31 Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Fertility


Feng Shui is an ancient art and science formalized in China over 3000 years ago. In general terms, feng means ‘wind’ and shui means ‘water’. According to the Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health. There are certain feng shui principles which exclaim that by following these principles one can fill their home with positive vibes. These vibes or positive energy is called Chi. Therefore, it is said that by following feng shui principles, one can improve their fertility.

One can be completely healthy and yet face some health problems. The reason for these mysterious health issues can be energy blockages. These energy blockages when unchecked can lead to various health problems, anxiety, overthinking, and fear in one’s life. This might be the reason for you not being able to conceive even after being healthy physically. Feng Shui helps you maintain positive energy at your home. It manifests good vibes around you when you are at home, overall it creates a favorable environment for you. So for the people trying to conceive can follow these feng shui tips and wait for the results.

feng shui tips for fertility

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31 Effective Feng Shui Tips to Improve Fertility

Front Door

Remove any blockages near the front door. Do not place any furniture near the door, it can block the energy flow. You can hang wind chimes at your front door, since they attract good energy.

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Too many things at your home can also cause energy blockages. Try keeping your home as empty as possible, do not fill in unnecessary furniture or things at home. A spacy home will have more energy flow.

Remove Mirrors

Mirrors can sometimes cause you to feel conscious about yourself. Therefore it is better suggested not to place mirrors inside the bedroom while you are having your own time with your loved one. It will prevent infidelity. Also do not put mirrors that face your front door. This will push positive energy out.

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Let kids jump on the couch or bed, it increases the chi flow. Having positive chi flow will improve your health and fertility.


Keep or display an open pomegranate at your home. The seeds of pomegranates represent fertility whereas the open pomegranate will attract positive chi energy into your home.

Dragon Charm

Placing a dragon charm inside your bedroom or beside the bed will build Yang energy for fertility.


Fix the Taps

Make sure to fix any damaged faucets. Listening to water dripping from taps can mean loss of energy. Make sure your bedroom has a calm and noise free environment.

Use a Stand Fan

Using a stand fan instead of a ceiling fan will increase your chi energy. Chi is said to improve fertility and overall

Elephant Status

Place little statues of elephants with trunks down in the west or northwest side of your bedroom. One of the most popular uses of this feng shui method is to store energy inside the home. It is said that placing elephant statues with trunk down will push away any kind of obstacles.

Fruit Tree

Plant a fruit tree in your backyard and take good care of it. Fruit trees are ancient symbol of fertility, therefore, the more fruit trees, the more chances of conceiving.

Clean your Bedroom

Remove any item from your bedroom which causes anxiety, brings in past bad memories or looks uncomfortable. Items unrelated to rest and romance like computers, exercise equipment, etc, can be removed from the room.

Colors of Bedroom

The colors of your bedroom act a lot on your mood. Balancing the female energy(yin) and male energy(yang) is important if you are trying to conceive. Choose colors like white, ivory, tan, brown, pink, or gold which promotes harmony and sexual desire in a relationship.


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Avoid Flowers

According to the feng shui principle, flowers depict male energy. Therefore, using floral printed bedsheets, floral designed paintings or even fresh flowers can compete with your husband’s energy(yang).

Sleep on the Right side

The side of the bed you sleep can also reflect on the balance of your energy. A woman should lie on the right side of the bed, whereas the male on the left side. This will create balance of your energy.

Make Room for a Baby

Though your baby is not yet in the world, creating space for one is said to de-clutter any mess in the house and makes space for more energy flow. Feng shui claims that it is a sign of readying for birth.

Fuchsia Plant

Planting a fuchsia tree which is pink or purple in the children area-center, right side of the property of garden, will increase energy flow, strengthen relationships and makes it more bountiful.

Buddha with Children

Placing a Buddha statue with climbing children on him symbolizes joy of children. Display the statue on the east side of your bedroom. It is said to facilitate the joy and happiness of your future children at home. Also make sure you do not place him on the ground.


Red Material Ball

Ared material ball stuffed with feathers is a symbol of fertility. The circular shape represents an egg and bright red is the color of healthy blood and gives life to children in the marriage.

Indoor Fountain

Place a metal indoor fountain at the center right-hand side of your house. It inspires children, and is most beneficial in children’s area of the house.

Pictures of Children or Baby animals

Fill all the possible wall areas of your home with posters, pictures of children or baby animals. This is a good sign of fertility and also helps you bring children home. Do not put pictures of children that you already know.

Magpie Pictures

You can also place pictures of magpie birds which are the symbol of joy and happiness. The baby pictures and magpies will work well together.

Red Lanterns

Placing red lanterns on both sides of your bed will help bring lots of yang energy into the room. This will be a good idea if you think your room needs some yang energy. Balance of both yin and yang energy is important.

Your Bed

Make sure that the bed you sleep on is perfect for you. Sharp edges, corners of the furniture, should be given special attention. Make sure to make it as comfortable as possible. Also do not place any electronic devices on or beside your bed.


Say no to Red

Avoid red colored walls, red bed sheets, or any red objects and items in your bed. Since it can drain away baby energy from the room. Also fire or anything related to fire is a big no in the bedroom. It melts down any activity in the room.

Filter your Paintings

You might like pictures of wild animals, predators or fierce or weird looking paintings, but these are a bad choice for your home or room, since they can trigger the aggressive or dominant side of you. These kind of images kill the warm fertile ambiance that you need.

Dragon Symbols

Dragons are yang in nature, they will improve the flow of yang energy. In the case of trying for a baby, a little yang magic by the bedside may help. An inconspicuous dragon item next to the bed can conjure up the precious yang energy to aid conception. Hang a tassel with a bronze dragon or a small dragon charm next to the bed for this purpose


Cicadas are a sign of marriage and fertility. The charming night creaks of these bugs is a good sign of luck and fertility. Place a picture of them in your bedroom.

West Sector

Fill the west side of your house and room with objects that enhance fertility. Place metal objects, fertility enhancers, earth objects, vases, electronic items, stereos are an excellent choice to place on this side of your house. Do not place fire objects like candles in the west.

Fish and Bamboo

Double fish is a symbol of marital union. Display this in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Place a single piece of hollow bamboo in the north sector of the bedroom to enhance fertility. These are said to aid conception.



Having turtle statues or pet turtles are good signs of fertility. They also attract good luck and clear energy blockages.

Bed Storage

Storing items under or inside your bed is a bad idea. It blocks energy flow in your bed. Make sure to empty as much space in your bedroom as possible. You need a lot of space for a good flow of energy.

Does Feng Shui Really Work?

Just because Feng Shui has given all these principles it doesn’t mean it will change your life in one day. It takes a lot of patience and also the right method and right use of these tips. Try all the given tips and continue with the one that is comfortable to you. Feng shui is all about the flow of energy, it is a philosophy of yin and yang. It is believed according to feng shui that the way you arrange things in your home influences you mood and life. Imbalances in these energies can cause for the lack of harmony, peace, fertility and also causes problems in a relationship. The results of feng shui are not instant, so be patient and work on these tips and wait for the results.

What Happens When You Break The Feng Shui Rule?

As we discussed earlier, Feng Shui helps you in balancing the energy around you and remove any energy blockages. It is up to you if you wish to follow all rules given in this. But make sure that if you do follow these rules then do it in the right way, since making any personal changes might lead to negative energy blockages or imbalance of energy flow. A word of caution is to remember to strive for balance and not overdo it when it comes to feng shui. By using these feng shui fertility symbols above, you’ll be making a gateway for positive energy and opening doors to a new life, therefore, do it in the right way. Also these tips and methods are just to help you balance energy and mood at your home and not to treat medical illnesses.


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