TV Wrestling: Should Kids Be Allowed to Watch Them?


Wrestling is very popular among kids. Most of the parents are worried about the impact of wrestling on their kids. Yes, there are some disadvantages of watching wrestling. Let’ discuss more about the impact of wrestling on kids.

What is TV Wrestling?

Professional wrestling is a form of sports entertainment aired on various tv channels. The rock, john cena, ric flair, the stone cold, hulk hogan, stacy keibler are just quite a few famous wrestlers to be named here, the list is though very long. Shows such as the wwe, wwf, wcw are watched eagerly by people all around the world.

Why are tv wrestling shows so popular?

  • In recent times, it’s come to light that wrestling which started out as legitimate competition has now involved fake theatrics known as ‘kayfabe’. It is believed that it is scripted. Despite this, people love it still and it is believed that this is the reason why pro wrestling has become more popular than before.
  • Another reason is that tv wrestling shows target the male age groups of 12-34. It is done by making the shows appealing for them by showing extreme violent and also sexual contents.

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Disadvantages of Watching Wrestling for Children

disadvantages of watching wrestling

“children learn by watching more than they do by any other means”


Wrestling shows seem entertaining as it involves violent activities and most children are usually a little naturally aggressive.  But the downfall is that these shows further aggravate this.


It’s seen that children, who watch these shows regularly, engage in violent activities during the break time by showing off their wrestling moves on other children. There was a time when children would show off their soccer or basketball moves and now it’s wrestling moves. The problem here is, they think its all fun and that it is not harming the other child as the opponent on the tv show is not harmed either.  These tv shows are so persuasive in their own ways that children start believing that being the bad guy is what will help them win. Later it is noticed that children watching these shows regularly may carry weapons in their late adolescence periods.

Foul language

Children also inculcate the foul language used on those shows. Children are innocent and naive, they do not really differentiate the right from the wrong, do not differentiate the real from theatrics, their limit of living experience lessons are very minimum, they just learn by watching and observing.

Moreover children start thinking being loud and boisterous; using verbal language as intimidation and cheating is what is right and what would be beneficial for them.

Teachers have the notions that children who watch such shows are more aggressive, rebellious; have more problems with maintaining a disciplined behaviour than a normal child of that age group. This is why the teachers strongly discourage children watching such shows.

Tv wrestling shows also appeal to the 12-34 male age groups due to its sexual connotation. Teachers noticed few children using vulgar language and imitating the sexual gestures. This could lead to development of harmful gender stereotyping among children.

Due to the wrong perception of the tv wrestling shows by children, they assume being a hulk bodied person is what is important to be deemed as powerful and important. They will strive to achieve it at a faster rate by certain unethical means such as usage of unprescribed steroids and drugs. They would turn a blind eye on its deleterious effects.


Moreover, tv wrestling shows may also encourage bullying up to a certain limit. Children see how the powerful one can easily oppress the relatively weaker one and may use this to their benefit in school.

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Should children be allowed to watch tv wrestling shows?

Tv wrestling shows are a part of sports entertainment just like soccer matches, basketball matches, etc.  Children watch it for entertainment for a while and that is fine.

Obsessing over those shows and only watching that for hours at a stretch is when the problem arises.  The live show timings for wwe is usually after 10pm and children stay up late watching it. This can have other biological effects such as disturbance of the sleep – wake cycle leading to drowsiness during the class periods, lack of proper attention, easily irritated, etc.


“Anything in excess is dangerous”

Children can be allowed to watch TV wrestling shows but only for some time. Unchecked hours of watching such shows can lead to development of aggressive, rebellious and undisciplined behaviour. Moreover, children imitate the moves by their favourite wrestlers on other children leading to other injuries.


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