11 Fast Food You Can Eat During Pregnancy


Pregnancy changes your body in an unprecedented way and it does have multiple effects on the mind too! Apart from mood swings and irritability, you may also feel craving for certain types of foods and beverages in this condition. However, when you are pregnant- it is important to keep a tab on everything you eat or drink. Thankfully, selected types of fast foods can be eaten by pregnant women. Of course, you should not go overboard when eating such fast foods after conceiving.

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Below listed are the top fast foods which you can gorge on during pregnancy.

11 Fast Food You Can Eat During Pregnancy

  • Hamburger- You may feel a little amazed, but eating hamburger in pregnancy is not that bad, as long as you maintain moderation. However, you should skip the mayonnaise and barbecue sauce to keep the calorie count on the lower side. Take some veggies as aside and skip the tempting packet of French fries.
  • Baked potato- Fried potatoes are in a different league, but eating baked potatoes in moderation during pregnancy will not cause harm. After all, baked potatoes are replete with potassium mineral which plays a role in keeping blood pressure within safe levels. However, go light on toppings like sour cream.

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Fast Food

  • McDonalds-Not all Dishes served by the iconic fast food giant are harmful or calorie heavy. However, you should pick carefully when you are carrying a fetus in the womb. Take any salad with grilled chicken to be on the safe side. Or else, go for a basic Egg McMuffin. However, you should stay away from the alluring Chicken McNuggets- these are calorie heavy.
  • Chipotle- Chipotle is among the fast food options you can head to when you have conceived and get hunger cravings. However, go easy on cheese or sour cream. You may order crispy corn tacos with fajita veggies, fajita veggies and steak.
  • Pizza hut or Dominos- No matter which pizza outlet you head to, choosing the crust and topping with utmost care is imperative when you are pregnant. Ideally, you should go for the pizzas with Thin ‘N Crispy crust. It is low in calories and fat. It would be good to evade the Stuffed Crust. At Domninos, order thethin crust based Pacific Veggie pizza, which offers 5-6 types of roasted vegetables and tastes delicious too.

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  • KFC- KFC is not only about fried chicken and calorie heavy smoothies. You can very well order the grilled chicken thigh and grilled corn as side there.
  • Subway- Subway does have some healthy sandwiches with a lower calorie count, which can be ideal for you. For example, order the 6″ Turkey Breast Sub with whole grain bread and vegetables. The fat is minimal and calorie is not too high either. Evade the deli meat based sandwiches and for a change the tuna sandwich is a great option.
  • Donut- It is true that most donuts are rich in calories and also contain fats in excess- you can have one in a week or so.
  • Taco Bell- You can opt for the Fresco menu since the dishes under this range are all within 300 calories- which should be fine for women who have conceived.

Cut down on calories and fat even when ordering fast food

By ordering a little carefully at restaurants and fast food outlets, you can keep the fat and calorie count on the lower side.  Try the following tips:

  • You can use apps available at App store and Google Play that can help you find healthier dishes served by fast food chains and nearby restaurants serving mostly fats foods.
  • At some restaurants, you may actually get the option to order healthy sides. These include options like plain baked potatoes, carrot sticks with dips, sliced apples and fruit pieces. So, you can give the French fries a skip at those places.
  • It would be wiser if you skip the BBQ sauces and mayonnaise. These are laden with calories and you may choose ketchup instead.
  • Some restaurants also let you know the calorie value of each dish. This way you can figure out whether a particular dish catching your fancy would be within safe calorie range or not.

With a little discretion, you can eat a number of foods without worrying too much on how it may adversely affect your pregnancy. Always, remember to add fiber to your meals and drink plenty of fluids too!