5 Ways to Reduce Obesity Risk in Children


Obesity is a lifestyle disease. It’s not a infectious disease to be cured by antibiotics, it’s a disease that can only be avoided by healthy habits. Kids are the ones who are the most infected by these lifestyle diseases. So, they need to be giver proper care since childhood. Children don’t need anything in excess nor they can afford less amount of nutrition.So, balancing everything well is the ultimate key to avoiding obesity. Simply, balance the amount of calories the body of your kid needs and the amount of calories you give him. Moreover, one must not put their kids on dieting without the consultation of doctor. Dieting is no way a cure for overweight and obese children.

Obesity Risk in Children:  5 Ways You Can Help Prevent Obesity in Children

Ways to Reduce Obesity Risk in Children

So,Here are some of the tips to avoid obesity in children. Hope, they are helpful!

Breastfeed your baby for at least 12 months

It’s said that for the proper growth of a baby it needs lots of care and good nutrition Well, the truth is it needs it’s mother more than anything. The nutrition that is provided by the breast milk of a mother is all that a baby needs for it’s complete growth. The breast milk not only gives it good nutrition but provides it immunity from many kind if diseases. So, breastfeeding your baby for at least 12 months is very important for its health. Even the duration for which a child is breastfed is important. Unnecessary intake of highly nutritional food at an early age may lead to increased risk of obesity in babies.So, make sure you breastfeed your little one for maximum time you can. This is the best way to restrict obesity him kids. Mother’s love is a blessing and mother’s milk a boon for little kids.


Limit the intake of junk food like snacks, chips and soft drinks

Junk food has ended up as one of the main reasons for obesity in children. So, once you start  giving your little one solid food. Make sure it is healthy for them. Junk food is just not the good choice for kids. They may seem tasty, but they are equally unhealthy. Excess of nutrient rich food is also not good. Children just need to be given the right amount of food  their body requires at that point of time. Children have a tiny stomach, so make sure you give your little one food at short intervals but little by little. Moreover, children are very good at adapting how much food to expect, so once you feed them more, they will start expecting that much amount of food. So, the situation of obesity arises when your kid eats more than his body actually requires. Moreover, focus on giving your kid more of water and less of soft drinks and juices. They increase the calorie content of the body and provide less nutrition. So, junk food is just a waste of money and an invitation to obesity in kids.

Keep your baby active and increase ‘tummy time

Well, if you want your little one to grow into a fit and fine child. It’s a suggestion by many doctors that, let your kid explore his abilities and the world around him. Yes, in order to develop good competent motor skills in your kid, let him find his strength and his discover his environment. When you put your baby on the floor and he continuously tries to get up and scrawl and reach to the object around him, you are actually helping him improve his muscles and develop strength. The tummy time should start from a few months only and the time period must keep increasing.  These movements strengthen the body of the kid especially the back. Later on this helps in core stability and good body balance.  Above all, the calories taken in by the baby must be utilised at least somewhere.Or Else, it will lead to conditions like obesity, which is indeed not a good possession at such a small age.

Make their favourite dishes healthier

Ah, yummy food leads to a healthy tummy. As your kid grows up, he needs the proper nutrition according to his age. But kids make their parents go nutty for feeding them. They will just make you run around the house for every spoon of healthy food you feed them. So, try to add some twist in the food along with your love and care. Add some flavours and veggies and make their favourite food healthy. Well, it’s not easy, but it’s the best way you can help them grow healthier. Moreover, don’t let them have the habit of eating outside. Whatever they want, just let them eat it but make sure it’s homemade. Once, it’s homemade, it’s extremely safe and you can always use some less oil and more healthy stuff in the dish. This will protect your kid from gathering extra junk and calories in their body and provide them better nutrition.

Reduce sedentary time

Well, believe it or not, even if you are giving you kid the best of nutrition, being sedentary can be the cause of his turning out become obese. So, don’t keep your kid secure in your home. Let him come out and play. Let him discover his strengths and make his muscles and bones stronger. Nowadays, kids have become more loyal to the television, than their body. They spend lots of time watching television. Doctors have strictly prohibited the. Need of more than 2 hours of television for kids. Children should at least carry out physical activities for 60 minutes. So, avoid sedentary time for your kids, let them run, let them toil and build health for themselves.


Well that’s the secret of gifting your little one with good health and healthy growth and save them from lifestyle diseases like obesity.Obesity is not a disease meant for cure, it’s disease to be avoided.What more, as parents you need to become the role model for them. Eat healthy, feed healthy, exercise and rejoice good health. Happy parenting!

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!