201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with K


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with K, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with K.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with K

KadenceLatinKadence means Rhythm, Beat
KaidenceLatinThe name means With Musical Rhythm
KalareLatinKalare name means Shines
KalystaLatinKalysta means She that is Most Beautiful
KambreeLatinKambree means Mighty Warrior, Stream
KameliaLatinFlower Name; Variant of the Flower Name Camelia
KamellaLatinKamella means A Name of the Flower
KamillaLatinLatin – Acolyte; Attendant at a ritual; Arabic – Perfection; A spelling variant of Camilla
KamillyLatinA variant of Camilla, meaning free-born or noble.
KandeeLatinKandee name means Ethiopian Queen
KandiLatinKandi means The Queen Mother
KandiceLatinKandice The Queen of Ethiopia
KandieLatinThe name The Mother Queen
KandissLatinKandiss means Ethiopian Queens
KandyceLatinThe name means a Title Used by Ethiopian Queens
KaramiaLatinKaramia means Beloved Peace
KariganLatinKarigan means Descendant from Jupiter(Jove)
KarineLatinKarine means Beloved Friend
KarissaLatinKarissa means Very Dear
KaritaLatinKarita means Dear, Beloved
KarryLatinKarry means Beloved Friend
KaryLatinA full grown, adult person
KarynaLatinA keel of the ship, from the Latin word
KassieLatinKassie means Vain in Latin
KatalynLatinThe name means The Pure One
KatarynaLatinThe name means Unsullied
KathLatinKath means Clear
KatharinaLatinKatharina means The Pure and The True One
KatharineLatinThe name means The Pure One, The Clear One
KatyLatinKaty name means Clear
KeirstaLatinThe name means Woman of Christian religion
KekiliaLatinKekilia means Blind
KerishiaLatinKerisa means Dear
KertLatinThe name means Christian Woman
KhristinaLatinLatin – Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of Christina
KhrystallineLatinThe name is a combination of Kystal – Follows God and Lynn-Bautiful, hense the meanin Beautiful Follower of God
KialynLatinKialyn mean Flower of Christ
KirstieLatinLatin – Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of Christina
KlaraLatinKlara means The Clear, Bright One
KlarikaLatinThe name means Bright and Famous
KlarisaLatinThe name means Bright Light
KlaudiaLatinThe name means Crippled
KlaudieLatinKlaudie means The Lame and Crippled one
KlavdiyaLatinThe name means Cripple and Lame
KonnieLatinKonnie means Constant, Steadfast
KonstanzLatinKonstanz means Consistent
KriciaLatinKricia means Profit and Wealth
KristeenaLatinLatin – Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of Christina
KristenLatinKristen means The one Who is The Follower of Christ
KristenaLatinMeans Jesus Follower
KristianaLatinLatin – Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of Christina
KristiannaLatinLatin – Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of Christina
KristianneLatinLatin – Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of Christina
KyaraLatinKyara means Bright, Famous
KataleEnglishKatale name means Strogner than You
KataraEnglishKatara means Blessed
KatayaEnglishKataya means The Unsullied one
KatelinEnglishThe name Katelin means Pure, Clear
KatelinaEnglishKatelina means the Clear One
KatelinnEnglishMeans the One who is Pure
KatelinneEnglishKatelinne means The Clear, Pure one
KatelynnEnglishKatelynn means Clean, Clear
KaterinEnglishKaterin means Torture
KaterynaEnglishKateryna means Pure, Simple
KateryneEnglishKateryne means Plain, Clear
KatharynEnglishThe name means Transparent, True, Clear
KatheeEnglishKathee means Pure, Natural
KathiEnglishKathi means Clear, Clean
KathiaEnglishKathia means Pure, Natural
KathianEnglishThe name means True, Plain
KathieEnglishKathie means Pure, Unadulterated
KathireEnglishKathire means Clear, Plain
KathleenEnglishMeans Pure, Flawless
KathlynEnglishThe name means Pure and Simple
KathryneEnglishMeans Plain, Pure, Clear
KathyEnglishKathy means Bright, Authentic, Pure
KatilynnEnglishThe name means Clear, Transparent
KatinEnglishKatin means Daughter with Power
KatriannaEnglishThe name means Pure, Neat
KayEnglishKay means Flames, Fire
KaydraEnglishThe name means She keeps the Keys
KayeEnglishKaye means She holds the Keys
KayleyEnglishKayley means She Holds The Keys
KayliEnglishKayli means The Pure one who holds the keys
KaylieghEnglishKayliegh name means Female Keeper of the Keys
KaylilEnglishThe name means The Key Keeper
KaylynEnglishKaylyn means She that is Pure
KaylynnEnglishThe name means She is Pure and Virginal
KeatlynEnglishKeatlyn means She is Pure, Bright and Chaste
KelcieEnglishOld English – Ship; Victory; A spelling variant is Kelsey
KellsieEnglishKellsie means Brave
KelsaEnglishKelsa means Brave
KelsieEnglishKelsie means Daring, Fearless
KelsyEnglishKelsy means Heroic, Brave
KelvaEnglishKelva means I am Stronger Than You
KenabethEnglishKenabeth means Solid, Steady
KenadonaEnglishKenadona means Clean Water
KenadoneEnglishKenadone means Clear, Pure Water
KencilEnglishAn intensive and emotional being
KendaEnglishKenda means Child of Clear,Cool Water
KendahlEnglishThe name means The Valley of the River Kent
KendalEnglishKendal means The bright valley, Valley of Kent River
KendaleEnglishKendale means the Kent River Valley
KendallEnglishKendall means From the Bright Valley of Kent River
KennedyEnglishKennedy means Helmeted Chief
KenniceEnglishThe name means Beauty
KennisEnglishKennis means She posesses Beauty
KennitaEnglishKennita means From the Bright Valley of the River Kent
KensleyEnglishKensley means The Spring Glade
KenyaEnglishKenya means Mauntain of Whiteness
KenzingtonEnglishKenzington is a place name, of the English town Kensington
KenzintonEnglishThe name means place name, from British town Kensington
KenzoEnglishMeaning The town of Cynsige’s People
KerbieEnglishThe name means From the Church Village
KeremEnglishKerbie means Church Village
KerenzaEnglishKerensa means Love
KeriEnglishKerenza means The One who Loves
KermeildeEnglishA woman covered in a thin layer of gold. a gilded lady
KermildaEnglishThe name means A Gilded Woman
KermillaEnglishThe name means Gilded
KermillieEnglishKermilla means She who is Gilded
KermitEnglishThe name means The Guilded One
KerseyEnglishA dry land in watery areas specially marsh
KesslerEnglishThe name means Ship and Siege
KettyEnglishKetty means Ruler
KeymaEnglishKeyma means Stronger than Others
KharliaEnglishKharlia means Free man
KheringtonEnglishThe name means She is Sprung from the Fire
KhloeEnglishKhloe means Greenery
KhloeeEnglishKhloee means Blooming
KhloeiEnglishKhloei Green Shoot
KiarnEnglishA righteous and keen individual
KimbeccEnglishA assertive, humble and positive person
KimberEnglishKimber means Royal Fortress
KimberieeEnglishKimberiee means From the Royal Fortress Meadow
KimberieighEnglishName means Royal Meadow
KimberleEnglishMeans From the Royal Forest
KimberleaEnglishThe name means From the Royal Meadow
KimberleeEnglishMeans Royal Forest
KimberleighEnglishMeans Cyneburga’s royal forest
KimberleyEnglishKimberlez means From the Royal Fortress
KimberliEnglishKimberli means One from the Royal Meadow
KimberlieEnglishKimberlie means Girl From The Royal Meadow
KimberlinEnglishMeans Cyneburg’s field
KimberlyEnglishMeans From the wood of the royal forest
KimberlynEnglishKimberlyn means From the Royal Woods
KimberlynnEnglishMeans From the Royal Forest
KimberyEnglishKimbery means Royal Woods
KimbraEnglishKimbra means From the royal fortress meadow
KimbriaEnglishA royal fortress or a meadow
KimbriellaEnglishA person who is truly devoted
KimbroEnglishKimbro means From the Royal Field
KimbroughEnglishThe name means From the royal meadow
KimbyEnglishOne who came from the wood of the royal forest
KimeryEnglishKimery originates from a name of the place called Kyme
KimmEnglishKimm means Cyneburg’s field
KimmeyEnglishKimmey means Chief
KimmyEnglishMeans From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress
KindaEnglishKinda means Valley of the Kent River
KindalEnglishKindal name means Comes from the Valley of Kent River
KindallEnglishKindall means Valley of the River
KindnessEnglishKindness means She,who is Kind
KineburgaEnglishKineburga is an old English name, Means the Daughter of Christian faith
KingsleaEnglishKindslea means King’s meadow
KingsleuEnglishThe name means The Meadow of Kings
KinleeEnglishKinlee means White Warrior
KinseyEnglishKinsey means The Victory of the King
KinsleaEnglishKinslea means She Comes from the Meadow of the King
KinsleeEnglishKinslee means Woman of the Royal Meadow
KinsleyEnglishKinsley name means The Field of the King
KinslieEnglishKinslie means King’s Field
KirklieEnglishthe name means Meadow by the Church
KirseyEnglishKirsey means Dry Land in Marsh
KirstalEnglisha clear colourless glass, used as a gemstone
KishaEnglishKisha means Great joy
KitenaEnglishOne who is pure and unsullied
KittyEnglishKitty means She is Pure and Fair
KitziEnglishKitzi means Beautiful and Fair Girl
KiyleEnglishKiyle means Narrows
KiyrahEnglishThe name means The Black and Dark Person
KizzieEnglishKizzie means Cassia, a Yellow Flower
KizzyEnglishThe meaning of the name refers to Yellow Flower, Cassia
KlaireEnglishKlaire means Bright and Clear
KlimentinaEnglishKlementina means Kind and Sparing
KogonEnglishKogon means a Woman with Confidence
KohitaEnglishOne who is like a wildflower
KolbieEnglishKolbie means Coal Town
KolourEnglishKolour means Color
KolynnEnglishOne who is responsible and stable minded
KoralEnglishKoral means Coral, Deep Pink
KoribellaEnglishKoribella is mostly used as a surname, means Holder of the Spear
KorinEnglishKorin means a Warrior with a Spear
KorinaEnglishKorina means Spear Warrior
KamilleFrenchKamille is Born Free, a Noble One
KaralinaFrenchThe name means Full-grown, Free
KariFrenchAs a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremenduos in Scandinavian
KarolinaFrenchKarolina means Tiny and Feminine
KathleenFrenchMeans Pure, Flawless
KathrynFrenchThe name means Simple and True
KatrianeFrenchThe name means Plain,Clear
KestynFrenchThe name means Bird Pray, Rattle
KikiFrenchDouble happiness
KikkyFrenchA new beginning or a new life
KortneyFrenchOld French – Short nose; Domain of Curtius; domain of the short one
KotaraFrenchKotara means On the Banks of the River
KourtneeFrenchKourtnee means domain of the one who is Short
KourtneyFrenchThe name means From Courtenary, a Town in North France
KourtnieFrenchKourtnie means Girl from the Town Courtenary in France
KristeenFrenchThe name means Christian
KurtneyFrenchThe name means From French Town Courtenary
KyrielleFrenchThe meaning of the name is She is a Poetess

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