6 Steps to Create a Website for Your Baby Within an Hour


If you are reading this article, you are probably a young mom or dad and you are the happiest family in the world because now you have a baby. Congratulations! We are sure you take many pictures of your son or daughter and notes about the funniest moments, his emotions, and new skills and so on. All of us do that. So, why not to try with the more comfortable and interesting way to keep the best moments. A website about your baby is an amazing way to keep in touch with everybody you want. Bring your family closer together and don’t let them miss out on milestones and memories! Let’s create a perfect website!

make a website for baby

We understand well you think now about “that’s very difficult to create a good website”, “we have no time to do it”, “also, that’s too expensive”… You are wrong! All you need is only an hour and even 0 cents in some cases.

Let’s start.

Create a Website for Your Baby Within an Hour

1. Choose easy to use platform

If you ever heard about the scary words like Javascript, PHP, CSS, website security providing, etc. forget about them. You don’t need them. The programming experts made everything already. You start to build the website for your baby not from scratch. Imagine that your dinner is completely ready and all you need to do is just to set the table as you like. There are many different beautiful website builders, which are your completely ready dinner. These platforms offer you a lot of beautiful pre-made templates, multifunctional easy to use features, very intuitive interface, and 24/7 customer service. The platform allows you to create amazing website very fast. The setup process takes only a couple of minutes of your time. After that, you are the owner of your website. All you need to do now is to choose what the platform is more suitable according to your requirements and your vision.

2. Choose a layout and theme

Before starting to publish any content (stories, pictures, milestones, etc.) and updating your registry, choose the most suitable layout of the website considering your concept, also, the overall theme of your website. There is the platform, which offers the full access to all layouts and themes for all kind of accounts (free and paid). Even you can do that together with your baby, because the full process will be similar to the play with the building blocks. “What do you like, my sweetie? This one? Nice, let’s choose this layout.” It could be the first interesting fact about your baby on his website. If you decide to change them you are able to do that anytime.


3. Create a timeline of your child’s growing up

The timeline is the best way to describe the best, most interesting and most important moments of your kid’s life. First step, first word, first unusual emotion, first friend, etc. Your family never forget about those impressive days and hours. Imagine how it will be nice to remember about them after ten, twenty and more years. Find any platform, which offers to you a great timeline section you can edit without any effort and add as many milestones and events as you want.

4. Create a very emotional gallery

The photo gallery is one of the most impressive parts of any website, especially when it is about the children. It is good when you can open on your laptop the folder with the pictures of your baby or slide them on your smartphone gallery, however, the emotions you will feel while looking at the especial gallery on the personal website of your baby are very different. You can create gallery grid with and without margins, carousel gallery, rounded gallery, etc. All depends on your own designer vision. Also, using the great third-party services integration features you can easily to add video and audio with your baby. We all would like to hear our voice, look with our own eyes the movements, character, etc. when we were little.

5. Add a numbers counter

It does not matter what you’d like to count. There are many options. Number of steps, number of words your baby know, number of hobby, songs, poetries, etc. If you choose the really suitable platform, you will be able to control it in very simple way. A couple of clicks allow you to add the countdown on your website. For example, you can to set the time your baby need to read some child books or make some drawings and so on.

6. Create an events section

This very useful feature makes you enable to plan where you go with your baby today, tomorrow or in a week: zoo, circus, museum, Disneyland, city park to blow soap bubbles, etc. Then in the blog or article section, you can describe everything in a detailed way attaching beautiful pictures. It will be a fantastic story of your family. With time your kid, sure, will say you “Thank you dear mom, thank you dear dad, my website is very interesting and emotional!”


These 6easy steps will take not more than an hour of your time because you just have to choose the elements you need and click “Add”. The very intuitive customization options without a bit of programming code allow you to make everything as you like. For example, you can use the website builder SITE123 and create your website even on the smartphone when you are outside, when you stay in traffic, when you wait for somebody, when you walk the dog, etc.


Ready to create an amazing website for your baby?