14 Must Know Foods that Fight Virus in Our Body


Viruses cannot be killed. However, there are certain foods which weaken them. Many foods have proper anti-viral potential. They will offer your child the nutrition and the strength to fight off the deadly viruses. Starting from cinnamon, curd, and dill to garlic, ginger, and turmeric, there are various foods which are going to help your child combat the virus attack. (Bakhru, 2000).

Apart from that your child must eat foods which are rich in folic acid, plenty of liquids, and onion. Fruits rich in tannin like lemon and oranges are also good for suppressing virus attacks. Holy basil has plenty of medicinal value and it helps to increase the immunity of your child. Research shows that even long pepper has the ability to cure your child from common viral fever.

14 Foods That Fight Virus in Our Body

foods that fight virus


This very popular condiment has tremendous anti-viral properties. Obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree this spice has great medicinal values. Cinnamon is very effective in treating virus-related diseases in children. Cinnamon boiled in water can actually treat common cold and flu. Moreover, cinnamons are well known for their effect on oral health of children. If your child is suffering from toothache or gum related problems then feeding him/her with cinnamon will solve the problems.

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Belonging to the onion family, garlic is one of the world’s strongest anti-viral foods. Research shows that garlic has the potential to either kill or cripple as much as 72 different bacteria and viruses. (Bakhru, 2000). According to a research conducted by Akbar Clinic and Research Center in Panama City, Florida, garlic possess the broadest spectrum of anti-bacterial substances. That makes it an ideal choice to be added in your child’s diet. Raw garlic is also equally useful. The acid present in garlic tends to weaken the viruses in your child’s body.

Foods Rich in Folic Acid:

Leafy greens and vegetables rich in vitamin B are perfect sources of folic acid. Having folic acid actually boosts your child’s red blood cells to fight off viruses. Folic acid rich foods like spinach and cabbages are excellent muscle builder and will definitely boost your child’s overall immune system. (Joseph & Underwood, 2002)

These vegetables help your child to grow strong internally thereby equipping them with the capacity of combating germs and bacteria. Your child will fall less ill.



Like many other root vegetables, ginger is rich in natural nutrients and is good for your child’s immunity. Over centuries, ginger is being used in order to treat fatal diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and any form of congestion in the chest. Ginger juice added with a hint of lime and honey is known to cure common cold and any sort of stomach infection. Whilst on one hand, both ginger and garlic have proper healing properties but at the same time these root vegetables are very strong in taste and odor. That is why it is advisable that you gradually introduce the food to your child so that he/she gets used to its taste.


The juice of grapefruit has tremendous anti-viral properties. It contains a substance called maringin and it boosts up the metabolic function of your child. A strong metabolism often ensures better immunity and resistance. Your child will be more equipped to fight with common viral infection. Over and above they are also good source of vitamin B. These vitamins help in fighting off the free radicals and help your child to have an infection free life.


This very important food in the citrus family is rich in Vitamin C and useful minerals. It has tremendous anti-viral properties and can cure many diseases for your child. Especially if your child is suffering from sore throat or major throat infection then lemon juice can come to good effect. It has wonderful anti-viral properties and it can be regarded as the most effective food in equipping your child with enough strength to fight off the free radicals. Apart from that lemon can boost your child’s overall immunity.



Onion is a very strong anti-septic and antibiotic food. According to Bakhru (2000), onion was used for treating Russian soldiers during World War II. Onion has tremendous anti-viral properties and can actually heal various disorders in children. (Corzo-Martinez & Villamiel, 2007). Especially if your child is suffering from any sort of tooth problem or stomach infection or even suffering from common cold, onion paste and raw onion can be very helpful. You can make a home-made onion sauce and add it to your child’s diet.


A key ingredient to any curry, turmeric offers many benefits to your child. Improving immunity is certainly one of them. Turmeric has great healing qualities and is good for his/her immunity. It repairs damaged tissues and helps your child to recover from flu and cold.


Curd or yogurt is rich in bacteria which are good for your child’s stomach. Consumption of curd will make sure that the good bacteria are strong enough to fight off the viruses in your child’s body.

Research conducted at the University of Minnesota reveal that the presence of curd either kills the e-coli bacteria or hinders its growth and development. So, either way it is good for your child. Especially if is summer or monsoon, curds can be very beneficial for your little one.



 Dill is a leafy green with various health benefits. The herb is well known for its anti-viral properties. Dill is known to cure stomach flu and also viral infections like influenza in children.

Dill has no known side effects and that is why this leafy vegetable can be safely offered to your child.

Holy Basil:

The medicinal value of holy basil is well known throughout India. (Bakhru, 2000). During the monsoons your child might be victim of various viral diseases. Starting from common cold to influenza many diseases can spoil the summer holidays.

Chutney made from the tender leaves of basil helps in the cure of deadly viral infections like dengue and influenza. It is safe to be used. Add a hint of honey and give it to your child.


Plenty of Liquid:

Coconut water, fresh fruit juices, and water are perfect cure for viral infection. Viruses normally dry up the mucus lining of the respiratory tract and especially the lungs. This is the reason why it becomes difficult for your child to breathe.

Drinking plenty of fluid will ensure that the respiratory tract remains hydrated and your child can battle the viruses with ease. (Bren & Consum, 2002).

Long Pepper:

 Long pepper has good anti-viral properties. It has the ability to treat diseases like influenza. Half a spoon of long pepper added with honey can cure common cold and viral infection among children.



Orange is good for your child’s immunity. Regular feeding of orange can actually improve the overall immunity of your little one. He/she will tend to fall sick less often than before.

The anti-inflammatory property of oranges will help your child to fight-off the free radicals and viruses that causes children to fall ill often. Oranges are also beneficial for curing cough and cold and clearing of phlegm.


The food listed above in the list is all healthy and safe. They will help your child develop strong immunity and ability to defend against viruses. However, some foods mentioned like garlic or ginger might be a bit too strong for your child. That is why you should be careful whilst introducing it.

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