11 Health Benefits of Soaked Almonds in Your Child’s Diet


Soaked almonds are good for brain, controls cholesterol, prevents diabetes, good for bone health, boosts immunity, rich in fibre, great for skin,prevents cancer, promotes digestion and strengthens immune system.

Almonds are extremely healthy. You can let your child eat them as they are, or you can leave them in the water overnight and ask them to eat the next day. Almonds are rich in proteins, Vitamin E, magnesium, fibres and essential amino acids. They contain lots of vitamins and other elements we need to be beautiful and healthy.

Soaking almond in water overnight will remove the outer-skin of almonds that contains tannins, a substance which will inhibit the nutrients in the almond to be absorbed by the body more easily and also make the almonds easier to be chewed. This is what happens to your child’s body if he will consume soaked almonds every morning before breakfast.

11 Surprising Benefits of Almonds for Kids

soaked almonds

Good for the brain

Almonds contain various nutrients that help the health and development of your baby’s brain. Eating almonds will also promote your baby’s intelligence levels. Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine that will help increase your baby’s brain activity. These will also prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease in later years.

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Controls cholesterol

This benefit may not help your baby right now, but eating almonds will help keep cholesterol levels in check as he grows. Avoid salted or sugar-coated almonds.

Prevents diabetes

Eating almonds prevents the occurrence of diabetes in later years. Among nuts, almonds are the richest in nutrients and contain the highest amount of Vitamin E. Eating almonds can prevent diabetes as they have a low glycemic index.

Strong and healthy bones

Almonds are full of phosphorus that is ideal to bolster teeth and bones especially during those growing years. The great news is the fact that almonds also provide medicinal qualities to safeguard children from problems with brittle bones as they get older.

Boosts immunity

The alkali content of almonds supplies a boost for growing your child’s immunity. They play a huge role in being an antioxidant eliminating all of the dangerous radicals inside your child’s body consequently preventing your son or daughter from falling sick frequently.

Offers an excellent energy boost

Also wealthy in copper and manganese aside from Riboflavin pointed out above, almonds happen to be recognized to behave as a great energy booster for your kids helping their system to keep a commendable metabolism.

Wealthy in fibre

Almonds will also be wealthy in fibre that makes it a perfect medicine for kids who are suffering from constipation. Just make sure you give a few almonds to your child every day and you’ll surely look for a difference because they assist to normalize bowel motions supplying relief to constipation.


Great for skin

Almond oil is extremely suggested for newborn babies to help keep all sorts of skin issues away. They help make your child’s skin smooth and supple and combat dry skin issues.

Prevent stroke

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced, which deprives your brain of oxygen and nutrients. Overnight soaked almonds can help to reduce the risk of stroke by keeping the arteries healthy and maintaining normal blood pressure. High blood-pressure and blocked-arteries are the leading cause of stroke that may result in paralyzed body and disabilities.

Strengthens immune system

According to a study, overnight almonds may have the prebiotic effect that can boost immune-system. Prebiotic is known as nutrients of non-digestible food that can improve the growth of good bacteria in the human gut. As we know that human gut or gastrointestinal tract play important role in the disease prevention and it provides 80% immunity factors.

Prevents from cancer

Vitamin-E found in almonds are a strong and powerful antioxidant which can prevent the body from the free-radicals effect that is the leading cause of oxidative stress and cancer development. Free-radicals can damage the DNA of cell and weakens the immune system which leads to abnormal cell growth. Almonds’ anti-cancer properties helps overcome abnormal cell growth.

Other benefits of soaked almonds for kids include:

Improve kid’s intelligence

Known as brain-tonic, overnight soaked almonds are best for children. Eating 4 – 6 pieces of almonds every day can increase kid’s memory and help to build their cognitive functions.

Promotes healthy digestion

Soaked-almonds contain some amount of fibre that is good for the digestive system. Fibre can make the bowel move easier and make the intestine to absorb more nutrients from food. Soaked almonds also improve the number of good-bacteria in large intestines that help in the defecation-process.


Boosts brain development

Almonds will also be packed with L Carnitine and Riboflavin which are the most significant nutrients that promote brain development. They’re also considered to be great for your central nervous system and are also shown to be very efficient in averting the chance of Alzheimer’s as you mature.

Almonds are rich in quality protein, vitamin E, magnesium, fibre and many essential amino acids. Your child can also get copper, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and healthy fats from almonds. However, as almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats and calories, you should not over-eat them.

What is the best way to eat almonds?

Almonds are nutritionally packed and should be taken regularly for maximum benefit. They are rich in healthy fats, protein, fibre, minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium etc. However, to ensure that these nutrients are absorbed properly we have to take them in the soaked form overnight for about 8 to 12 hours, as they contain a compound called as tannins which are inhibitors, which inhibit the nutrient absorption. Apart from this, when the almonds are soaked they release an enzyme called as lipase, which helps in the digestion of fats, thereby resulting in a better digestion.

Soaked almonds help in regulating blood pressure, diabetes and also helps in reducing your cholesterol levels. They are also rich in insoluble fibres. Thereby helps in preventing constipation. Also, their folic acid level helps in maintaining a better nervous system and when consumed during pregnancy, helps in the good development of the fetus. Hence soaked almonds are much higher in terms of nutrient availability.

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