201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with B


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with B, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with B.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with B

Names Origin Meaning
Briana Celtic A noblewoman who lives in the hills
Brianna Celtic A strong ascending woman
Barra Celtic In Gaelic the meaning of the name Barra is Spear.
Bedelia Celtic Celtic – Powerful, strong; Exalted One; Form Of Bridget
Bellicent Celtic From Belenus a Celtic Sun God means Brilliant, bright woman
Berget Celtic Celtic – Powerful, strong; Exalted One; Form Of Bridget
Berry Celtic Celtic – Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune; Noble and Bright; Pale Green Gemstone; A variant of name Barrie
Birgit Celtic This is the original Viking name, meaning “the strong one”. Birgit was documented approx. 8 years before Birgitta, Birgitte, Brigitta, and Brigitte and all of the other forms.
Bodicca Celtic A woman who is a great victor
Boudibiua Celtic A person who is born to win; victory
Braedyn Celtic The heir or descendant of Bradan
Bre Celtic Power and strength; ability to subside others
Brea Celtic Virtuous and strong as a hill
Breana Celtic One who is virtuous and honorable
Breanna Celtic Strong and noble; virtuous
Breanne Celtic Celtic – Strength; Power; Force; Hebrew – Father of the multitude
Brei Celtic Strength and power; strong person
Breigh Celtic Father of many; strong and powerful
Brenyn Celtic A drop of a tear; a teardrop
Briaca Celtic The feminine form of Briac, meaning disputed
Bríet Celtic Icelandic form of Bridget, meaning the exalted one.
Brigthwyna Celtic A strong girl
Bryana Celtic Noble, strong, virtuous; hill; She ascends
Banana English A tropical tree-like plant and it’s edible fruit.
Banks English Edge of the River
Barabara English Right; Appropriate
Barbare English Georgian form of Barbara, meaning the foreign
Barberella English A comic book by Jean-Claude Forest
Barbery English Collective land of the Berber people
Barbeta English protective circular armor support for a heavy gun turret
Barbi English A traveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; Foreign
Barita English a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee
Barotha English English name for girls
Barr English Lawyer
Bashemath English Means ‘fragrance, sweet-smelling’ in Hebrew.
Baterich English English name for girls
Baubie English Diminutive of Barbara; Strange; Foreign
Bayle English Beautiful
Baylea English bailiff; berry wood
Baylee English Bailiff, fine-looking, attractive
Baylei English evictor
Baylie English Public Official;
Beadda English A battle maid
Beadu English Warrior Maid
Beaduburg English A fortress
Beaga English English name for girls
Beage English A little one
Bealda English who is beautiful
Bearda English A riverbank
Beatka English Blessed, Holly,
Beatrix English Provider Of Joy
Beatrixe English Explorer through Life;
Beatriz English Brings Joy
Beaue English We like the fact that it sounds like David Bowie’s last name.
Beauty English Beauty
Beccy English Short form of Rebecca
Beckie English Captivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; Joined
Becok English A free spirited one
Beddis English Surname, means widow
Bedeluue English English name for girls
Bee English Diminutive of Beatirce, meaning one that brings happiness
Begilda English English name for girls
Belanna English A noble woman who is beautiful
Belet English A free spirited girl
Belinda English Bright Serpent
Belisma English River Goddess
Bellingham English A surname that means people from the homestead of bears
Bellini English Derived From Belle
Belsant English A bashful, nonchalant and tender individual
Belsante English An understanding, positive and responsible individual
Belvine English A place of fens that belong to the burg. A surname
Bemma English A variation of Emma, means an universal, whole person
Bencelina English An easy going, simple and muscular individual
Beneatha English Beauty, excitement and wonderment, curious, artistically inclined to make an impact on the world as we know it
Benet English Blessed
Benigne English Well Born; Kindly
Bennca English One who is the servant of God; strong and brave
Bennelize English One who is filled with high levels of energy and has sixth sense
Benthe English A blessed girl
Bentlea English Female Version of Bentley; Meadow of Grass
Bentlee English Female Version of Bentley; From the Meadow of Grass
Bentleigh English Meadow of Grass
Beocca English A farm house or a farm place
Beoduca English She who comes from the place of cow barns
Beohha English A form of beort, meaning bright and famous
Beonna English She is a strong woman
Beorhthilde English Shining Battle-maid
Beortbtraed English Bright Counselor
Berangari English Spear-bearer Maid
Berengaria English Maiden of the Bear-spear; Maiden
Berenice English Victorious
Berkleigh English Birch tree clearing; a beautiful prayer
Berlin English A place name, after the capital city of Germany
Bernadina English Bear; Courageous; Feminine of Bernard
Berneice English She who Brings Victory
Berniece English A woman who brings victory
Bernita English Bernita (Bear, or brave) has been said to be a blend of Bernice and Juanita; means “harbinger (messenger) of victory”
Berrie English Noble and Shining; Pale Green Gemstone
Berrin English Bear
Berte English Noble; Shining; Bright
Bertene English Seems to be a feminine form of Berten; brave person
Berti English Noble; Shining; Bright
Bessa English A short from Elisabeth, meaning my God is my oath
Beste English Musical
Bethari English Goddess
Bethia English A person who is pious and worships God
Bethiar English House of God
Beti English A woman for whom the God is in her oath
Betiah English Her God is her promise
Betryse English A woman who is a blessed traveler
Betsi English A name meaning God is my oath
Bett English Pledged to God; God’s Promise; God is My Oath
Bette English Consecrated To God
Bettie English Bettie is an alternate form of Betty Both can be used as a short form of Elizabeth, Bethanne, or Bethany, or as independent names
Bibby English She who made a pledge to God
Bibi English Wife
Biby English A woman pledged to God
Bicca English A variant of Becca, meaning a snare
Bilhah English Shy, timid; One who is confused
Bilswith English A woman of the farm
Bindy English Pretty snake; A Diminutive of Belinda
Binh English Vase, Jar
Biniqua English A diligent person; quick and understanding
Binny English Form of Bianca; White; Blessed
Bird English Unusual Nature Name
Birdee English birdlike, a child’s term for a bird, a score of one stroke under par at a hole in Golf
Birdelle English Little bird
Birdey English Unusual Nature Name
Birewar English A responsible, deserving and technical individual
Birleana English A happy, versatile and imaginative individual
Birsen English You are Unique
Bisaria English One who likes to be in association and has sense of duty
Bjaraja English One who can appreciate life and find success
Blaisha English A creative, sensitive and loving individual
Blake English Pale
Babette French One who takes God as Oath
Baileigh French An administrator manager; a Goddess
Bailiegh French An officer of justice and administration
Barbetta French A variation of the name Babette
Barbie French Derived From Barbara; traveler from a foreign land
Basilie French Female Version of Basil; Royal; Kingly; Regal; Derived from the Same Greek Word as the Plant Name Basil
Beatrice French Bringer Of Joy
Beatrise French Traveler; Blessed
Beawa French She who has beauty
Bebe French Wife
Beccalynn French An intellectual, blessed individual
Begonia French A flowering plant, named after Michel Bgon, French governor and a patron of botany
Belen French Bethlehem; An Arrow
Belevia French A beautiful lady
Belina French St Belina from the 12th century was a French peasant; one who protects
Bell French Beautiful, Fine looking, gorgeous
Bella French Beautiful, handsome, attractive
Belle French Beauty
Belora French To be beautiful now
Belot French A name of a card game
Benicia French Blessed One
Benoite French Blessed
Bente French Blessed; Form of Benedict
Berenice French Victorious
Bern French Brave
Bernadette French Brave As A Bear
Berne French Bold As A Bear
Bernie French Derived From Bernard
Berta French Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious
Berthe French Bright
Bertilda French Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior
Bertille French Heroine
Bertrade French Bright Counselor
Bessy French God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; House; God’s Promise
Bessye French House; God’s Promise; God is My Oath
Bethea French Maid-servant of Jehovah
Betrice French A woman who brings happiness wherever she goes
Bette French Consecrated To God
Bettye French God’s Oath; Form of Elizabeth
Bev French Beaver-stream
Beyonce French Beyond Others
Biana French Fair Skinned
Biata French Blessed
Bibel French Short from Elisabeth, meaning one who made a promise to God
Bibele French She gave her promise to the God
Bambina Italian Italian – Little Girl; Baby Girl
Beatrice Italian Bringer Of Joy
Belinda Italian Bright Serpent
Belisencia Italian The sense of purity, whiteness
Bella Italian Beautiful, handsome, attractive
Belladonna Italian beautiful woman
Bellarosa Italian A beautiful rose
Bellefleur Italian A beautiful flower
Berenice Italian Victorious
Betina Italian A woman who finds God in her promise
Betony Italian A Victorian botanical name; the betony plant is also known as “woundwort”
Bianca Italian Light; White; Shining; A Shakespearean baby name meaning Tragedy of Othello’ Mistress of Cassio
Bice Italian Diminutive form of Beatrice
Bina Italian Melodious; nam for a classic musical instrument
Bivatigirni Italian A woman who is a true and honest beauty
Blaca Italian A white and shining woman
Bobina Italian A little flame that burns brightly
Bobine Italian She who is like a bright flame
Boh Italian An expression in Italian meaning “I don’t know”
Bona Italian A woman who acts in a good manner
Brandi Italian A fiery light set up as a warning
Bria Italian One who is from the hill
Brigida Italian A strong, firm, healthy woman
Bruna Italian A brown-haired woman
Byna Italian A name means sabine
Byni Italian A Roman cognomen meaning Sabine

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