17 Foods that Help you Sleep Better during Pregnancy


Though you will be fatigued and lethargic throughout your pregnancy, sleeping sometimes becomes quite problematic. Especially during the later stages of the pregnancy, your sleep will be disturbed due to many reasons.

Luckily there are many foods which can help you fall asleep. Starting from bottle gourd, celery, and lettuce to dill, and Indian hemp, there are many natural food alternatives which you can choose from.

There are some seeds in the form of poppy seeds, cumin seeds, and aniseed which acts as good and safe sedatives during pregnancy. Milk, honey, and oats also have the ability to make you fall asleep.

Rauwolfia and Valerian are also good in this regard. Your doctor also might suggest you to have thiamin rich foods which also ensure perfect sleep during your pregnancy. (Bakhru, 2000).

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17 Food that Help you Sleep Better during Pregnancy

1. Aniseed

This culinary herb is known for its calming and sedative qualities. Add a teaspoon of this herb in a pot of boiling water. Have this tea before going to bed.


You can also add a hint of milk if you so desire. It is a very strong sedative and can put you to sleep very quickly. Have regulated amount of this tea as otherwise the dosage might proof fatal.

2. Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is one of many vegetables which have excellent sedative properties. It has been used as a good sleep inducer for many generations in the subcontinents. Add bottle gourd with sesame seeds and have it as a salad or a curry. (Bakhru, 2000).

Bottle gourd has excellent calming effect on your body and can also help your fetus’s growth and development. This naturally green vegetable has no known side-effects.

17 Foods that Help you Sleep Better during Pregnancy

3. Celery

Celery is an excellent choice of vegetable if you are pregnant. It is full of iron and minerals and also it is a very good sedative. Celery juice mixed with honey can be had before hitting the sack.

It is good for your digestive health and also is an excellent sleep inducer. It has a calming influence on your nervous system. It is also not a strong sedative and therefore has no side-effects. Overall it is a very healthy vegetable to be had during pregnancy.


4. Cumin Seed

Like aniseed, cumin seeds are also strong sedative. You can mix the grinded dust of cumin seed with banana pulp and have it on a regular basis. People suffering from insomnia can also have cumin seed.

However, cumin seeds are very strong sleep inducer. That is why it should be had in regulated amount.


Dill has the good reputation of being considered as a nerve soothing herb. It calms down your body and mind and helps you get perfect sleep. The young leaves of the plants can be had in for of salads and soups.

Filled with nutrition this plant has other health benefits also. It will cool down your digestive system and will control your blood pressure during pregnancy.

6. Honey

Honey has great sedative power. Some research suggests that honey has hypnotic properties which induce quality sleep. Adding honey to your milk and tea can actually soothe your nerves during pregnancy.

However, consuming too much honey is not a good choice. It might upset your tummy. You can have a bit of it before going to sleep.


7. Indian Hemp

Indian hemp is known to have narcotic properties. It was used in the form of drugs in order to offer people relief from pain. Hemp has deep impact on the overall nervous system.

That is why it should be had in much regulated quantity. It is a very strong sedative. It will make you very drowsy, very quickly. That is why you can only have it right before going to bed.

8. Lettuce

Lettuce has sleep inducing substances which are similar to the sedative action of opium. For better effect one must have direct lettuce juice. Lettuce juice or soup will calm your nervous system down by a great deal. (Chaput, 2014).

Moreover lettuce is a leafy green which is nutritious and can be had during pregnancy. It will help in purifying the blood and boost immunity of a would-be mother.

9. Long Pepper

This is a popular herb is known to treat insomnia. Consumption of the herb directly affects the central nervous system. It has powerful impact on the overall body and also the mind.

All your restlessness and anxiety, during pregnancy, can be calmed down in a short span of time if you intake this herb. However, since the herb is very powerful it is better that you have a regulated amount and always consult with your doctor before adding it in the menu.


10. Milk

Rich in amino acid, milk is a strong and healthy sedative. It will not only nourish your pregnant body but also at the same time will make sure that you have a calm and peaceful sleep.

Have a glass of milk, with a hint of honey, just before you go to bed. It will help you and your fetus to have a long and peaceful sleep. Milk has a calming effect on the nervous system.

11. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is that kind of spice which tends to control the flow of adrenalin in the body. It has a soothing effect on your nervous system. Powdered nutmeg added to a glass of lemon juice can be had before going to sleep.

This is quite beneficial for the women who fail to fall asleep on their own during their pregnancy. The calming effect will help the nerves to relax and help you get a peaceful slumber.

12. Rice

Rice is a fantastic cereal to be had during pregnancy. It is not only easy on your digestion but also is good for inducing sleep. Rice has a very high glycemic index. That means it helps you shut your eyes at a faster rate when compared to wheat.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found out that people who has rice falls asleep much faster than people who ate other forms of cereals. So, overall rice should be your ideal choice whilst you are pregnant. (Golley, 2013).


13. Oats

Oats is another cereal which is good for your digestion and also for your nervous system, during pregnancy. Oats have strong sedative properties which will induce proper sleep on a regular basis.

Moreover, research shows that oats can cure chronic headache and any other nervous system related pain and discomfiture among pregnant women. This easily digestible cereal is an ideal choice and that is why many doctors prescribe it for would-be mothers.

14. Poppy Seeds

A very strong and intoxicating seed is a common ingredient in the eastern part of India. If you do not dare to have the seed directly, you can always have the milk of the poppy seed. The milk of the poppy is used from the ancient times as a nerve soother and a pain reliever.

Moderated amount of this milk is good for you and your nervous system. It will give you relief from many pregnancy related pains. However, overdose might bring down your blood pressure to a critical level.

15. Rauwolfia

The dried roots of this plant have powerful medicinal properties. It is known to cure blood pressure and related problem for pregnant women. Due to the high amount of alkaloids present in this plant it impacts the nervous system and the blood vessels.

It helps pregnant women to stay calm and composed and prevents them from suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. (Bakhru, 2000).


16. Foods Rich in Thiamin

Foods rich in thiamin or vitamin B 12 are particularly good in inducing sleep among pregnant women. This is very vital vitamin which induces sleep. Foods like egg and cheese are rich in similar vitamins.

These vitamins have great sedative qualities and can actually help you get a peaceful sleep and healthy metabolism. Similarly thiamin also induces proper sleep and calms down the nervous system.

17. Valerian

This is a very popular medicinal plant with great impact on the overall nervous system of the human body. It is used in the treatment of neurosis and other problems pertaining to the central nervous system.

It has very strong and positive impact on the adrenalin and the thyroid gland. That is why having this food helps in relaxing the veins and the arteries.

Pregnancy can sometimes spike up your adrenalin flow. This has a negative impact on the overall pregnancy. That is why you can make valerian juice and have it on a regular basis. You can also add the dried herb in boiling water and have it as tea. It relaxes the central nervous system and controls the flow of the adrenalin. (Peuhkuri, 2012).


Most of the foods mentioned above are safe to be had during pregnancy. However, some of the foods, especially the seeds, are strong sedatives. You should always consult with your doctor before including them in your diet.


Unregulated amount of strong sedatives can lower your blood pressure and create problems during pregnancy. Your placenta will not get enough blood for your fetus to feed on. You will be tipsy and nauseous. The consequences can be fatal.