11 Fertility Food that Help you Get Pregnant Quickly


Pregnancy is a phenomenon that many couples today struggle with, trying out various methods and observing various diets in order to get pregnant fast. While specific food items may not influence the act of conception, fertility foods can definitely go a long way in improving the internal health of an individual while also enhancing the chances of pregnancy in a couple that wishes to have a child.

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11 Fertility Foods for Quick Conception

fertility foods

If you are wondering how to get pregnant fast and are on the look out for fertility foods to help your cause, the following list may be of use to you:

Dairy products

Dairy products including milk and milk-derivatives may be said to be the leaders in a series of foods that increase fertility. Both in men and women, milk derivatives are not only satisfying but also provide a better sperm count and an overall improved reproductive health that can increase the odds of you becoming pregnant relatively easily.


In addition to being one of the most common items cooked for breakfast, eggs may also provide an answer if you are wondering how to get pregnant fast. Eggs have a host of nutrients along with choline. Choline is a unique type of vitamin B. Eggs being rich in choline, promotes a healthy pregnancy and may also help a woman to be pregnant.


Tomatoes and watermelon

Do you think that fertility foods apply to women only? If so, you are in for a surprise. Procreation involves both the sexes and many studies have found that antioxidants from foods that increase fertility may work effectively to improve sperm motility in the male partner. Antioxidants like lycopene present in tomatoes, guava and watermelon among other fruits can go a long way in ensuring the likelihood of conception.

Avocados and berries

While this may feel like an unlikely combination, avocados and berries can be consumed separately. The common aspect between the two is that both fertility foods have antioxidants in their composition which are vitamin E and vitamin C respectively. They help improve the quality of sperm in a male partner and help increase the possibility of pregnancy.

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Most of the anatomical mannerisms of a foetus are inherited mostly from the mother’s womb. Research has shown that the condition of the health of the alimentary canal in the mother influences the microbiome of the child growing within her. This might have an influence on the general state or wellbeing of the child. In order to take care of this, probiotic and fermented items like yogurt may be regarded as an ideal fertility food.

Chickpeas, beans, lentils

The vegan trend seems to be taking over the nation and within the fold of its many benefits, the role of vegetable protein as fertility food has not gone unnoticed. Clinical studies have shown that women restoring to beans, lentils and chickpeas for their protein reduce the chances of ovulatory infertility by 50%. This can be really beneficial to any couple with plans to conceive soon.

Pulses and green vegetables

There are a host of advantages of having green vegetables and pulses if you wish to get pregnant fast. Research in the field has shown that regular consumption of pulses and green vegetables increases egg production in a woman by 40%. This can definitely help a woman become pregnant. Additionally, pulses and greens contain folate which is one of the main prenatal vitamins. Folate is also fundamental in the first few weeks of embryo development making sure that any neural tube defects may be fixed.


UV exposed mushrooms

Ultraviolet rays are usually considered harmful for human beings but when it is available in the form of consumable fertility foods for getting pregnant, they can be really beneficial to any couple looking to conceive. UV exposed mushrooms not only provide an alternative to excessive consumption of meat, but also has a high quotient of vitamin D that can improve the odds of a female partner in a relationship becoming pregnant.


Grapefruit and navy beans are among those food items that can help any woman wondering how to get pregnant fast. Grapefruit has myo-insitol that can increase the sensitivity of insulin in the body of a woman, thus stabilizing her reproductive cycle. Grapefruit enhances the functioning of hormones and therefore may be regarded as even more effective in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS can make a woman insulin resistant, which affects any potential chances of pregnancy.

Salmon and trout

Both salmon and trout are fertility foods that have a unique chemical composition that includes the limited element of omega-3 fatty acids. This can be extremely beneficial at all stages of development and may be of particular significance in a couple trying to conceive. If you wish to get pregnant fast, make sure that your weekly diet has traces of fish like trout and salmon for a wholesome nutrition. In both male and female partners omega-3 fatty acids may prove to be really helpful. While in men it helps improve sperm count, in women omega-3 fatty acids can prevent condition like endomitriosis and any reproductive inflammation.

Non-alcoholic drinks

While eating the right fertility foods for getting pregnant may speed up the process, the trick is also to know which items to avoid as you actively try to conceive. Studies have found that if you consume any more than two drinks a day, there is a chance that your chances of getting pregnant may be reduced by 18%. You could practice avoiding alcohol from the get go as you will not be allowed to drink once you are with child.


Fertility foods serve to improve the reproductive health and the internal system of both male and female partners who are willing to conceive. By taking to a diet that incorporates all the items mentioned in the list, you can diminish your struggles and get pregnant without much hassle.



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