11 Essential Things to Remember While Choosing your Baby’s Crib Mattress


Little ones grow up fast like a tracer bullet. Soon, you would realise that your little one has become a proper individual and is an important part of your family. The kid would need and use the same facilities as you in the household. Now, the essential things that your kid would require typically are cupboard, crib/bed, a separate room etc.

Post 8 months you might want your little one to sleep in the assigned crib. Cribs are generally baby beds that are well protected to prevent the baby from falling. The area can be secluded to maintain privacy for your little one’s sound sleep. While you are working hard on making sure of everything to achieve perfection; one important part would be to pay attention to your baby’s crib mattress. Mattress selection is crucial as it will define your baby’s quality of sleep and protection.Below are a few tips which will help you in choosing the best mattress for your baby.

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Before you buy the mattress, select the type you would prefer. There are 3 types:

1. Foam Mattress

Very light in weight and is about 3-6 inches in height. Filled with artificial soft foam.

2. Spring Mattress

Slightly heavy, spring mattress will contain a combination foam, padding and fabric.


3. Organic Mattress

Expensive of all types, organic mattresses will contain all natural cotton fibres and other organic matter.

Crib Mattress

Tips before Buying:

11 Essential Things To Remember While Choosing Your Baby’s Crib Mattress

1. Judge the right softness

While softness being a wonderful feeling, your protective nature might want to choose the softest baby mattress of the lot. The truth is, the softer the baby mattress, higher would be the chance of encountering SIDS. Too soft a mattress will suck you little one in and interfere with the breathing.

2. Right Size

After you have decided on the size of the crib, it is then important to find the best fit baby mattress. The right size is crucial as it should be snugged within the crib frame. Loose ends and spaces around the crib pose a potential threat of entrapment. Your baby might get her limbs trapped and hurt!

3. How resilient

Resiliency is again a crucial factor while you choose your baby’s mattress. Try this out: while buying, just press the middle portion of the mattress with you palm. The mattress will naturally go deep a bit, notice the time taken by it to come back to normal. The fastest one should be your choice! When your baby sleeps in the mattress, it will make an impression. However, a permanent one will prevent your baby to change position during the sleep. This is a negative factor!


4. Ventilation Property

Breathable baby’s mattress will allow the trapped moisture to pass through. Trapped moisture will invite microbes and compromise on the hygiene. Also, a well-ventilated mattress will surface cool the baby’s mattress making it the best for a good night sleep.

5. Cover of the mattress

The cover material of the crib mattress is again a concern. Water proof and an easy cleaning cover should be the ideal choice. Being the cover, it will get dirty the most! Hence, it should be a long lasting one with a lower maintenance cost.

6. Compare across

Do not resort to only one store and type while you are choosing the baby’s mattress. Store to store hops will educate you on the various types that are available and enable you to choose the best one among the lot. Price comparison is not the criteria, but choosing the best one is. The material information is important to choose the crib mattress.

7. No Second Hand

Yes, true that soon kids grow up and you would no longer need the crib mattress. Keeping this in mind, please do not buy a second handed crib mattress. This will question hygiene and safety of your child. Also, the mattress being old might not comfort your baby the best as you would want.

8. Do not pay for warranty

Often an extended warranty between brands might catch your eye! Do not fall prey and pay extra. Most of the crib mattresses are quality passed and would last throughout its usable span. Soon, your kid can use the same as yours! So, why pay more?

9. Think Long Term

Technologies have gone way ahead and you can also look for crib mattresses that are for long term. Convertible crib mattress that can transform into a toddler mattress is worth a look. Sooner or later, your toddler would want a separate bed. Durable convertibles can be an option. You can however research on the best brands available.


10. Anti-microbial Property

Your baby’s mattress should possess the capability to withstand microbial build up. Anti-microbial materials used in the mattress makes it the best choice. Fungus and bacteria should find no way to enter your baby’s bed.

11. Certifications and Safety notes

Look for certification seals on the mattress while you buy. The best ones will have no shame in displaying them. Also, look for the safety notes if any on the crib, as it might help you tackle an emergency.

Crib and its mattress will play an important role in your baby’s growth and development. Baby’s grow in sleep and a good sleep will be guaranteed only with the best mattress. Keep in mind the above tips while you choose your baby’s mattress.



Factors To Consider When Looking For A Crib Mattress