30 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy You Must Know About


Anticipating the arrival of a new born in your life? It promises to be the most exciting time and an experience itself. All your energy is focused on the ongoing or impending pregnancy, but some hiccups are expected on the route. Most of the issues you encounter in pregnancy are common to all women.

It is a natural occurrence that women are expected to face some problems during pregnancy. Some of them may be light to bear whereas others could seriously take a toll on the developing fetus. Several health issues are likely to spring up during pregnancy, which might land you in an awkard scenario as you cannot discuss with your close aids.

Yes, an expert opinion of a doctor is well deserved if complications get out of hand. In fact you should not hesitate to give them a buzz.

Hereby are a list of some common health problems experienced during pregnancy.

Common Health Problems During Pregnancy


An excess of blood flow could open a Pandora’s box during pregnancy. It could be ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or a mere stomach cramp.  The bottom line is any form of bleeding is dangerous during pregnancy.



This is common in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding or spotting is the first symptom, so get in touch with your doctor as soon as you notice it. An ultrasound will clear out any doubts. Health Problems During Pregnancy

Premature birth and labor

If recurring contractions cause the cervix to open and thin out, before 37 weeks , then premature delivery is expected. If a baby evolves before 37 weeks, then it is considered to be a premature delivery.


It occurs in pregnant women when high protein or blood sugar levels are found in  urine. Pregnant women start contracting mild symptoms once their due date approaches. It could spread pretty quickly and lead to fatal consequences if not addressed early.


To support a developing baby, an amniotic sac is incorporated with fluids. When the fluid levels deplete, it leads to Oliogohydramnios. If it happens towards the fag end of pregnancy , then labor might be induced .

Ectopic pregnancy

An early detection of pregnancy is the key as embryo( growing) could breach the fallopian tube and internal bleeding may arise. If an ectopic pregnancy occurs, the only resort is to terminate the pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes

It is a serious and common condition where pregnant women  need to get their glucose levels screened between 22 to 27 weeks. If you are a victim of this type of diabetes then you need to be under the able supervision of your health care provider.


Placenta previa

This means that the placenta is at a lower level in comparison to the uterus. This is not a major problem , but if it continues to be low as the pregnancy progresses then it is going to spell trouble.

Baby becomes less active

Suddenly you may notice that your baby has less energy. To figure out eat something cold and then lie on the side. Try to find out whether the baby is moving or not. A precise indictor in this regard is that 10 kicks  in a couple of hours.

In third trimester contractions happening early

Contractions point to preterm labor. Seldom first time mothers are not able to distinguish between real and false labor. The regular ones occur at 10 minute intervals.

Flu symptoms

It is suggested that pregnant women  take flu vaccines as they are prone to fall sick. If you have flu do not head to the hospital as it could spread among other women.

Water breaks

Pregnant women find it difficult to differentiate between urine and a rupture of the membranes. If you have doubts, go to the bathroom and empty your bladder. If the flow of water is persistent, then water bag has broken.

Zika virus

Is a mosquito oriented disease like chikungunya or dengue fever. It does leave a mark on pregnant ladies and babies. It is dependent on the area where you reside.


Vomiting and nausea

Nausea is pretty common during pregnancy. If it is at alarming levels, then it is a cause of concern. You would need to be dehydrated or changes in diet may be suggested as well.

Power nap

Pregnancy is a time period where hormonal changes tend to take the better of you. A lady is mentally exhausted and shortage of sleep is witnessed. If possible have a power nap during the day.


This is an awkard problem that you may feel shy to discuss with anyone. A tendancy of flautence is observed at an increased level during the phase of pregnancy. The problem arises due to slow digestion.


During pregnancy women are prone to high fever with bouts of cough. The key is to have a balanced diet once you are pregnant . It would be prudent to avail the services of a nutrionist who will guide you at this crucial juncture.

Keep your weight in check

At every prenantal check up your medical practioner will ensure that your weight is in the healthy bracket. A pregnancy home tool( weight gain) is also expected to keep weight levels in control. Some amount of weight gain is on the expected lines.


Is a common occurrence during the starting phase of pregnancy? The precise reason for a headache cannot be figured out, but it could be due to hormonal changes. When their levels stabilize headache ceases to a negligible level. Opt for relaxation or yoga tecniques that will keep stress levels at bay.


Abdominal pain

A stretch in your abdomen is noticed during second trimester of pregnancy. This pain could also arise due to bloating, gas or constipation. Do avoid fruits or vegetables that cause gas.

Skin colour changes

A brown or yellowish colour around the cheeks or nose is common during pregnancy. It could spread to other parts of the body as well. All these stretch marks go after delivery, but you can work on ways to reduce them before delivery.


Urethra becomes dislocated in the first trimester of pregnancy. Once the baby puts pressure on the head it could stretch as well. In such a situation you should not lose sleep if urine is wobbling.

Uncontrolled urination

Some pregnant women experience symptoms of uncontrolled urination when they are coughing or laughing. It could be passed off as a problem and there is nothing to worry. Do seek an expert guidance of a doctor.

Bad odor

Physiological impact of the hormones during pregnancy contributes to bad odor. It is a common  occurrence and no need to feel bad about it. To a lot of women it may seem awkward, but no need to feel shy.


Could arise due to varied reasons. The muscles have to bear an extra weight where they become exhausted. An increase in size of the uterus also puts added stress on your back muscles.



Due to hormonal changes the process of digestion takes a major blow whereby intestines function in a slow manner. Food passes through the body in a slow manner and piles up accumulation of waste. Iron supplements also contribute to constipation. To avoid it include liquids as part of your diet.


Pregnant women experience heartburn and most times it is not a grave concern. A burning sensation is experienced from your throat to the breastbone. The more the size of a baby increases more space is being occupied by abdominal cavity and this too causes heartburns.

High blood pressure

Once you think , it should not surprise you. During pregnancy, body works overtime to pump blood to all organs of the body. This means that it does 2 to 3 times of work as it normally does. Normal risks are an intergral part of high blood pressure.

Kidney and liver problems

Any weakness in liver or kidney would have negative connotations on the fetus. All the fluids between the baby and the mother is shared.

Dental problems

If you want to keep dental problems at bay then do practice good oral hygiene. Habits like brushing your teeth a couple of times in a day and a balanced diet are the key. Routine dental checks could be undertaken during pregnancy as well.

During the 9 months of pregnancy,  a lot of changes are expected in your body and chances of feeling uncomfortable are evident. Though most problems may be common, but watch out for the fact that each pregnancy is indeed unique. What could be normal for someone might be a medical issue for the other. Some issues could be positive, for others rub of the green may not go your way and others totally an unknown proposition.


It might seem that most of the problems could be familiar before pregnancy, though you may find it aggravated.

To all the mothers, have you faced all of the above mentioned problems!