21 Food that Help Fight Infection in Children


There are many foods that can fight infection. Starting from cabbages, carrots, and cloves to cumin seeds, garlic, ginger and honey, there are many foods which will help your child from falling ill. Eggplant leaves also have miraculous anti-bacterial properties and can be beneficial to your child. (Bakhru, 2000).

Other than that, there are other foods like radish and mushrooms which have strong ability to boost your child’s immune system. Both lemon and lime are rich in vitamin C and has proven to protect your child from common cold and flu.

Apart from that there are fruits like mango and pineapple which are good for fighting infections in your child. Onion and turmeric can play vital role in curing your child from any common ailment and there is also the herbs like sage which helps children in combating fever and cold. . (Bakhru, 2000).

21 Food that Help Fight Infection in Children

1. Cabbage:

This leafy vegetable has great anti-bacterial properties. It can be had in many forms and has the power of destroying more than one variety of bacteria. It is an excellent muscle builder and will definitely boost your child’s overall immune system. If your child is suffering from any kind of stomach related ailments then cabbage juice can cure it with ease.

Red cabbages are also super-rich in vitamin C, which is an important anti-oxidant boosting your child’s overall immunity. It stimulates the activity of white blood cells, in your child’s wee body thereby forming the first line of defense for the immune system to work. (Kyung & Flemming, 1994).

2. Carrot:

Rich in beta-carotene and anti-oxidants, carrots are marvelous foods choice for your child. Carrots are good for your child’s kidney and have very good cleansing property. The strong alkaline property of this vegetable helps in boosting the blood vessels of your child. (Staniszewska & Kula, 2005).


21 Food that Help Fight Infection in Children

3. Clove:

This popular spice has magical healing property when it comes to children. It has great medicinal values. Clove is very effective in treating cholera infection. Cloves boiled in water can actually treat cholera. Moreover, cloves are well known for their effect on oral health of children. If your child is suffering from toothache or gum related problems then feeding him/her with clove will solve the problems.

4. Coconut:

Coconut has marvelous anti-bacterial properties. The coconut meat is rich in minerals and has good anti-biotic properties. Moreover, the coconut water is also good for restoring the electrolyte balance of the body. It keeps your child’s system in proper condition and protects from infections and diseases. Like clove, coconut is also fights cholera infection and hence is good for your child.

5. Garlic:

Belonging to the onion family garlic is one of the world’s strongest anti-bacterial foods. Research shows that garlic has the potential to either kill or cripple as much as 72 different bacteria. (Bakhru, 2000). According to a research conducted by Akbar Clinic and Research Center in Panama City, Florida, garlic possess the broadest spectrum of anti-bacterial substances. That makes it an ideal choice to be added in your child’s diet. Raw garlic is also equally useful however, considering the tenderness of your child’s yet-to-be-developed digestive system it is better that you avoid raw garlic at this moment.

6. Ginger:

Like many other root vegetables, ginger is rich in natural nutrients and is good for your child’s immunity. Over centuries, ginger is being used in order to treat fatal diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and any form of congestion in the chest. Ginger juice added with a hint of lime and honey is known to cure common cold and any sort of stomach infection. Whilst on one hand, both ginger and garlic have proper healing properties but at the same time these root vegetables are very strong in taste and odor. That is why it is advisable that you gradually introduce the food to your child so that he/she gets used to its taste.

7. Honey:

Honey is the perfect medicine if your child is suffering from throat infections. The natural inflammatory property of honey will cure throat infections for your child. Also at the same time this food is good to cure stomach bugs and ulcers. Sometimes young children do not maintain a proper oral health. That results in gum and teeth related problems. Honey is known to cure gum infections too.


8. Lemon:

This very important food in the citrus family is rich in Vitamin C and useful minerals. It has tremendous anti-bacterial properties and can cure many diseases for your child. Especially if your child is suffering from sore throat or major throat infection then lemon juice can come to good effect. It has wonderful anti-cholera properties and it can be regarded as the most effective food in killing the bacteria. Apart from that lemon can boost your child’s overall immunity.

 9. Lime:

Many citrus fruits like in the form of sweet lime, grapefruits, oranges and tangerines can help your child to grow a strong immune system. The citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and hence they can fight off the free radicals from your child’s body. This will help your child to stay fit and healthy.

10. Moringa

Might be a surprise addition in the list but moringa is actually a very good food for children. Moringa has a great detoxifying potential. For that reason it has positive impacts your child’s kidney and liver. Considering the amount of junk food your child is normally exposed to, natural detoxifiers like moringa is a good choice. Globally moringa is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This property is even more profound in moringa powder. If your child suffers a lot from cough and cold or any sort of minor infections then feeding him/her moringa powder will definitely help in the long run.

11. Mango

Mangoes are one of those classic fruits which are good for immunity of your child. Like the citrus fruits they are rich in vitamin C. Over and above they are also good source of vitamin B. These vitamins help in fighting off the free radicals and help your child to have an infection free life.

12. Chives

Like spinach, chives are also nutrient rich vegetables which are good for your child. Chives are known for its great detoxification potency which will help your child’s body to get rid of the harmful toxins. In his/her early growth stages, your child is exposed to various levels of oxidative stresses and that can accumulate a heavy amount of toxin in his/her body. The regular consumption of similar leafy greens can really help his/her body to remain healthy and free toxic.  Chives is rich in both vitamin C and A and they send free radicals to keep your child’s skin healthy and boosting his/her immunity. The detoxifiers found in chives will also prevent your child from falling ill or catching cold on a regular basis.

13. Onion:

Onion is a very strong anti-septic and anti-biotic food. According to Bakhru (2000) onion was used for treating Russian soldiers during World War II. Onion has tremendous anti-bacterial properties and can actually heal various disorders in children. (Corzo-Martinez & Villamiel, 2007). Especially if your child is suffering from any sort of tooth problem or stomach infection or even suffering from common cold, onion paste and raw onion can be very helpful. You can make a home-made onion sauce and add it to your child’s diet.


14. Pineapple:

Pineapple is good for your child’s immunity. Regular feeding of pineapple can actually improve the overall immunity of your little one. He/she will tend to fall sick less often than before.

The anti-inflammatory property of pineapple will help your child to fight-off the free radicals and bacteria that causes children to fall ill often. Pineapples are also beneficial for curing cough and cold and clearing of phlegm.

15. Radish:

Does your child suffer frequently from stomach bugs? Radish might be an answer to that problem. The sulforphane found in radish are known to prevent bacterium responsible for gastric problems. This particular bacterium not causes frequent stomach upsets but also it has the tendency of triggering the chances of a critical ulcer. A simple addition of radish in the regular meals of your child will ensure that he/she will get rid of all the stomach issues forever.

Research also shows that radish juices are good for treating common cold and flu among children. Radish juice mixed with honey is good for treating whooping cough in children. (Bakhru, 2000).

16. Sage:

Sage should definitely be included in this mostly due to the content of vitamin C and iron. The overall concentration of vitamin C in this leafy green makes it a premium choice as far as your child is concerned. Sage is also rich in Vitamin A and for that reason is good for retaining the amount of nutrient. Due to the presence of vitamins and minerals sage is known to offer miraculous anti-biotic benefits to children. Easy to digest, this herb can protect your child from falling prey to regular fever and flu.

17. Turmeric:

A key ingredient to any curry, turmeric offers many benefits to your child. Improving immunity is certainly one of them. Turmeric has great healing qualities and is good for his/her immunity. It repairs damaged tissues and helps your child to recover from flu and cold. If there are any external wounds then in that case also turmeric paste acts as a good anti-septic agent.


18. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are known for its quality of improving immunity and organ function. If your child is suffering from regular cough & cold or fever, feed him with hemp seeds in order to grow the desire level of resistance in him/her.

19. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants and have the ability to fight off free radicals. In that way they can protect your child from any kind of flu or bacteria. If your child falls sick often then tomato juice or tomato soup can help your child.

 20. Red Bell Peppers

Just like red cabbages, red bell peppers are also very immunity boosting for your child. Red bell pepper contains huge amount of vitamin C and that equips your child with the potential to fight off any harmful bacteria and virus.

21. Eggplant Leaves:

Eggplant leaves have tremendous immunity boosting potential which people often tend to ignore. According to Bakhru (2000) eggplant leaf extracts can cure stomach bugs and fights off kidney infection among children. Tender, green and young leaves should be chosen in order to make that extract. It equips the child with the potential to fight off the deadly bacteria and fungi.


Apart from the foods listed above you can also feed your child with yogurt, apples, and papaya. They also have good anti-bacterial properties. However, before you offer any new food to your child, it is always safe to consult the physician. You must make sure that your child is not allergic to the food you choose to offer.