Game Soundtracks and Music Reviews


Beautiful soundtracks and music for video games, which range from sweeping orchestral symphonies to retro mash-ups that evoke memories of dated arcades, can make an outstanding difference between a good game and an incredible one.

Although being produced with few bits and synthesized audio, they are still absolutely classics and captivating today. The soundtracks of video games like kasyna online legalne w polsce have progressed to employ orchestras to give a more dramatic mood and game flow to various video games.

video game sountracks

While the soundtrack for each game varies, one thing is constant: all soundtracks are bangers. I’ll share with you a list of the top soundtracks for video games in this brief guide to video game soundtracks and music reviews.

Best Soundtracks and Music for Video Games



Author Released Date
Soldier’s Eyes Jack Savoretti



Supermoon – No Man’s Sky 65daysofstatic


The Wolven Storm 


Marcin Przybyłowicz


Sealed Vessel Christopher Larkin


Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights


NEO: The World Ends with You Akiko Ishibashi



Psychonauts 2 Double Fine


Tales of Arise  Motoi Sakuraba


Metroid Drea Sayako Doi 2021


Game Soundtracks and Music Reviews

  •  Soldier’s Eyes 

It can be heard on the Days Gone soundtrack, is a song that perfectly encapsulates the melancholy of a world that has been devastated while playing a zombie-killing game in an open world. The song sings of the sorrow of war and the wish to return home, but not as before, with a mixture of feelings of destruction and glimmerings of optimism.

Soldier’s Eyes is ideal for those heartbreaking occasions if you want to include profoundly meaningful music while also sounding tranquil.

  •  Supermoon – No Man’s Sky 

The songs from 65daysofstatic’s album, “No Man’s Sky: Music for An Endless Universe,” which was created for No Man’s Sky, are combined with procedural settings based on your actions in the game.


Supermoon is one song that has a fantastic instrumental. Supermoon shouldn’t be missed in awe, whether you adore the game or not, you will love to play it. It feels like the beginning of an epic trip among the stars. 

  •  The Wolven Storm 

It is a lovely song on its own, but its appearance in the game “The Witcher 3” gives it a more poignant and charming feel. The lyrics, which are sung by Priscilla in-game, tell the story of Yennefer and Geralt with a delicate melody throughout the sound.

The game’s tranquil moment occurs when the tavern is silent, and everyone settles in to hear the music. There is only passion and calm, no battle. Of course, this doesn’t last very long, but you can extend it as much as you’d want in your playlist.

  •  Sealed Vessel 

You might initially think Hollow Knight is a cute indie cartoon game. Yes. It is, indeed. Yet it also features one of the most opulently composed soundtracks you’ll ever hear. The whole game soundtrack and its expansions were created by Christopher Larkin, Sealing Vessel stands out as the pinnacle of it all.

Over six minutes of music that alternates between intense, melancholy, hopeful, and bittersweet. Anybody may enjoy this amazing piece of music, and each time you listen to it, you’ll be amazed by its incredible force.

  •   Ender Lilies 

Like Undertale, this dark fantasy metroidvania uses Lily’s tune as a recurring motif throughout the soundtrack. Intercut with original instrumentals for the overworld and battle themes. Ender Lilies’ soundtrack most frequently experiments with battle themes.


There is an excellent blend of dramatic orchestra and forceful percussion, as well as somber solo piano themes and even futuristic synthesized tunes like the “Powerlessness” theme. This emphasizes the dismal trip that Ender Lilies takes across its dark fantasy realm.

  •  NEO: The World Ends with You 

The Neo soundtrack gives the feeling that the world is ending with you. It is a sequel to the first game released more than 10 years ago, is equally fashionable, and is anime-influenced. The whole track list of NEO has punk rock fusion and J-pop, together with committed vocals on almost every song. And for that reason, it stands out greatly from every other video game soundtrack published this year.

  •  Psychonauts 2 

The much-anticipated Psychonauts 2 features a fantastic and wacky soundtrack that perfectly captures the goofy essence of the game’s visuals and plot. A tune that unfolds as a Pixar film’s sound, full of musical peaks and troughs aimed to inspire a sense of excitement all through the game, is supporting the sequel’s narrative, which is expectedly weird.

Due to the hallucinogenic nature of the game, Psychonauts 2 has a ton of different themes and, like Death loop, draws heavily on jazz fusion that is a La James Bond, which results in a variety of songs throughout the game. The appearance of Jack Black on “Taste the Universe” amplifies this point in a big way.

  •  Tales of Arise 

The soundtrack for Tales of Arise, in contrast, is a conventional JRPG soundtrack that is quite nicely done. The mood of Alphen and Shionne’s quest is set by an exhilarating final fantasy-like mash-up of strong orchestral arrangements and striking guitar rhythms from boss themes.

Some of the Tales of Arise’s more moving tracks are supported by chanting Latin choruses, and most of the songs’ primary melodies are played on the violins or viola, giving the music a little bit of personality.

  •  Metroid Dread 

Metroid Dread’s name alone establishes some pretty high standards for the gameplay experience, but the score drives home the title’s mood. The erratic and disorganized orchestration that is played in each new region of ZDR that the great Samus investigates emphasizes a deep unease.

The atmosphere players experience while exploring Artaria or one of the terrifying and heart-pounding E.M.M.I. chase themes—whichever one you choose—the music in Metroid Dread performs an excellent job of eliciting a feeling of dread in the player.

It’s not precisely the kind of soundtrack you listen to for fun, but it skillfully creates the uneasy and frightful atmosphere for Metroid Dread.


The soundtrack industry has released many incredible video game soundtracks in recent years. The sheer variety of sounds, drawn from both conventional and non-conventional genres, has raised the standard for outstanding video game soundtracks across the board. Now you have an entire list of video game soundtracks to filter through, endeavor to go for the one that resonates with the theme and genre of your video game.