15 Things to Try Before Seeing a Fertility Doctor


Increasing frequency of sex, taking acupuncture treatment, taking prenatal vitamins, eliminating coffee, tracking monthly cycle, taking zinc and vitamin B6 are some of the things to do before seeing a fertility doctor.

The joy of pregnancy is an experience in itself, but things can rub you the wrong way if months after months you fail to become pregnant. For young couples 4 to 6 months are needed to become pregnant, and 95 % of them are able to conceive after trying for a year.

If there is a serious or family history of illness, with sudden ovarian failure an appointment with a fertility specialist would be the best course of action. For the rest, before you seek an appointment with fertility doctors near me, there are some things you can try at your own peril. The list goes on as follows

15 Things to Try Before Consulting a Fertility Doctor

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If conceiving is becoming a difficult task, you need to give acupuncture a try for a couple of months. Flow of blood to the ovaries and uterus will increase and the hormones in the body are regulated. This could be one of the reasons of preventing pregnancy.

Frequency of sex

There is confusion on how much sex you can have, but it is not complicated as it may seem. Having sex a couple of times in a week will cover all bases. Increase in the frequency will improve the chances of conception.


Intake of water to be increased

Drink sufficient amount of water as it flushes out the unwanted toxins from the body. Sperm enhancing cervical mucus develops and you are never short of energy when in mood.

Analyse your diet

When it comes to being pregnant diet has a huge role. Irregular periods, chronic dieting, low body fat can toy with fertility. Consult a nutrition expert and munch in more fertility enhancing foods. Patients can figure to what pedigree metabolic influence and diet have a role before seeking an expensive fertility treatment.

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8 hours sleep is a must

For some sleep may be luxury, but when you are pregnant, adequate sleep is important. When you are healthy it contributes to the overall well-being of your health and enhances reproductive capacity. In hindsight chances of conception along with a healthy pregnancy improves.

The correct BMI

Exercise and an ideal weight are important for general health, but from a fertility perspective it works wonders. If you are overweight chances of being pregnant a BMI of above 25 can hamper with fertility.  On the internet there are various calculators where you can find correct BMI.

Zinc and vitamin B6

Both these components have a telling contribution to your overall health and particularly fertility levels. Enough amount of zinc is also recommended and it is observed that women are prone to zinc deficiency due to use of birth control methods. Ideally vitamin B6 and zinc should be consumed together so that the body can absorb them together.


Sperm enhancing lubricant

With regards to the choice of a lubricant, go through the label and verify whether it is sperm friendly. Many types of lubricants are there that are incorporated with spermicide that kills sperm.

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Tracking down your monthly cycle

Download a fertility app or note down your monthly cycles on a piece of paper. The length of your cycles can be found out and after 10 days since your first period is done, you can use an ovulation tool kit to figure out which are the best ovulation days.

Eliminate coffee

Instead of a cup of coffee every morning, it is advisable for both and your partner in switching over to white or green tea. It is not about coffee, but toxic nature of it that decreases fertility

De stress

Infertility already contributes to your stress levels, but it does play with your ability to become pregnant. Find out ways to distress yourself and plan out something you love to do.

A  Mucolytic

Found in cough medicines, it is less adhesive and helps the sperm to swim quickly on to the egg. For a long time it has been used by women to conceive quickly.


Leave it

There are lot of emotional issues which come into play on your ability to become pregnant. The relationship between you are your partner is to be balanced and do not hold grudges against anyone. 

Be patient

Once you have identified the symptoms associated with infertility, you would work on them obviously. Be patient and let things take its own course and then results will automatically follow.

Prenatal vitamin

All of you would be aware that a healthy diet and exercise has profound impact on your fertility levels. Coupled with it you can pop in a prenatal vitamin (400mgs of folic acid) as it prevents neural tube defects.

So before a visit to a fertility specialist do try the above mentioned remedial measures. If nothing works then do seek expert medical help.