101 Beautiful French Names for Baby Girl with Meaning


Baby Girl Names : 101 Beautiful French Names

french baby girl names

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Name Meaning
Aaida Aaida has many meaning in different languages, like in french it means the one who is helpful, in hebrew it means Ornament or brightness
Aamber A Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color
Abelia Meaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her
Abella Variant of Abelia that means breath that is source of life
Abrielle A woman of God, or a woman from God
Acadia The land that have plenty, the land of plenty
Acelin A noble girl or a girl who born in high status home
Aceline A woman who is noble.
Acelynn A girl who is born in noble home
Adalaide The nobility or the sort of noble person
Adaleide A person’s nobility, noble person
Adalene An aristocrat or noble person
Alydia A little winged noble girl having a unique vision and investigative in nature
Alyssa Mother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanity
Amalie Hard working, industrious, laborious and curious individual
Amelia The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile
Amelot Arthur’s Castle
Amie Derived from Amye which means beautiful and lovable
Amy Derived from Amee; they are beloved and nurturing one
Ancelin French – Handmaiden; A variant name is Ancelina
Angeline They are the messengers as well as the angels of God sent from heaven
Annebell Easy to Love; A combination of Anna and Bella; A variant of Amabel
Baileigh An administrator manager; a Goddess
Bailiegh An officer of justice and administration
Barbetta A variation of the name Babette
Barbie Derived From Barbara
Basilie Female Version of Basil; Royal; Kingly; Regal; Derived from the Same Greek Word as the Plant Name Basil
Bayliegh An officer of justice
Baylye A law enforcer
Beatrice Bringer Of Joy
Beatrise Traveler; Blessed
Beawa She who has beauty
Bebe Wife
Beccalynn An intellectual, blessed individual
Begonia A flowering plant, named after Michel Bgon, French governor and a patron of botany
Belen Bethlehem; An Arrow
Belevia A beautiful lady
Cachet A desirable and prestigious woman
Caila A lady from the forest
Calandre A french name meaning Lark
Calantha One who is like a beautiful flower
Calanthe To have the beauty of the flower
Calanthia She is pretty like a flower
Caleigh A slender girl from the forest
Darcey Girl from Archy
Darcia The dark one
Darcie Dark one
Darcus Strong , dark one
Elayna One who is the shining bright light
Elayne The ray of light entering heart
Eleanora Light which is shining and bright
Ellois One who is famous in war
Faunia A fawn-like woman
Fauve One wild like a wild lands
Fayette A pettite, little fairy woman
Femma She is the peace
Gabriel God is my strength
Gabbie A nice girl of God
Hay From the Stockade
Hau Wishful
Ila Light
Isabeau Consecrated to God
Iva God is gracious
Jacqualine Supplanter
Jacquenette Little supplanter
Jeana God is gracious
Kamille Free born or noble
Karcsi Joyful song
La Row Red haired
La Vergne Born in the spring
Macee Weapon
Madalene From the high tower
Nadeen Hopeful
Nancey Full of grace
Odeletta Little spring
Olympia Heavenly
Paige Attendant
Parnella Rock
Rachelle Innocence of a lamb
Raina Queen
Searlait Tiny and womanly
Sidonia Enticing
Tallis Woodland
Tempeste Stormy
Vedetta Sentry
Valeraine To be strong
Xavierra Owner of a new home
Xavierre Owner of a new home
Ynes Chaste
Yolanthe Strong
Yseult Fair
Yvonna Archer
Ysabel Devoted to God
Yolande Violet
Ynez Chaste
Zara Princess
Zuri White or Light skinned
Zuria White or Light skinned
Zurie White or Light skinned
Zare Princess

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