51 Freaky Games for Teenage Girls


Best games for teenage girls include Truth and Dare, Never Have I Ever, Musical Statues, Passing the Parcel, Wink Assassin, Medusa, Balloon Blow, Balloon Stomp, Find the Treasure, Act it Out, The Mummy, Musical Chairs, Two Truths and a Lie, Human Pretzel, Twister, Name the Tune, Trade Up, Monopoly, Live, Lap Chain, Eat Up, Card Games, I am, Balloon Pinata, Costume Play, Pass the Peanuts, Beer Pong, Wacky Duck, The Caller, Movie Poster, Message, Blanket Ball, Would You?, Steal the Sticker, Pass the Cucumber, Foot Pop, Whipped Bubble Gum, Head Pop, Watermelon Pool Race, Marco Polo, Chicken Fight, Bungee Jumping, Cycle Race, Star Gazing, Dodge Ball, Frisbee, Kite Flying, Jenga, Sack Race, Tag You Are It and Paint Ball.

For all teenage girls fun and fashion are their top priority. At times we cannot understand what game to play and how to spend time. Here is a list of 51 best games for teenage girls that will keep them engaged if ever the parents are away.

Teenage Games: 51 Freaky Games for Teenage Girls

51 Freaky Games for Teenage Girls


Truth and dare

Design the scariest dares for your girlfriends and see what happens.

Never have i ever

See what you have not done before and have fun. It may earn you bragging rights.

Musical statues

This game demands you to freeze and dance. The trick is to stay alert.


Passing the parcel

An object or a pillow is passed amongst friends and the one who has the pillow when the music sops faces a punishment decided by the friends.

Wink assassin

The well-known game of killer and spy needs one to stay alert. The killer needs to catch the suspected assassin as soon as he winks and sends a signal about the same.


If they see you die just like the cold eyes of medusa better gear up and save yourself.

Balloon blow

It is a very popular game amongst teenagers. Divide yourself in groups and try to blow and keep the balloon in the air.

Balloon stomp

Blow and keep a large number of balloons and stomp as many as possible. Keep time and see who wins.

Find the treasure

Convert your house into and island and ask your parents to hide a treasure. Act like pirates and go on a treasure hunt.


Act it out

The game is commonly called dumb-charades and is fun to play.

The mummy

Roll toilet papers and choose a victim to make the mummy.

Musical chairs

Arrange chairs and run around it. Just try to sit and grab your chair.

Two truths and a lie

Try and be the detective, detect the lie and catch the liar.

Human pretzel

Tangle yourself with the other players by entwining your hands. The challenge is now to untwine you.


The fun game is very popular amidst teenagers and always fun to play.


Name the tune

Think you are a music expert, well then try and name the tune your friend is humming.

Trade up

Let’s see who is a better bar gainer and wins herself the most.


This is a common board game played by many to learn the art of business.


Another board game to make your day it requires a number of players to let the fun unroll.

Lap chain

It is an indoor game which tests your body’s flexibility.

Eat up

Tie a donut to a thread and see your friends hop around to eat it.


Card games

Who doesn’t have some card games up their sleeve? Find out and have fun.

I am

Put you impersonating ability to test, act like someone and let your friends guess.

Balloon piñata

Prepare a mystery balloon and let your friends guess the ingredients of that disastrous piñata.

Costume play

Which girl does not like to dress up? Make your own fashion show and have fun.

Pass the peanuts

Be careful you never know when the peanuts may go missing. Fill in your bottle and win just don’t eat them.

Beer pong

Obviously replace the beer with soft drinks and try to take a good aim.


Wacky duck

Blindfold your friend and whack them to aid them in catching you.

The caller

Are you good at decoding clues? If yes who will find the caller.

Movie poster

Recreate your favourite movie posters and make your versions of superstars.


The game tells how alert your senses are and if you can catch the message before reaching the end.

Blanket ball

If you want to become a part of your volleyball team practice catching and throwing from this game.

Would you?

This is the best icebreaker in parties and helps you know more about your friend.


Steal the sticker

Let’s see how sneaky you can get. This game is a good teenage girl gaming option.

Pass the cucumber

Place a cucumber between your knees and see how long you can pass it on.

Foot pop

Tie a balloon to your foot and pop others while saving yours.

Whipped bubble gum

Can you multi task? Let’s find out.

Head pop

Attach pins to caps and see your friends hopping around.

Watermelon pool race

Make a slippery watermelon race in the pool to see who has a better hold.


Marco polo

An underwater hide and seek to catch your friends.

Chicken fight

Sit on your friends shoulder and push the opponent in the water without falling. Let’s see who has more stability.

Bungee jumping

This outdoor game gives you the best adrenaline rush to remember forever.

Cycle race

Want to maintain your figure in a fun way. Then cycle race is the answer for you.


Having a sleep over at your friend’s house? Star gazing will give you some time to gossip in peace.

Dodge ball

Dodge the ball and learn flexibility. The game is best for aspiring cheer leaders.



Want to play in the school volleyball team. Learn to have a good catch by playing frisbee regularly.

Kite flying

Flying kite is always fun. What is even better that your friends are there to accompany you.


A good mental exercise this game needs an architectural outlook.

Sack race

This game may sound to be for kids but try it with your friends and reminiscence your childhood days.

Tag you are it

If you love to play a game of chase, you will definitely love this game. Try it and experience the fun.

Paint ball

Ask your parents to book a session of paint ball for you. Go with your friends and see the fun.


Thus these were some of the best games for teenage girls that will not only strengthen your bonding but also make your exercising fun.

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