How to Stop Coughing at Night? 11 Effective Home Remedies


Ginger, honey, cloves and the juice of cloves, black pepper tea, warm milk with honey, hot water brewed with honey, hot water steam, hot melted jaggery with a drop of ginger and hot milk.

Coughing starts when there is an accumulation of mucus and foreign particles in the respiratory tract. It happens to both adults and children. Mucus from the nasal tract and sinus can travel to the respiratory tract and trigger coughing at night in toddlers. Coughing mostly happens when the child or the adult is suffering from cold or even asthma. Coughing usually occurs in winters due to severe weather conditions and the person suffers from cold. It can also be caused by viruses and bacteria that enter the respiratory tract. At night it can be really irritating and painful for toddlers to handle coughing. Coughing can be treated by many over the counter medicines but the best cure can be the home remedies. Here are 11 home remedies to treat coughing in adults and toddlers;

11 Amazing Home Remedies to Stop Coughing at Night

coughing at night

Honey tea can be a great mix for curing coughing

Any herbal tea is great for curing all the ailments that our body suffers from. Tea is preferred by many people early in the morning it makes the throat feel warm. Herbal tea with honey can be used to cure the problem of coughing in toddlers. Honey is known to have medicinal properties which kill the bacteria and makes the throat free from coughs. Toddlers can be given honey tea to at night, this will give them some relief in the throat and it will stop the coughing at night.

Ginger can be a great cure to treat coughing in toddlers at night

Ginger is a great spice which has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce pain, swelling, and redness in the throat because of which there can be a great relief for the child. Ginger syrup can be made at home and given to the child in the form of a drink. It can give great relief to the throat and help in preventing coughing at night.

Cloves and the juice of cloves can be great medicine for curing coughing in toddlers

Cloves are also kind of spices which can give great relief when one is suffering from coughing. Toddlers can be given this in the mouth and told to savor it and take its juice slowly while it’s in the mouth. It can act as a toffee which kids keep in their mouth. For adults, it can be really a fast relief from throat infection and coughing. Clove has medicinal properties which help kill the bacteria and viruses which enter the respiratory tract and can be really harmful.


Black pepper tea can help one in getting relief from coughing at night

Black pepper is a great stimulator in starting cough flow. It can be a great help while treating coughing in both adults and children. Black pepper can be brewed along with honey to provide a mucus flow and help in fast relief. Honey is a mild antibiotic and a suppressant of a cough which helps in curbing both the generation and flow of a cough in the respiratory tract.

Warm milk with honey can also help in curbing coughing at night

Warm milk mixed with honey can be a good source of natural medicine. It is a great alternative for giving to children as it is sweet and good in taste. It can be a good way to cure the coughing. Most medicines are sour so it is a good alternative for those who cannot take medicines and have fear of side effects.

Basil can cook with hot water and little black pepper and ginger

This mixture is the best medicine one can take to stop coughing and pain in the throat. Basil helps in relieving sore throat and honey prevents the formation of a cough, and black pepper helps in pushing the mucus out of the body. Thus, these three spices are just the perfect match for treating throat and it prevents coughing. It can be a great help in helping children who are suffering from coughing at night.

Gargling with Hot water with some salt can be used to rinse the throat

Hot water and the salt mix can be a great home remedy for treating sore throat and coughing. Hot water warms the throat and reduces redness and inflammation. Salt helps in reducing infection, kill the bacteria and reduces a sore throat making one feel soothing in the throat.

Hot water brewed with honey

Hot water with honey can be a great help in treating sore throat and coughing. It is really good medicine for children as honey is good in taste and toddlers like to have it. Honey is a natural suppressant for a cough. Thus it stops its production and flow and relieves the throat of coughing and inflammation.

Hot water steam can be a good remedy for coughs and throat infection

Steam from hot water provides a great relief to the throat. This is because it helps in melting the cough which then easily melts and comes out. It also helps in treating blocked nose and clears the nasal passage. Hot water steam can make the toddler feel relieved as it will loosen all the tension in the body. If the child is suffering from a headache, steam will help in curing that also. While one suffers from a cough, cold and sore throat, fever is complimentary. In fever the child may feel chills and cold all the time, Thus providing the child with steam can be a great help as it will help in making the whole body warm.


Hot milk helps in curing throat infection and coughing

Milk is something the kids love to drink with chocolate supplements or without it. Hot milk with chocolate and flavoring supplements can be a great cure for coughing. Toddlers love to have hot milk but to cure coughing it has to be given without sugar. Hot milk helps in stimulating the cough flow and makes the throat feel warm because of which the person who is suffering from coughing can feel relieved. It is a great home remedy for children as they like to drink milk.

Hot melted jaggery with a drop of ginger

Ginger helps in relieving the throat from redness and swelling, it also reduces the infection in the throat. Jaggery is a natural sweetener it comes from the juice of sugarcane. Jaggery helps in treating cold and cough, it is also known to treat flu symptoms. Thus natural ingredients like jaggery and ginger can be a great help to fight cough and cold. It is also a good cure for toddlers as they will like the taste of jaggery because it is naturally very sweet.

Thus, warm water, steam, ginger, basil, jaggery, and even steam can help the throat from coughing and cold. These infections are common in children and adults mostly suffer from these in cold weather. These home remedies are a great help for the body as they don’t have any side effect and are surprisingly hundred percent effective most of the time. Thus one should take these remedies when suffering from cold and coughing. These remedies are also wonders for little toddlers and children who cough at night due to mucus and cold.


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