31 Easy And Fun DIY Newspaper Crafts For Kids


Origami or paper crafts are often one of the foremost fun things to show your child. If this develops into a hobby, then nothing is better than this bout of creativity. In this article, we will discuss 31 easy and fun DIY newspaper crafts for kids. Read on to find out what they are.


31 Easy And Fun DIY Newspaper Crafts For Kids

Newspaper Tree

This little tree may be left as it is or painted to appear more realistic. Either way, it’s an excellent way to boost your little one’s talent, especially around the holidays. You will need newspaper, rubber bands, and scissors. Roll the newspaper and tie the bands around it, one at rock bottom, and therefore the other at the center. Make four cuts around the roll from the top and all the way to the middle band. Put your finger into the center of the roll and pull out the inner pages to form layers. You now have a newspaper tree.

Rolled Newspaper Roses

Learn how to make decorative newspaper roses. Stick them on whatever you wish as decorations, be it on your books, picture frames, otherwise, you can even help the youngsters stick them artfully onto a wooden stick or plank, spray paint it and use it as a more elegant piece of décor. You will need square pieces of paper, scissors, a pencil/pen, and glue. Take the circular piece of paper and draw a spiral shape thereon. Starting at the fringes, start cutting the spiral till you reach the center of the paper and are left with one small round bit within the middle. You should now have one long spiral strip. Start at the outer edge and start rolling the entire length of the spiral. Make sure that you roll it tightly. When you have rolled it all up, paste the last circular bit at the bottom of your roll. Make sure to regulate the tightness of the rolls before you are doing this. Glue the bottom of the roll together. When you let go of the rose, the petals will open out, the glued part being the bottom of the flower. Stick it to whatever you like – an ice-cream stick, a dried twig, wooden skewers, etc. – to add some floral flavor to it.

Newspaper Sailors Hat

Teach your kids the way to make a really easy newspaper hat. You will need a newspaper sheet and scotch tape. Fold the newspaper in half. Keep the side that opens facing you. You will now have a triangle, with a skinny strip beneath it. Fold one of the bottom flaps upwards, to tuck the triangle in. Flip the hat onto the other side. Fold the other flap up. Use scotch tape to secure the folds. Your hat is ready.

Newspaper Sword

Children like to act out scenes from movies or maybe play pretend games. If your kids are fascinated by pirates or musketeers, why not indulge them during a few rapier-style newspaper swords? You will need newspapers, tape, cardboard, and markers. Lay two newspaper sheets one on top of the opposite. Fold the highest right corner in to make a touch triangle on the highest right corner of the paper. Begin to roll the paper tightly from the folded part. This will make the sword sturdier. Once you’ve got rolled it completely, tape down the loose corner. To make the handle, take the bottom third of the sword and fold it over to make a ‘d’-shape, bringing the end over to join the length of the sword. There should be a good enough gap within the ‘d’-shape in order that your child can grip the sword handle easily. Tape it into place.


Newspaper Picture Frame

This one is going to be the right handmade gift from your child. You will need a newspaper, cereal box, scissors, and tape to cut out a frame from the cereal box. Cut out an identical frame-back to travel with it and tape it together on three sides. Make sure to go away one side open in order that the image can slide in. Your child can now use the newspaper to embellish the frame. You can shred the pieces of newspaper and easily stick them onto the frame; or if your child is basically creative, you’ll cut out some shapes to stay onto the frame as well. Slide an image into the frame and your baby’s DIY gift is complete.

Newspaper Autumn Leaves

You will need newspaper, freshly fallen leaves, autumn-colored crayons, scissors, and twine/ribbon/tape. Lay the leaves on the ground and place a newspaper over them. The idea is to trace the form of the leaf and its veins onto the paper. With crayons, begin to lightly color the paper until the form of the leaf begins to get in shape. Your kids can use the various autumn-colored crayons to define the veins and give the shading more life. You can use the strings or ribbons to string them together, or you can use tape if you want to stick it to the children’s bedroom window. The light will filter through beautifully.

Newspaper Heart Streamer

Make this easy DIY heart streamer for valentine’s day, or simply for adornment. You will need a newspaper, a heart stencil, and scissors. Take a sheet of newspaper and stencil in the hearts in order that they’re during a row and touching each other. Cut out the form of those hearts, not cutting in between them. This way they’re going to remain together without having to use a string or the other material. Your heart streamer is ready.

Newspaper Lampshade

If you have an old paper lampshade lying around that you haven’t used in a while, try redecorating it with your kids. It will be a fun project that you can all have fun doing together. Not only that but watching it’ll bring back fond memories of your children. You will need water, glue, newspaper, paint of different colors, brushes and an old paper lampshade. Shred the newspaper into pieces. You will be sticking these onto the old lampshade. For sticking, use a glue mix that has equal parts water and equal parts glue to make the sealant. The old paper of the lampshade should be completely covered with the newspaper pieces without any gaps. Now leave this to dry. When it is completely dry, laminate it with another coating of the glue mixture. Once it’s completely dry, you’ll either draw and paint some colorful designs over this or leave the newspaper covering because it is to offer an artsy and rustic look to the lampshade.

Xs and Os

Forget about playing this with paper and pen, try playing it sort of a parlor game instead. Follow these steps together with your kids to form yourselves a fun and giant size game of xs and os. You will need six to seven sheets of newspaper, cereal/cardboard boxes, tape, and acrylic paints

Roll one among the newspaper sheets along the length and stick tape thereon to make a pipe. Flatten this pipe to form a flat stick. Make four such ‘sticks’. Paste them together sort of a hashtag (‘#’) sign to make the grid for xs and os. Use the cereal/cardboard box to chop out xs and os (5 each) of the specified size. Cover them with newspaper. Allow your kids to color code them if they want! Your family-size xs and os is ready!


Recycled Newspaper Flowers

These recycled newspaper flowers are an excellent craft for children. This project is ideal for a standard weekend afternoon. All you would like maybe a little newspaper and a couple of watercolor paints to make these beautifully layered flowers.

Newspaper Decoupage Letter Wall Decor

To make this creative DIY letter, you will need a premade paper mache or woodblock letter from your local craft store. Transform it into beautiful wall decor with newspaper, black paint, and decoupage medium. Add some decorative elements and a nameplate to the planning for a festive initial that perfect for a kid’s or teen’s room.

Paper Mache Food Props

Faux food from paper mache is so much fun to make, and this replica turkey will have your friends guessing if it’s edible. Faux food is additionally great to be used as props in theater productions. Once you’ve tried making this turkey, you’ll make a whole faux feast by creating other meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Sew A Newspaper Dress

It’s possible to make clothing from old newspapers. Just substitute the newspaper for cloth and you’ll find yourself with a most unusual outfit. This newspaper dress takes about eight hours to construct and appears very elegant. Make it for Halloween or a special party occasion.

Wedding DIY: Homemade Newspaper Toss Bouquet

This homemade newspaper toss bouquet is ideal for the bride that desires an ingenious alternative to chop flowers and to save lots of a touch of cash on her wedding. The floral paper toss is formed from one or two Sunday papers.

Shredded Newspaper Lantern

Add new life to an old or plain lantern with this shredded newspaper lantern tutorial. To create this project, all you would like to try to do is attach small newspaper pieces onto the lantern with decoupage for a moment upgrade.


Newspaper Home Decor

Give your living and dining rooms a newspaper decor upgrade. It costs almost nothing to revamp these areas. Cover some lanterns, and add a newspaper tablecloth for fast avant-garde design in your home decor.

Recycled Newspaper Pots

Expensive sphagnum moss is popular to use in pots for your spring seedlings, but the newspaper works even as well. When you’re ready for planting, simply place the whole newspaper pot alongside the seedling into the bottom. The newspaper will decompose with time and not harm your seedlings whatsoever.

How To Make A Bag Using Newspaper

Make a purse from rolled newspaper strips. This newspaper bag is fun and artsy—perfect for those that like their apparel to be unique and one of a kind.

Recycled Newspaper Envelopes With Liners

If you learn how to make these recycled newspaper envelopes, you’ll never be without an envelope again. Simply fold the newspaper into an envelope and add a brown kraft liner. These special envelopes will bring a smile to your pen pal’s face.

Turn Old Book Pages Into Bags

These adorable stamped bags are created from book pages, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use the newspaper. You can choose to include a black stamp, washi tape, and a clothespin to your bag to add some extra beauty and pizzazz.

Fox Painting On Newspaper

Young children will love this fox painting craft project. A sheet of newspaper is scanned and then printed onto computer paper. A fox outline is drawn with a black marker and is then filled in with paint. The newsprint peaks through the face. We think this project is just adorable, and perfect for use in the classroom.


Rolled Newspaper Lampshade

This rolled newspaper lampshade looks like it was professionally made. It’s simply created from rolled newspaper strips cut at various lengths and attached to a lamp fixture with glue. This light would be fabulous painted white with high gloss varnish—you would never know that this lamp is made from news

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Recreation

Lee kyu-hak is a Korean artist who specializes in recreating famous paintings using woodblocks wrapped with colored newspapers. Take some inspiration from lee kyu-hak and make some newspaper art recreations of your own.

Lifesize Building Blocks

When your kids complain that they’re bored, make some memories with the newspaper. Build an impressive fort for your kids from these life-size building blocks and then they can enjoy hours of fun using their imaginations. What a thrifty, delightful craft project.

Snow White Mirror

If you have a space on your wall that needs a mirror, skip the high priced piece from your home goods store and make one from a newspaper instead. To make this snow-white mirror, paint, roll, and glue newspaper coils artistically around an inexpensive circular mirror. It makes a cute and fun addition to your wall decor.

Newspaper Hats

Go old school with these newspaper hats. Almost everyone remembers making newspaper hats as a kid. This classic papercraft never gets old.

Shredder Chic Furniture

Students peter plantan and nusa zupanc have proven it’s possible to make furniture from a newspaper. They designed this paper chair using finely shredded newspaper and recycled foam board held together with glue made from flour and water. You can make one for yourself following the directions.


Recycled Cubox Table

This recycled cubox table is another example of functional upcycled furniture. The newspaper also doubles as a design element and the wood pieces come from recycled fruit crates. This DIY project is a recycler’s dream.

DIY Roman Blinds Out Of Newspaper

Make a statement with your windows with these DIY roman blinds from rolled newspaper strips. They look fabulous plain, but you could also paint them a reddish-brown color to imitate bamboo. Add a high gloss finish over the paint, and people will never suspect your blinds are made from the newspaper.

Newspaper Polar Bear Craft

This newspaper polar bear wall hanging or card is cute and easy to make. Moms and their kids will have fun crafting this adorable newsprint bear together.

Durable Handmade Paper Beads

We just love this bracelet made from newspaper beads. Add some sparkly glass beads to finish the bracelet and get ready to receive some compliments. Everyone will love your one of a kind handmade jewelry item.

Happy crafting!