15 First Ultrasound Fears Busted


There is always a first time for everything in life. Most importantly, if you are headed for your first ever ultrasound scan in the early stages of pregnancy, during your first trimester, you are most likely to be filled with mixed emotions of excitement and fear! Most gynaecologists come up with numerous funny fears and anxieties that newly pregnant women have in their minds, while visiting the formers’ chambers for their ultrasound scans.

You will also probably be feeling the same way and be worrying more than you should. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as long as you are overall fit as a fiddle! For your prior knowledge, here are some of the first ultrasound fears of numerous, or most, new mothers:

15 First Ultrasound Fears

15 ultrasound fears

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I cannot see the baby:

The most common fear that newly pregnant women have during their first ultrasound ( mostly in the 8th week of pregnancy) is that they are not able to view the baby on the screen. Naturally, if you are not able to view the foetus, you might get paranoid about the credibility of your pregnancy. It it an everyday occurrence at the ultrasound centres, as most of the gynaecologists say. This happens because at this stage, the foetus is literally the size of a sweet pea. This possibly makes it difficult for you to view the foetus instantly. It takes time for your eyes to locate the tiny spot on the screen, which is your baby!

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The baby is too small:

Once you have successfully located the baby, you are likely to feel that the tiny spot over there is too small to be the baby. Many pregnant women find it too difficult to locate the foetus as it is still in the embryo stage during the first trimester, when the initial ultrasound takes place.


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That tiny bean cannot possibly be the baby:

Some women even lose their minds over the argument that the tiny dark spot cannot possibly be the baby and that they are probably not pregnant after all! Don’t worry, you will see a tiny black spot initially, which will grow into a fine young child inside you!

How can this tiny bean make me feel so sick:

Now, after all the argument and final acceptance that the little spot over there IS your baby, you start wondering how that harmless little kidney bean can make you feel sick everyday! Lots of thoughts are very likely to do the rounds, inside your mind! However, don’t take it easy and do believe your doctor as it IS this tiny bean that’s making you feel nauseous all the time.

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Will the ultrasound gel affect my reproductive health?

No, the gel will not affect the baby, as you fears are fixed on that bottle. The gel primarily makes the surface of your belly smoother and easier for the ultrasound device to move around and capture the internal images of your baby. All you have to do is go home and wash it off with mild soap and water.

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Will this process hurt too much?

Ultrasound is a process that is carried out smoothly, without hurting. The first time will very likely make you feel nervous, especially if yours in intravaginal. There is nothing to worry about. Nothing will hurt. To keep your fears away, think of what a lovely view is lying ahead of you, in a matter of minutes!

Will I not be able to enjoy life as usual any more?

The funniest fear that pregnant women have come up with, according to many doctors, is whether they will have to stop doing whatever they liked to do, while pregnant! The child in you wants to thrive forever, as we understand! However, apart from the upcoming few months, you can definitely enjoy life the way you do. Balancing the responsibilities and working things out is completely up to you!

Will the journey of pregnancy be too tiring?

Another legit fear is the journey called pregnancy. It is quite understandable that right after you see the baby for real, on the screen, you’ll become tensed. Keep exercising as your doctor recommends, and you’ll be strong enough to carry on!

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Will I feel more sick in the coming months:

To clear your doubts, yes, you will feel sick, but that’s not for too long. Time flies, and so will the next few months, until you reach the third trimester. During that phase you will feel more energetic and less nauseous. Everything will be fine!

How big will the bean (baby) grow to be?

Now that the baby is merely a bean-shaped spot on the screen, you will naturally be curious to know about its size in the coming months. This is one of the most commonly asked questions faced by the gynaecologists during first ultrasounds. To clear your query, the baby is grow as big as a large water melon!


What if there is no heartbeat?

One of the biggest, and quite logical, fears among newly pregnant women is whether the foetus has a regular heartbeat and is growing inside the womb. Many a time, lots of women experience silent ultrasounds in which the baby has no heartbeat. This often comes as a shocker leading to depression and isolation. However, although it might be fearful, don’t lose heart, should something odd happen. You can always try again, with the support of your doctor.

What if the baby is sick with some terminal or life-threatening disease?

Another widespread fear during the first ultrasound is if the baby is diagnosed to be carrying some disease. Again, while it is a legitimate fear, doctors can provide medication to you for rectifying the situation, or suggest some other method to keep you safe. Whatever it is, you will have to be patient.

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What if too many ultrasounds negatively affect the foetus?

This is a funny fear that many doctors have documented! Ultrasound scans are, in fact, done so that there is a greater clarity on the growth of the foetus and your reproductive health. These waves, unlike radioactive waves, are not meant to affect your baby.

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What if I cannot stop crying during the 3D ultrasound?

The ultrasound scan is bound to make you teary eyed. Be prepared for that! Now, there’s absolutely no need to fear for the embarrassment that you think you might cause to yourself. Open up and express your emotions! Don’t worry about the sonographer’s reaction, as they’ve witnessed too many of these moments!


What if I cannot bear with the labour pain?

This is one factor that freaks most women out. During their first ultrasound they learn about how big the baby can grow to be, and how the labour might kick in. Due to this, they tend to get worried about the pain. There’s no need to panic. While there will be a prolonged period of pain, it will all be fine in the end. And, your body was made in such a way that allows you to endure the pain, no matter how excruciating. That’s the reason so many women are able to deliver!

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No matter how silly any or all of these first ultrasound fears might sound, feel free to open up to your personal sonographer and ask anything that might be bothering you. A healthy discussion on all the above factors with the doctor, with your partner by your side, will help you in completing the journey safely. The more you know, the less scares you are, and the better encouragement you receive! Talk about your fears, throw them aside, and move on to adorn the new role of “motherhood”!

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!