21 Tips to Get Pregnant from Mothers Who Have (finally) Conceived


Pregnancy is surely one of the best things that can ever happen to you and if you have gone through this experience already, you know that this period of bringing your little one into this world is certainly one that you will cherish throughout your life. However, it is true that not everyone gets this joy so easily and there are women, in fact couples, struggling to conceive a baby since a long time. Well, if you are one of those struggling to hear your little one crying for the first time, do not lose hope at all. We have interviewed mothers who have finally conceived their babies after a lot of struggle and put together their tips and opinions in this article. Hope this helps you towards a happy family! Just keep the following things in mind, and trust me, it will not be long before your perfect family is happy and complete!

Trying to Conceive: 21 Tips to Get Pregnant from Mothers

Tips to Get Pregnant from Mothers

Do not rush

Women who have become mothers have constantly emphasized on the fact that losing patience and rushing for a baby does not really help. The process is time taking and both you and your husband have to have that patience. Getting frustrated after trying only for a few months will not lead you to anywhere. If you are under the idea that you decide to have a baby today, and you conceive one tomorrow, let me tell you that hardly happens.

Do not be stressed

Do not freak out if you have not conceived on trying for a week or so. Enjoy sexual intercourse just as you did at other times. Do not consider it to be just a process to conceive babies, that is going to make you even more anxious and paranoid. Take it easy, things are bound to fall into their place.

Know the process

Knowing your body and the exact mechanism that works in your reproductive system will definitely give you add bonus points to conceive a baby. It is equally important for your partner to know the same. This not only helps speed up things, but also boosts your self-confidence.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Just as you are expected to adjust your lifestyle when the baby arrives to suit it to his or her needs, your body too expects a healthy lifestyle from you to prepare yourself for carrying the baby. No matter how cliched it sounds, most mothers who were interviewed have admitted that changing their pattern of life and surrendering to a routine lifestyle have helped them conceive.


Your body needs time to adjust

Your body is not as decisive as your mind and it does take some time to adapt to the external changes that you bring about in it. For example, if your birth control method was contraceptive pills, and you stop taking them suddenly, your system will take some time to respond to the change and function normally again.

Do not give up so easily

Just because it didn’t work out maybe for some time, do not give up. Frustration will make it even more difficult for you to conceive and do not let that happen!

Look out for those extra pounds

Just as being overweight is not desirable to keep you in proper shape, obesity can also be a hindrance in your way of getting pregnant. Hence, make sure you lose weight to whichever extent required, as per the needs of your body.

Do not try to become size zero

Just as being overweight can make it difficult for you to conceive, being underweight too is not very desirable. Thus, try to maintain the proper weight by knowing what is suitable for your body according to the body mass index.

Know your dates well

This is perhaps the most important thing that you got to keep in mind and almost all mothers have spoken about the significance of knowing your menstrual cycle well. You must know exactly when you are ovulating as that is the perfect time to conceive and you must therefore regulate your sexual life accordingly. Nowadays, there are mobile apps available to help you with this

Embrace comfort

If you are not comfortable while having sex, talk that out with your partner. A comfortable and easy intercourse is absolutely necessary for conceiving a baby.


Eat healthy

Our diet also plays a major role in maintaining your reproductive system. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor

If you are facing trouble becoming pregnant, always remember this is nothing about which you should be ashamed of. This happens to be a very common phenomenon and do not ever hesitate to consult a doctor for it.

Insist your partner for tests too

Just as something might be wrong with your body, for which you are unable to conceive, something might be wrong with your partner’s system as well. And that too is nothing to be ashamed of. Hence, when you go for tests to detect the problem, insist your partner to do the same.

Stay fit

Exercising well and staying fit too improves your bodily systems. Hence indulge in relaxation trainings like yoga and keep your body fit. You will then be more likely to conceive a baby.

Take care of your mental health

It is extremely important for you to remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Hence, conditions like anxiety, tension and depression can prevent you from conceiving. So, do not neglect your mental health as well.

Say goodbye to alcohol

No matter how cliched it sounds, intake of alcohol can indeed be a hindrance for you to conceive a baby. Many mothers have in fact confessed the fact that they could conceive much faster after giving up alcohol even though they had tried for a long time before.


Convince your partner to give up smoking and drinking

Just as it affects your health, intake of alcohol or smoking also affects the sperm quality of your husband. Hence, it is safer to abstain from these during this time.

Stay engaged

Do not stay idle most of the time worrying about this problem. Mothers who have gone through this have said that keeping themselves busy have driven away the worry and tension, helping them to remain happy.

Be careful about your vaginal lubricant

The vaginal lubricant you use might apparently make intercourse easier for you. But some lubricants often contain ingredients that doesn’t let the sperm to enter properly. Hence, they can be harmful when you are trying to conceive.

Check for thyroid, sugar and other problems

Problems such as thyroid, sugar, etc. Can also stand in your way of getting pregnant. So, make sure you go for these tests and take medicines to cure them if their level is abnormal.

Laugh and be merry

This is probably the most crucial point. Unless you are happy and jolly, your body will never respond well. Hence, make sure you are joyous and merry.

These tips from mothers who have finally conceived will definitely help you in this journey. Even if it doesn’t, don’t worry. Medical science has improved massively and you will surely do well! Good luck!

Hope this article was of help to you! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy, Healthy and Empowered Women!!