Epidural Injection: 11 Pros and Cons


So, you have decided to take an epidural for child birth. Are you worried if you took the right decision? Today, we list 11 pros and cons of this injection that eases labour pain, so you can make a more informed decision.

11 Pros and Cons Epidural Injection

Epidural injections are often used for anaesthesia during operations, surgeries and childbirths. Although this process is used extensively throughout the world, it may leave certain negative impacts on the body in the long run. These are used for calming down the nerves, reducing inflammation and for keeping away painful sensations. The steroid is injected close to the spinal cord. Well, you may be interested in knowing the advantages and benefits of epidural injection. Here are eleven pros and cons of epidural injection for you.

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In case the needle is not injected in the right area, it may puncture the bag that contains fluid, close to the spine. This may result in severe headache in the long run. Generally, experienced professionals inject the steroid into the body of the patient. It reduces the chances of damaging the nerves close to the spine.


At times, the nerves may get damaged when the epidural injection is inserted into the body. This causes numbness in certain parts of the body, especially in the lower areas. In certain cases, it causes discomfiture in the area. In severe conditions, the movements of the affected area may become restricted.

Comforts the body

During delivery, women need to rest for an extended period if the labour is too long. In these cases, epidural injections come beneficial. The body gets comforted and the mothers can rest peacefully after the steroid is injected into the body.


Epidural Injection


People being injected with epidural injection may suffer from sleeplessness. It may happen due to the pain, or other reasons. This often takes place during delivery of the child. The doctors may have to prescribe additional medicines to keep away sleeplessness.

Remain active

During childbirth, a woman may stay alert even after the steroid is injected into the body. She can remain active throughout the process. Certain people may like the experience of a childbirth and remain an active participant in the process. Epidural injections reduce the pain, but keep the person alert during childbirth.

Increased pain

This is one of the most common negative aspects associated with epidural injections. As the needle is injected into a delicate area of the body, the nerves may get damaged. This results in long-term pains, which may last for years. It may lead to other complexities, causing cataracts and stomach ulcers.


Certain steroids decrease the immunity of the body. This might lead to infections. Often, the area where the needle is injected develops an infection. It may spread to other areas and require a surgery in the future. Most of the time, this can be controlled through antibiotics. However, surgeries may be necessary under severe conditions.

Increase in blood sugar

Epidural injections may increase the level of blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. The steroids that are injected into the body are responsible for this increase in blood sugar level. People suffering from diabetes may find epidural injections troublesome.


Hormonal changes

Epidural injections may cause changes in the hormonal levels in the body. In women, this may cause periods to be more painful. In men, it may bring down the fertility level to a certain extent. Besides, it may cause mood swings, that may bring about behavioural changes in the individuals.

Recovery from pain

In case of a caesarean birth, epidural injections may help in recovering from the pain. It minimizes the time required to recover and eases up the pain to a certain extent. Most of the patients undergoing caesarean delivery are injected with the epidural steroid to recover from the pain.

Problems with bladder control

Epidural injections can reduce the control of the bladder. Generally, it happens during delivery of the child. The mother may face difficulties in controlling the bladder, causing discomfiture in the body.

Apart from these, epidural injections may also cause permanent damage to the nerves. However, deaths are rare as a result of the injection. In certain cases, the wrong steroid may be injected into the body. These may complicate the health and the patient needs additional care to recover from the situation. As the process involves certain risks, the steroid is generally by experts, minimizing the chances of damage in the verves. Although the process involves certain risks, it is one of the most effective means of anaesthesia.