21 Foods That Boost the Immune System


It takes time for a child to develop its immunity. Especially in the growth stage, his/her immunity is not fully formed. That is the reason why you need to feed your child with a balanced diet so that he/she falls less regularly ill.

Infants and toddlers fall sick more often than adults. This is due to the fact that that their immunity is still developing. Proper diet will help them develop proper immunity. Following are the foods which will help your child grow proper resistance.

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21 Foods That Boost the Immune System


It might not be easy for you to introduce garlic, to your child, right away. So, you have to take it slow. However, garlic offers many health benefits to children and infants alike. By adding slight garlic juice in their meal you can ensure that the overall immunity of your child improves.

Red Cabbages

Red cabbages are super-rich in vitamin C, which is an important anti-oxidant boosting your child’s overall immunity. It stimulates the activity of white blood cells, in your child’s wee body thereby forming the first line of defense for the immune system to work. In his/her early growth and development stage, your child is exposed to different levels of challenges pertaining to foreign bodies and objects. For that reason, since red cabbages are one of the few vegetables in the world which are blessed by an abundance of vitamin C, it is important that you feed your child with it on a regular basis.

Red Bell Peppers

Just like red cabbages, red bell peppers are also very immunity boosting for your child. Red bell pepper contains huge amount of vitamin C and that equips your child with the potential to fight off any harmful bacteria and virus.


Citrus Fruits

Many citrus fruits like in the form of sweet lime, grapefruits, oranges and tangerines can help your child to grow a strong immune system. The citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and hence they can fight off the free radicals from your child’s body. This will help your child to stay fit and healthy.


Does your child suffer frequently from stomach bugs? Broccoli might be an answer to that problem. The sulforphane found in broccoli are known to prevent bacterium responsible for gastric problems. This particular bacterium not causes frequent stomach upsets but also it has the tendency of triggering the chances of a critical ulcer. A simple addition of broccoli sprout dusts in the regular meals of your child will ensure that he/she will get rid of all the stomach issues forever.


Apple is good for your child’s immunity. Regular feeding of apple can actually improve the overall immunity of your little one. He/she will tend to fall sick less often than before.

The anti-inflammatory property of apple will help your child to fight-off the free radicals and bacteria that causes children to fall ill often. Apple leaves are also beneficial for curing cough and cold and clearing of phlegm.

Immune System


If you plan to offer your child mackerels on a regular basis it will certainly boost his/her immunity as mackerels has this fantastic ability to offer resistance to viral or bacterial infections.  Also at the same time as mackerels are known to trigger the growth of antibodies, the consumption of the same will certainly help your child to heal wounds and injuries at a much quicker rate.



Spelt is known to work wonders on the blood vessels of your child and it will most definitely save your child from the possibility of suffering from blood sugar, blood pressure and even diabetes, later on in their lives. Niacin present in spelt reduces the level of cholesterol and lipoprotein. It may also inhibit free radicals from harming your child’s tender blood vessels.  Spelt is rich in a special type of phytonutrient, called plant lignans which are known to protect your child from breast and hormone-dependent cancers and also heart diseases. This kind of protective measures makes spelt a top rated choice as your child’s regular cereal diet.


Does your child suffer constantly from cough and asthma related problems? Then it is about time you consult your paediatrician and ask for his/her suggestion for introducing egg to your child. Eggs contain the vital nutrients which will help your child fight repetitive problems of cough and asthma. Also the high protein contents helps in boosting the overall immunity of your child.


If you plan to offer your child green lipid mussels on a regular basis it will certainly boost his/her immunity as mussels has this fantastic ability to offer resistance to viral or bacterial infections.  Also at the same time as mussels are known to trigger the growth of antibodies, the consumption of the same will certainly help your child to heal wounds and injuries at a much quicker rate.

Bone Marrow

Beef bone marrow can be considered as one of the most delicious alternatives of boosting your child’s immunity system. Beef marrows contain essential nutrients like iron of 480 mg, 8 mg calcium 4.7 mg protein and phosphorus 3.1 mg which helps in the process of strengthening the immunity of your kid and at the same time helping him/her recover faster from diseases like common cold of leaky guts.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are known for its quality of improving immunity and organ function. If your child is suffering from regular cough & cold or fever, feed him with hemp seeds in order to grow the desire level of resistance in him/her.


Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants and have the ability to fight off free radicals. In that way they can protect your child from any kind of flu or bacteria. If your child falls sick often then tomato juice or tomato soup can help your child.



Spinach should definitely be included in this mostly due to the content of vitamin C and iron. The overall concentration of vitamin C in this leafy green makes it a premium choice as far as your child is concerned. Spinach is also rich in Vitamin A and for that reason is good for retaining the amount of nutrient.


Like spinach, chives are also nutrient rich vegetables which are good for your child. Chives are known for its great detoxification potency which will help your child’s body to get rid of the harmful toxins. In his/her early growth stages, your child is exposed to various levels of oxidative stresses and that can accumulate a heavy amount of toxin in his/her body. The regular consumption of similar leafy greens can really help his/her body to remain healthy and free toxic.  Chives is rich in both vitamin C and A and they send free radicals to keep your child’s skin healthy and boosting his/her immunity. The detoxifies found in chives will also prevent your child from falling ill or catching cold on a regular basis.


This easily digestible dairy product is not only good for your child’s digestion but it also boosts his/her overall immunity. Yogurts are rich in Vitamin D and for that reason it is good for developing the immune system of your child.


Rich in vitamin E, almonds are super-good in improving immunity for your child. Also if your child is not old enough to chew almonds you can give him/her the rich taste of almond milk. A food alternative like almond milk which directly triggers the muscle growth of your child in the early growth stages is very critical. That is because of the fact that children in their early growth stages need to be fed with the right kind of foods from where they can fetch all the necessary nutrition. Almond milk only contains 1 gram of protein per serving.  It also contains plenty of B vitamins such as iron and riboflavin, both important for muscle growth and healing. Since your toddler is often exposed to the risk of getting hurt from a regular tumble or a serious fall, the healing properties of almond milk is certainly an essential support.


Might be a surprise addition in the list but moringa is actually a very good food for children. Moringa has a great detoxifying potential. For that reason it has positive impacts your child’s kidney and liver. Considering the amount of junk food your child is normally exposed to, natural detoxifiers like moringa is a good choice. Globally moringa is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This property is even more profound in moringa powder. If your child suffers a lot from cough and cold or any sort of minor infections then feeding him/her moringa powder will definitely help in the long run.


A key ingredient to any curry, turmeric offers many benefits to your child. Improving immunity is certainly one of them. Turmeric has great healing qualities and is good for his/her immunity. It repairs damaged tissues and helps your child to recover from flu and cold.


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Papayas are one of those classic fruits which are good for immunity of your child. Like the citrus fruits they are rich in vitamin C. Over and above they are also good source of vitamin B. These vitamins help in fighting off the free radicals and help your child to have an infection free life.

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There is nothing better to cure your child’s illness than a bowl of chicken soup.  Poultry like chicken or turkey are rich vitamin B-6 and soup and broth made from these meats are good for your child.

The placebo effect often cures flu and cold in children and also makes sure that your child falls prey to infections.