51 Best Disney Girl Names for Your Baby Girl


Disney had produced many masterpieces in the world of movies and is remembered forever for its emotions and music. Disney movies inspire kids a lot and have a great embedded message in them. If you are looking for a name for your baby girl, why not name her with your favorite Disney character. Here are some Disney-inspired and timeless name suggestions that your little girl will be proud of her whole life.

51 Best Disney-Inspired Baby Girl Names

Name Meaning
Alice Noble and kind
Anna Joyful
Ariel Lioness of God
Aurora Dawn
Belle Beauty
Elsa God is my oath
Jane God is gracious
Jasmine Gift
Merida One who has achieved honor
Tiana Princess
Esmerelda Emerald
Faline Cat-like
Flora Flower
Kiara Dark
Marian Lady of the sea
Nala Water in the desert
Bianca White
Briar Rose Thorny rose
Dory Gift from God
Eudora Generous gift
Giselle Pledge
Lilo Generous one
Minnie Wise
Moana Sea
Mulan Magnolia blossom
Remy oarsmen
Sally Princess
Ursula Little bear
Abigail My father is joyful
Adella Noble
Anita Grace
Celia Heavenly
Charlotte Free man
Cinderella Little ashes
Cleo Glory
Colette People of victory
Dinah God will judge
Ellie Shine or light
Evangeline Bringer of good news
Hera Goddess of women, childbirth and marriage
Jasmine Jasmine flower
Jessie God beholds
Lilo Generous one
Megara Pearl
Nora Light
Olivia Olive
Sarafina Fiery one
Violet Purple
Lana Light
Hazel The Hazelnut tree
Leah weary