7 Ways to Prevent Plagiocephaly in Babies (Flat Head Syndrome)


Placing the baby on their back while sleeping, opting helmet therapy, holding the baby as much as possible, making the baby move frequently throughout the day, removing any kind of cushioning or blankets and keep changing the baby’s sleeping orientation are some of the ways to prevent flat head syndrome in babies.

Baby’s are really fragile and cute little living beings that need to be taken care of really well. Not only this but then giving them the right kind of atmosphere to grow in and develop properly is equally important for their all-round development of the body. Hence when the development isn’t proper, then you could have many conditions affecting the bay and one such condition is the flat head syndrome that literally means that the baby starts to have a deformation where the head starts to become flat. There are certain ways through which you can prevent the occurrence of the conditions. Let’s get started.

7 Tips to Prevent Flat Head in Babies

flat head syndrome

Place the baby on their back while sleeping

It’s always advised that babies need to be placed on their back in order to help in making the body grow more naturally without the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Several studies have been conducted on this topic such that babies need to be placed on their back such that the development of their skull can eradicate the overall development of flat head syndrome and ensure that the baby is perfectly developed without any kind of side effects.

Helmet therapy

If you asking as to how one can prevent the occurrence of flat head in a baby, then this might be the best solution available for you as of now. Helmet therapy is nothing but the addition of a helmet on the baby’s head such that the development of the head can be formed in that shape. It’s a condition that doesn’t happen to most of the baby’s, but then pre-mature babies do get this condition and there’s nothing serious about it. It can be prevented and there is proper development of the baby.

Tummy time is the best time

Having a bay is not always as easy as it sounds. When the baby is asleep, then always try to place the baby on their tummy for at least 2-3 times in a day such that the motor movements on the body are developed and the neck also stiffness such that it can provide a proper development of the body and not allow any kind of abnormalities to occur. Also, the muscles around the back of the body and around the neck region are developed in the best way possible such that flat head syndrome cannot take place.


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Try to hold the baby as much as possible

Holding the baby in an upright condition always proves to be vital as there is less load on the head and the weight of the head is spread across the body for uniform development of the bay. Not only this but also it serves as a proper way to elevate the formation of bones and also the muscles in and around the neck region and not have the condition of the flat head syndrome. Not only this but then strapping your baby on the chest isn’t a bad idea as it eliminates any kind of pressure on the baby’s head and allows free movement that can develop many other functions of the baby.

Make the baby move frequently throughout the day

Isolating your baby in one particular place can restrict the overall development of the baby and cause it to not only have some form of disabled features but then it can also not promote the development of the baby. Regardless of all this, the infant needs to be in their own world and left to do whatever they want under constant supervision. This not only enables the overall development of various other parts of the body but then it paves way for the elimination of flat head syndrome to ever come into the picture.

Never add any kind of cushioning or blankets

If you ever see a baby in their cradle with a pillow, then it is advisable to take it off such that the baby can have free movement of its head. Adding any cushioning or blankets to make feel warm doesn’t do justice to the overall development of the baby and could cause the onset of flat head syndrome or even SIDS. Something that you might have to research upon to know more about this. Also, try to leave the baby freely during sleep such that the baby can have a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling really fresh.

Keep changing the baby’s sleeping orientation

Never try to isolate the baby during growing phase mainly because of the fact that these are the growing stages of the kid. Its necessary for them to be at their optimum best in order to have their body develop properly without any kind of deformity. Not only this but having to change their sleep orientation every day makes the baby gets suited to all kinds of surroundings and their overall visual inspection of things keeps getting better. Along with this flat head syndrome is eradicated as the condition only comes into picture when the baby is kept in one position for a longer period of time without any kind of movement.

The above stated are few of the ways through which you can help eradicate the overall onset of the condition in babies and make them live a proper healthier life in the long run. Hence take care of them properly and look after them with the best care. All the best.





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