11 Best and Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


Candy jar, chocolate box, muffins and cookies, apparel, superhero merchandise, board games, play doh and slime, art and craft kit, puzzles, comic books and keyboard and guitars are some of the best and budget friendly christmas gift ideas for kids.

The festival season is here and we are all eager to celebrate Christmas and New Year with our loved ones. The season calls for a bucket load of fun and family time; a much needed break to recreate and rejuvenate and break yourself free from the mundane and monotonous schedule of your everyday life. We are all super excited to be with our families and friends.

The festivities abound in celebrating, loving and giving and so we also have to think of innovative presents to light up their faces with a smile. If you are one of the ‘last minute managers’ like me, we have reduced your burden by making a list of most affordable last minute Christmas gifts that shall surely make your child happy.

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11 Best Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

christmas gift ideas for kids

Candy Jar

Honestly, food is the one thing that can always brighten up a droopy face and make a happy one even happier. Kids all around the world love eating candies and never get bored of them; and the availability of so many varieties and flavors only makes it better. So, if you are looking for ways to make your kid with a sweet tooth happy without spending too much on their Christmas present, candies should top your list.


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Chocolate Box

A basket full of chocolates of different kinds makes for a wonderful gift. Include numerous gourmet chocolates, and various white and dark chocolate bars and present your child with a delicious gift hamper this christmas.

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Muffins and Cookies

A jar or basket full of cookies and muffins brought from the best bakery in town that your kid absolutely loves, will be the most delightful christmas surprise. If you happen to be a nice cook and your kid is fond of your baking skills, you can gift him/her an assorted collection of cookies and muffins made by you.

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In most countries across the world this time of the year is cold and to combat the cold-weather you need a few apparel items that are trendy and keep away the cold. Kids are always looking for quirky and fun things to wear. Inexpensive and really cool clothing items that you can buy at low prices include mittens, gloves, caps, scarves, socks that shall make for really nice Christmas surprises.


Superhero Merchandise

If your child is a gamer and loves watching different superhero series, you are sure to please him/her by surprising them with merchandise related to their favorite superhero character, such as key chains, t-shirt, backpacks, caps etc. You can also give them movie VCD of their favorite character.

Board Games

While kids these days are in a constantly growing proximity with electronics and technology; you can go old-school and give your child games he/she can play with. A number of cheap and interesting games are available in the market like jenga, ludo, snake and ladder, that are sure to catch your kids attention and make him/her happy.

Play Doh and Slime

A variety of different clay and play doh are sold in the market that really interest kids. Your child can play and also learn to shape various things. Play doh sets come with little tools that help kids easily make different objects. Slime is another really fun; it is a slimy and thick liquid that kids love to play with.

Art and Craft Kit

Gifts such as these are extremely innovative and unleash the creativity of your kid. Art and craft kits of various types are fun to use and also involve a lot of thinking and imagining that enhance your kids mental development.


These days the market is full of innumerable science word and simple puzzle games. While these games help your child’s mental growth, they are an amazing time-pass as well. For word nerds you can choose games such as scrabble, bananagrams, and appletters. Space explorers, math master for science geeks and other normal puzzles available for kids who are eager and inquisitive such as jigsaw, floor-puzzles, cube-puzzles etc.

Comic Books

The world of fiction is the most wonderful world to get lost in. Let your child revel in the heroic descriptions of batman and superman, laugh through the incidents of archie, and read fascinatingly the action comics. Comic books will be a wonderful change from the video games that kids are used to playing and will make your child imaginative and curious.


Keyboard and Guitars

Kids are interested in a number of activities. If your kids like music and their activities range from listening to music and acting like a rock star. The cheapest gifts you can buy them this Christmas that will make them happy are electronic keyboards and guitars. You can observe your child and analyze. If your kid actually likes the instrument you might have just given a boost to your child’s talent.

We hope that the aforementioned list will be beneficial for people who are looking for budget friendly ways to make this Christmas happy and joyous for their kids. Have a great holiday and celebrate the festival cocooned in the warmth and love of your family. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!