHawaiianIt resembles floras or flowers.
NoelaniHawaiianFog from paradise.
NohealaniHawaiianThe prettiest woman from paradise.
NastyaRussianAct of resurrection
NikitaRussianUnbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.
NadaRussianThe one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.
NadegeRussianBeing full of hopes.
NadejdaRussianBelieving in the honesty and reliability of others.
NadetteRussianHaving the brave as a bear.
NadezhdaRussianA general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.
NadiaRussianThe person who is full promises.
NadiahopeRussianA hopeful promise to others
NadieRussianPrompted by wisdom or judgment.
NadineRussianA trustful relationship.
NadjaRussianThe person who will not give up easily.
NadyaRussianThe specific instance of feeling hopeful.
NastashiaRussianA variant of Anastasia. It means resurrection.
NastasiaRussianA martyred saint. Also the name of the daughter of Russian king Czar
NastasyaRussianA saint who was a martyr and came alive
NastenkaRussianA form of Natasha, meaning resurrection.
NastiaRussianArise from the dead
NataRussianThe one who is an expert in giving a speech.
NataliaRussianNewcomer to this world on Christ’s born day.
NataliyaRussianA woman who is blessed by God.
NatalyRussianChristmas child.
NatalyaRussianChrist’s birthday child.
NatalyahRussianone who born on Christmas day
NataschaRussianSame birthday on Christmas day.
NatashaRussianThe day who came to this world.
NatasiaRussianCanadian version of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.
NateshaRussianCelebration of date of birth.
NessaRussianPeninsulas, outcrop, point, cliff.
NikaRussianThe one who is for God’s purpose.
NinaRussianThe precious talent from the highest God.
NaazimaArabicThe person who writes poems. lady poet.
NaaziraArabicThe one who looks on over the activities.
NabeehaArabicThe person who is standing above others in quality or position.
NabeelaArabicThe one who is adhering to ethical and moral principles.
NabeelahArabicThe one who is impressive in appearance.
NabeeleArabicThe person who is generous, understanding and tolerant.
NabighahArabicThe person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.
NabihaArabicThe person who is worthy of being depended on.
NabihahArabicThe person who is possessing excellent knowledge.
NabijahArabicThe person who is motivating and bold guider.
NabilaArabicWorthy, elegant, celebrated.
NabilahArabicThe person who was born for goodness.
NabiliaArabicA noble person, always carry good deeds
NabraArabicA lofty peak, especially valued for its uncommonness.
NacimaArabicNot widely distributed.
NadaArabicThe one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.
NadaaArabicCondensation, bigheartedness, broadmindedness, nobility
NaddaArabicThe person who is willing to give and share unstintingly.
NadeedaArabicThe contestant you hope to defeat.
NadeemahArabicA friend who is always in the company of another.
NadeenArabicThe specific instance of feeling hopeful.
NadheemaArabicHaving mutual interests or affections.
NadhirahArabicThe one who is good looking and glowing.
NadhiyahArabicThe one who is animated or beautiful.
NadidaArabicRemains in the same quantity.
NadimaArabicThe mate of the drinking person.
NadimahArabicThe person who is very closer to your heart.
NadinArabicSlightly wet, care, trust, subtle.
NadinaArabicGrounds for feeling hopeful.
NadiraArabicThe one who is uncommon and tough to search.
NadirahArabicThe one who is occasional and valuable.
NadiyahArabicEasily broken or damaged or destroyed.
NadiyyaArabicThe one who is soggy, affectionate and gentle.
NadraArabicThe one who is specific to a person or thing or category.
NadrahArabicA specified person, highly recognizable
NadwaArabicThe body serving in an administrative capacity.
NadwahArabicThe one who gives sensible advice.
NadyneArabicFlower head, bud, blossom, floret.
NadziejaArabicThe person who is mild, saturated and affectionate.

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