15 Easy Ways to Treat Bug Bites in Children


Have itchy welts taken over you? Bug bites are a common syndrome in residences manifested with the same. Due to flattened bodies, they thrive at small pockets in your home. They could survive for a considerable period of time, without feeding if temperature levels are in their favour.

They are at peak levels of activity during midnight and in the wee hours of the morning. Some people might not even figure out that they are bitten, but for others symptoms in the form of swelling, rashness, itchiness or redness appear.

Let us now explore some of the effective methods in treatment of the same.

11 Ways to Treat Bug Bites in Children

1} The bug bits should be washed with water and soap

This is going to remove any chances of skin infection and reduce itchiness. The soap should be applied over the bitten areas.

2} Ice pack

The cold temperature could daze nerve endings, where the feeling of itchiness is removed. In a thin towel a few ice cubes needs to be wrapped and then applied on the affected area.  After 15 minutes it needs to be removed.

3} A mixture of water and baking soda

To baking soda, a small portion of water is to be added and stir it till a paste is formed. Apply the paste on bug bites and after 30 minutes rinse it off with warm water.


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4} Aloe Vera gel

Incorporated with antifungal and antibacterial properties application of this gel can treat bed bug bites. Due to frequent scratching chances of secondary infection also diminish.

5} Saturation of a ball of cotton with lemon juice

This is a natural remedy for sure! With a cotton ball dap at the rash in drying it out and reduce the itchiness. Lemon a natural astringent reduces the swelling, prevents infection and keeps itchiness at bay.

6} Witch Hazel

From the nearest pharmacy you can purchase this liquid astringent.  The main ingredient is tannin that reduce itchiness caused by the bed bug bites. In white lazel a cotton ball needs to be soaked in water and then apply on the affected area. Remove it after 10 minutes

7} Over the counter creams

In terms of ingredients of the cream Cortaid and hydrocortisone will reduce itching and inflammation. Before application of the cream follow the instructions. It is a soothing cream and a minimum level of side effects is expected.

8} Calamine lotion

On application of this cream, timely relief is provided from the bed bug bites. It would also dry off the rash and protect the skin from any infections.


9} Oral antihistamine

Can remove the rashes associated with bites. Be aware that it could cause drowsiness and it is suggested to avoid when driving. Follow the instructions before usage of the drug.

10} Toothpaste

A surprising remedy for bed bug bites. Methanol (cooling properties) reduces the itchiness and burning sensation. The toothpaste should be applied on the affected area and after 10 minutes you would need to rinse it off.

11} Oatmeal

Due to anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, works out as timely remedy to reduce skin irritation. With a few teaspoons of oatmeal water needs to be mixed and then a paste is formed. Apply it on the area prone to bug bites and leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off.

12} Tea bags

Tea bags (moist) help to combat swelling and itching caused by bites. The tea bag should be allowed to cool for 30 minutes. Then go on to apply it in the affected area for around 15 minutes.

13} Cucumber

The peels and slices of cucumber can provide timely relief from bed bug bites. It is embedded with vitamin C and possessed anti-inflammatory advantages. For effective results apply a slice of cucumber (refrigerated) on the area prone to bites for 15 to 20 minutes.

14} Apple cedar vinegar

A popular remedy for bug bites as itchiness along with swelling is kept at bay. Unfiltered, raw apple cedar vinegar needs to be applied on the affected area. Allow it to dry and then rinse the skin. If symptoms still exist, then reapply it all over again.


15} A visit to a doctor

If you have blisters, pus, oozing, multiple bites, infection or any form of allergic reaction, it is better to seek the services of a dermatologist.

To conclude, the symptoms of bug bites appear in common areas like face, arms or legs. Early detection is the key before it scales to an infection. Excess stretching or itching could lead to skin infection.