21 Best Gift Ideas for A Child’s Naamkaran Ceremony


Gifts are seldom said to be a window to our feelings. A nice and appropriate gift as per the occasion is bound to leave a long lasting impression on the receiver. Baby showers and Naamkaran ceremony is a must to have ritual in every family as a token of love and blessing to the mother and the child. A useful gift for a new born not only aids the parents by reducing their shopping responsibility but also ensures that the child will get all the comforts they desire. You may be a close relative or a friend a little thought and effort before the purchase is always recommended. Here is a list of not only useful but unique gift items for now born infants.

Naamkaran: 21 Simple and Unique Gift Ideas for A Newborn

Best Gift Ideas for A Child’s Naamkaran Ceremony


Johnson baby set

Johnson baby is an all-round trusted brand by all parents for their young ones. New born babies have a much sensitive and softer skin in comparison to adults. They need daily massage by mothers for healthy muscle growth and specialized shampoo that does not harm the eyes. This set is a must for all parents and therefore a good gifting item available at all stores as well as online companies. It contains vital oils, cream and baby shampoos designed especially for kids.

Body suits

With the development of designs and easy availability, personalized baby suits are a handy option for gifting. The cloth should be soft cotton and can be customized according to the sex of the baby. Body suits that generally read “daddy’s princess” or “mommy’s prince” are the most popular designer items today.


Pacifiers are a must to keep the child calm and occupied. The constant suckling not only helps them sleep at times but also improves the grip of their jaw to uphold different items.


Baby blankets is a good gifting item produced by different companies. As children are extremely sensitive to touch the buyer must make sure that the material is soft and not rough.


Car seat

Car seats are a must for the safety of children. They are prescribed by all doctors so that the child is safe from any form of injury in case of bumpy rides or unfortunate accidents.


Baby strollers and prams reduce the effort s of the mother and makes daily walking easy. The prams securely bind the child but also give rest to the parents.

Baby bath tub

Babies cannot be showered in normal adult bath tubs as they cannot uphold their body, increasing the chances of injuries. Special and compact baby bath tubs are required in every household. Though generally parents buy it but close relatives can buy the same for the young one.

Towel set

Towel sets are now available in specially designed baby suit. They instantly dry the children reducing the risk of cold and rashes.

Mini diaper set

Diapers though may seem awkward to be presented as gifts but ask any parents how much they are in demand. Now diapers are accessible in special bags so that they are easy for storage as well.

Utility bag

utility bag is a multi-purpose bag that all mothers need. it is like a personal store house for young mothers to keep all that they need while going outside the house with kids.


 Memory album

some parent love to keep records of their child since birth through photos. so photo album is a good option for friends to gift the child.

Soft toys

soft toys help the child keep calm as they feel the presence of another near them while sleeping. teddy bears and dog toys are generally much in demand for young children.

Baby head supporter pillow

babies cannot support their head on their own. they need constant support of their parents and in their absence these head supporting pillows are useful.

New born mittens

mittens are small baby gloves that prevent any scratch or rashes to the young ones. as the children have sensitive skin they need outer assistance to keep them safe.

Bouncer baby rocking chair

these are special rocking chair that help the baby have a peaceful sleep. constant rocking may tire out the parents especially working parents.

Plush pillow

some parents support and put their children to sleep on plush pillows. they are extremely soft and do not allow the child to topple down. it is an easy gifting option well-liked by parents.


Baby caps

in cold countries proper protection is a must for kids. caps are the first step to a happy and warm child. soft woollen cap not only protects the child but also prevents direct contact with the polluted environment.

Baby rattle toys

rattle toys are a must for all babies and are generally tied over their cribs to keep the child entertained. it is a suitable gift for all kids and is available at every store.

Burping bibs

as all doctor’s advice that the child must be burped after every feed, burping bibs are a new trendy gift item for young kids. it helps avoid stains on the parent or visitors clothes when the child may accidentally vomit while burping.

Soft music records

It is a proven fact that children feel at peace when they have a soft musical background in the room and are restless when left alone. It is extremely difficult for parents to be present 24*7 with their kids’ therefore musical records or rhymes is a good gift item.

Bottle set

At times due to some problem the mothers fail to breast feed their children and need the help of bottles. While going on long trips also bottles are alternative options for parents to store mother feed. Therefore a good and beautiful bottle set is a relevant gifting option for new born.