75 Easy Halloween DIY Craft Ideas for Kids


The Halloween spook is one of the key factors that drive thousands of kids to dress up in fancy outfits. Besides, people try out various innovative crafts and play tricks over their friends and close ones. If you are enthusiastic about innovative craft ideas, why not try out something by yourself? Various innovative DIY craft ideas can be translated to reality on this occasion. Read on to know fifty-one easy Halloween DIY craft ideas for kids.

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Jars of Jack O’ Lanterns

These lanterns are easy to make. You simply need the basic paper cutting skills and a few lights. Design fearful faces on the jars and light them up from inside.

Bat Luminary

If you are fond of shadow art, try out bat luminary. This is a chic idea and has something eerie in the essence it creates. It is all about paper cutting and lights.


Frankenstein Luminaries

Try out something new with Frankenstein luminaries. With smooth surfaces and colourful designs, this will be a new concept for fun.


Owl Luminaries

Owls are nocturnal creatures and has the spooky effect inherent in them. Use paper bags and lights to create owl luminaries and enjoy the effect.


Clementine Lanterns

Clementine lanterns are something similar to pumpkin lightings, simpler and smaller in size. If you are good at carving out designs, you can easily make them.


Pumpkin Cinderella

You can decorate your home with intricate designs, doors and windows carved out with expertise in large pumpkins. The more complex the designs are, the better they look.



Shadow Makers

If you are an expert in making shadows with the ‘reverse light’ mechanism, try out different shadow making tactics. You can use any spooky theme for this purpose.


Demon bookmarks

Book lovers can go a step further deepin making bookmarks. Large bookmarks, with the face of demons suit the festival well.


Acorn pumpkins

For family fun, you can make acorn pumpkins during Halloween. These are small crafts that look cute and charming. You can easily paint an orange theme on the acorns.



Pop up cards

You may want to gift a pop up card to your friends with the image of a ghost popping up. Try these with different creatures like spiders and bats as well.


Egg carton designs

If you love eggs, you will love this art too. Egg carton designs are easy to make and cute looking. You can raft egg-like structures using colourful papers.


Handprint Frankenstein

Green Frankenstein themes are popular during Halloween. You may try out making these designs on your hand to make them appear livelier.



Tape mummies

Mummies match Halloween well, thanks to the fearful tales associated with it. Use a dark background like cardboard and white tapes to create your DIY mummy structure.


Cotton roll mummies

If you are expert with cotton roll-crafts, simply use a roll to design a mummy. With distinct features like eyes and ears, you can make it even more innovative.



Plastic or fibre balls are good for making zombie figures. These balls are to be colored and complemented with cotton or other materials to resemble zombies.



Bubbling Brew

Bubbling brew is associated with witches. If you know the composition, use simple chemicals and water to create a pot full of brew for witches.


Felt bat

Apart from black bats, you can also try out making felt bats. These are easy to make and you can use your own color ideas while designing these crafts.


Rolling eyes

Well, this can be scary. You Cn design rolling eyes, green in color using balls. Place them in a can in a way that they keep on rolling.



Pompom Pumpkins

The soft materials used to make pompom balls can be incorporated to make pumpkins. With black marks for eyes and ears, they turn out to be beautiful crafts.


Black bats

If you know the art of paper-folding, you can make fearful bats during Halloween. Use strings to hang them from the walls and ceiling.


Pasta Skeleton

This craft refers to hand-made designs on black backgrounds. Skeletons are ideal for Halloween. You can try this out at home.



Pipe cleaner Finger puppets

If you want to be a bit innovative with finger-puppets, you can use pipes to make these for Halloween. The kids would love the colorful, innovative designs.


Spider web

Design a cobweb with strings or other materials. Place a paper spider in the center. If you are good at origami, this can easily be done.


Shimmering pumpkins

If you are bored of ghost themes, try out something different. Sparkling pumpkins are beautiful to stare at. Colour up the pumpkins with sparkling shades.



Bead pumpkins

Bead-art can be used to make pumpkin-designs. Black, orange and green beads, small in size, can be fixed in the pumpkin-pattern to make them beautiful.


Pumpkin mummy

Another scary mummy head can be created using a large pumpkin. Wrap up the pumpkin with gauge. Let one eye peep out through a slit area.


Crayon Shaving Pumpkins

You can try out the irregular crayon patterns on pieces of paper cut lie pumpkins. These look new and innovative. You can also try out your skills.



Halloween bowl

Halloween bowls can be made scary and beautiful at the same time. Papier Mache bowls can be painted with different innovative patterns to resemble ghosts.


Skull drawings

Skull drawings on different accessories and bags can be really scary. Use a golden foreground colour on a black background to make them more attractive.


Pumpkin bowling

If you are good at bowling, try out making a theme with pumpkins. With white pegs as your target, use a pumpkin-themed dice to make it crafty.



Toffee garlands

Make a garland with toffees and sweets. Use colourful elements to make a vibrant string of sweets and use it as a home-décor accessory.


Fabric pumpkins

Well, fabric designs on pumpkins can look awesome, provided you have skillful hands. Solid colors like brown and violet look gorgeous.


Vampire lollipops

In case you want to design food items for Halloweens, try it up with lollipops. Wrap up papers and other materials on the top of a stick and color them to resemble vampires.



Ghost lollipops

Ghost lollipops are scary to look at, and you might want to lick them as well. Use shades of brown, maroon or other dark colors to craft the faces of ghosts.


Skull cakes

You can make cakes with a skull theme on it. White skull cakes look realistic if you have the skill. You can also mount it on a stick.


Spider lollipops

Spiders are scary, but it may look delicious when you transform it into a food. Make a spider-themed lollipop with black legs and a lollipop to resemble its head.



Marshmallow Dips

Marshmallow dips can be crafted with your own ideas. A skull at the bottom of the stick, or a zombie-themed dip can make it look perfect during Halloween.


Shrunken heads

Use different fruits to make shrunken heads for Halloween. These heads are made by caring away certain portions of fruits, like pears.


Skeleton Gingers

The next time you come across a ginger with distinct human features, paint it like a man. A black theme with white limbs and head will look perfect.



Monster cake

If you are a foodie, you would like to couple up the cake-themes with monsters for Halloween. The toppings and cream-patterns can be customized to resemble monsters.



Get a transparent jar and stuff it with Papier Mache to make them look like human brains. Use original flesh colours to make them look realistic and scary.


Garlic wreaths

You can string garlands using garlic to make something new during Halloween. These strings can be simply used as home décor to create a crafty difference.



Halloween burgers

Foodies would like to enjoy Halloween burgers. These have eyes, ears and other facial features designed on them. Use edible colors and cheese to make these burgers.


Feathery garlands

Use cotton balls and other fluffy materials to make dense-knit wreaths. Color them in dark shades like black to infuse a spooky look.


Eye wreaths

Eye wreaths are beautiful as well as scary. You can use different textures of strings to make these accessories. Place them in your room to enhance the spooky effect.



Bat wreaths

Bats are associated with spookiness. You can use them as a central theme in your wreaths. Place a DIY bat image in the central portion of a rim.


Spider costume

Spider costumes are easy to make. With eight limbs, the kids can enjoy the occasion with innovation and joy.


Skull masks

You can literally scare people around you with these masks. Use scary skull themes for these masks and color them up.



Pirate outfit

If you look out for something different, you can try out a pirate outfit. With black dress and tattoo marks, it will look gorgeous for the occasion.

Prisoner costume

Prisoner costumes are easy to make. Just draw a few stripes on a white outfit to convert it into a prisoner costume.


Umbrella bat

Transform an umbrella into the wings of a bat to make a DIY craft for Halloween. It looks almost original when you use an umbrella canvas.


Frankenstein costume

This is one of the best known scary novel adaptations. Innovate your own ideas to make Frankenstein costumes that look spooky.



Batman costume

If you fancy the thoughts of being a superhero for a day, try out a Batman costume. You just need to unleash a little painting skill.


Spider man costume

Well, this is another superhero costume. Get a plain dress and paint it in red, black and blue. It is one of the best concepts for kids.


So, you can try out these themes next Halloween.


Spooky Spider Webs:

  1. Materials: White yarn, black paper, googly eyes, glue
  2. Instructions: Create spider webs by winding yarn in a circular pattern on black paper. Add googly eyes to the spiders.

spooky spider web

Egg Carton Bats:

  • Materials: Egg carton, black paint, googly eyes, string
  • Instructions: Cut sections of an egg carton, paint them black, add googly eyes, and attach a string for hanging.

egg carton bats

Ghost Handprints:

  • Materials: White paper, black paint, markers
  • Instructions: Dip your child’s hand in black paint and make handprints on white paper. Once dry, add ghostly faces with markers.

ghost handprints

Pumpkin Seed Art:

  • Materials: Pumpkin seeds, orange and green paint, glue, paper
  • Instructions: Paint pumpkin seeds orange and green, then glue them onto paper to create pumpkin designs.

Mummy Mason Jars:

  • Materials: Empty mason jars, gauze, googly eyes, glue
  • Instructions: Wrap mason jars with gauze and glue googly eyes to make mummy lanterns.

mummy mason jars

Popsicle Stick Haunted House:

  • Materials: Popsicle sticks, paint, glue, assorted decorations
  • Instructions: Create a haunted house by painting popsicle sticks and attaching them to form walls. Decorate with miniature ghosts, bats, and pumpkins.

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Halloween Masks:

  • Materials: Paper plates, paint, markers, elastic cord
  • Instructions: Let your kids paint and decorate paper plate masks. Punch holes on the sides and attach elastic cord for wearing.

halloween masks


Candy Corn Wreath:

  • Materials: Candy corn, foam wreath form, glue
  • Instructions: Glue candy corn onto a foam wreath form to create a sweet Halloween decoration.

candy corn wreath

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters:

  • Materials: Toilet paper rolls, paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, markers
  • Instructions: Paint toilet paper rolls, add googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms, and draw silly monster faces.

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Yarn-Wrapped Mummies:

  • Materials: Cardboard, yarn (white and black), googly eyes, glue
  • Instructions: Wrap cardboard shapes with white yarn and glue googly eyes on top to make mummy decorations.


Paper Plate Pumpkins:

  • Materials: Paper plates, orange paint, green construction paper
  • Instructions: Paint paper plates orange, cut out green stems from construction paper, and glue them on.

paper plate pumpkins

Witch Hat Cookies:

  • Materials: Chocolate cookies, Hershey’s Kisses, orange icing
  • Instructions: Attach Hershey’s Kisses to the center of cookies with orange icing to make witch hat cookies.

witch hat cookies

Halloween Finger Puppets:

  • Materials: Craft felt, googly eyes, glue
  • Instructions: Cut out Halloween-themed shapes from felt, glue on googly eyes, and attach them to your fingers.

halloween finger puppets

Ghost Lollipops:

  • Materials: Tissues, lollipops, ribbon
  • Instructions: Cover lollipops with tissues and tie with ribbon to create ghostly treats.

ghost lollipos


Pumpkin Potato Stamps:

  • Materials: Potatoes, orange paint, paper
  • Instructions: Cut a potato in half, carve a pumpkin shape, dip in orange paint, and stamp on paper.

pumplin potato stamps

Spider Hat:

  • Materials: Black construction paper, string, googly eyes, glue
  • Instructions: Cut a black paper strip into a hat shape, add string, and glue on googly eyes and spiders.

spider hat

Jack-O’-Lantern Sun Catchers:

  • Materials: Tissue paper (orange, black, green), contact paper
  • Instructions: Cut out Jack-O’-Lantern shapes from tissue paper, sandwich them between contact paper, and hang as sun catchers.

monster bookmarks

Ghostly Footprints:

  • Materials: White paper, black paint, markers
  • Instructions: Dip your child’s foot in black paint and make footprints on white paper. Add ghostly features with markers.

ghost footprints

Bat Mobile:

  • Materials: Black construction paper, string, googly eyes, glue
  • Instructions: Cut out bat shapes, glue on googly eyes, and attach them to string for a spooky mobile.

bat mobile

Monster Bookmarks:

  • Materials: Craft foam, googly eyes, markers, glue
  • Instructions: Cut out monster shapes from craft foam, decorate with googly eyes and markers, and use as bookmarks.

monster bookmarks


Glow-in-the-Dark Slime:

  • Materials: Clear glue, glow-in-the-dark paint, liquid starch
  • Instructions: Mix clear glue and glow-in-the-dark paint, then slowly add liquid starch until you have slime.


Witch’s Brew Sensory Play:

  • Materials: Water, green food coloring, plastic insects, cauldron
  • Instructions: Fill a cauldron with green-tinted water and add plastic insects for a creepy sensory experience.

witch's brew sensory play

Candy Corn Banner:

  • Materials: Candy corn cutouts (paper or felt), string
  • Instructions: String candy corn cutouts together to make a festive banner.

candy corn banner

Spider Web Plates:

  • Materials: Paper plates, black yarn, plastic spiders, glue
  • Instructions: Create spider webs by weaving black yarn around paper plates and attach plastic spiders.

spider web plates

Halloween Memory Game:

  • Materials: Index cards, Halloween stickers
  • Instructions: Decorate index cards with Halloween stickers, then play a memory matching game.

These 25 Halloween DIY crafts for kids offer a delightful way to celebrate the season, allowing children to express their creativity while having a spooktacular time. Whether you choose to make ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, or witches, these crafts are sure to provide hours of Halloween fun. So, get crafting and have a boo-tiful Halloween!

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