6 Ways To Combat Stress Among Teenagers/Young Adults


Teenagers these days face a lot of academic and societal pressures and the need to excel in their everyday lives due to peer pressure as well. All of these lead to stress which may be emotional, behavioural and cognitive. Teenagers may experience stress due to various reasons, it may be the pressure to complete a school project, excel in upcoming exams or any dating issues.

stress among teenagers

Whatever may be the reason , adolescence is the phase where teenagers struggle to find their own individuality, unique identity and all of these can make them experience chaos and confusion leading to an inner turmoil which eventually leads to stress. There are ways to combat stress among teenagers /young adults and some of them are as follows:

6 Ways to Help Your Teen To Cope With Stress

Learn Time Management

Practicing good time management is the key to save yourself from last minute pressure of any on going task you have at hand. When you learn time management and prioritizing the most important tasks first, it can save you from unwanted stress that comes with an approaching deadlines. You can start with a planner in which you can write your assignments, exams, to do lists and the time period of when to finish it.

Writing down your tasks helps in gaining clarity of what’s important and saves you from unnecessary stress that comes with procrastination and poor time management. One can get a weekly planner or daily planner which helps them in keeping track of upcoming events. Also checking off tasks from your to do list gives a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel good about your productive day or week.

Get Good Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one the contributing factors that lead to stress and anxiety. Teenagers must get 9 hours of sleep every night in order to function properly. Most schools start in the morning and staying late up at night and not getting enough sleep leads to less concentration, tiredness, stress and anxiety. Go to bed early every night and form a routine which works in your favour. Practice meditation or reading before going to bed.


It is best to avoid using electronics or drinking coffee before your bedtime. Start by sleeping 15 mins earlier you do everyday and then gradually move the time earlier. Restfulness of the whole night without any disturbance can help teenagers in getting sound sleep which will combat stress and keep them healthy and in a happy state of mind.

Move Your Body Everyday

Exercise releases chemicals which make us feel happy and in a good mood. Working out and exercising everyday is a great way to keep yourself fit and combat stress at the same time. Moving your body everyday is a proven stress relief method. It could be Dancing, Zumba or aerobics or a light cardio workout but making time for exercise will always reap you benefits.

If you don’t have much time to contribute towards exercise, you can always do them quickly in between breaks or you can have a light walk after lunch and dinner. Participating in sports in school is also a great way to build your physical health and keep your body in shape. Exercise not only makes your body healthy but also it trains your mind.

Spend Time With Your Friends

Among the never ending routine and studies, spending time with your friends helps teenagers to rejunuvate and feel less stressed out. Engaging and associating regularly with friends who make you feel happy can help you combat stress. It could be a fun movie night or a day out in beach once a week. Sometimes, all you need is a little fun with your friends who love you and support you.

Journal Your Thoughts

When you write down your worries, it helps your brain to relax and you can reflect upon the reasons of your worry and the way you can sort your problems out. Keeping a journal where you can jot down your thoughts helps you in gaining perspective of your situation.

Another benefit of journalling is you can also write happy positive thoughts and reflect upon it. Gratitude journal can help you in seeing the nice things in your life for which you’re thankful for and keeps your focus away from thoughts that keep you stressed.


Practice Yoga

Yoga helps to combat stress among individuals of all age. Whether it is your homework or the stress of an ongoing fight with your friends, yoga can always calm you down. It does not matter if you’re an athlete or in good shape already. Yoga can be done by everyone and it benefits all.

Find online videos which will help you relax and destress. You can do yoga early in the mornings or evenings, whenever you might like it. It helps people to feel calm and composed. Going at your own pace will help you in getting to know your body and heart well. Yoga not only combats stress but also gives increased flexibility, strength and a healthy heart health.


Apart from these methods mentioned above for teenagers, there are other ways which can help you to combat stress like Running, cooking, singing, dancing , drawing and spending time with your pets. Occasionally getting out in the sun can also help you feel rejuvenated and active.

You can choose from any hobbies you have which help you feel calm and gain a new perspective in your life. However, if you’re still stressed and unsure about your situation it is wise that you talk to an adult or a professional so that they can help you combat your stress and anxiety levels effectively.