13 Powerful Ways to Get Rid of Tobacco Addiction


Tobacco is very addictive, and who better know this than people who are addicted to tobacco in its any form. It is quite tough to get over the habit once it is taken up! Chewing tobacco is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. If anyone chews tobacco for about 10 times a day, it is almost equal to smoking 30 to 40 cigarettes!

It is must to get rid of this self harming addiction.

Why is it important to get rid of it?

Tobacco contains nicotine and nicotine is addictive. it changes the way you think and act or behave. If you are addicted to tobacco, you will crave for it. The more you use nicotine, the harder it will be get rid of it .Tobacco use has certain short-term and long-term effects on your health. Short-term effects like:

  • bad breath
  • mouth sores
  • receding gums
  • teeth staining
  • tooth decay

And long term effects like;

Heart disease, cardiac arrest, and other similar conditions can be caused by nicotine addiction. Decreased athletic ability of people can cause them to be at high risk for diabetes, even if it doesn’t run in your family.

One of the prime effects of chewing tobacco includes the risk for several different kinds of cancers, mainly oral cancers.


These cancers can affect all parts of the mouth, gums, throat, larynx, pancreas and stomach, among others. The digestive system can be at high risk of developing cancer when chewing tobacco is involved; the longer the person uses tobacco the severe the condition gets.

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Leukoplakia; a condition characterized by formation of lesions or open sores in the mouth. This condition is caused by chewing tobacco for a long time, and it becomes more severe. In some cases, the sores may become holes in the mouth, and the skin of the cheeks may dissolve up completely.

The sores can also appear on the tongue or gum, causing extreme pain during eating, brushing of teeth and talking.

People who use chewing tobacco usually let the wad to sit on the inside of their cheek. If it is the same spot every time, it will become a problem area, developing severe sores and making it very difficult to use that part of the mouth.

The treatments for these mouth problems usually involve replacing parts of the mouth or throat with false parts. Long term tobacco use may create a hole in the throat, which will make it impossible for the user to speak clearly. This hole can be fitted with a speaking system which allows the user to be able to speak just little bit.


But major organs when affected cannot be replaced by the false parts.

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Chewing Tobacco: 13 Remedies to Get Rid of Tobacco Addiction

chewing tobacco

Here we have listed 13 remedies which will help you get rid of this addiction.

Pick a Date

 It is important to keep an account if you are serious about quitting tobacco. Fixing a final date when you will surely quit tobacco is important. Don’t make excuses since that will just drag you more deep into that addiction.

Avoid Triggers

There may be many triggers for you to smoke or chew tobacco, such as going out in certain places, or with certain group. For the beginning of this plan of quitting, do your best to avoid these triggers, as they will only drag you back into that habit.


Meditate and calm yourself

 Some people have found success in quitting tobacco with the help of meditation and yoga. This can help reduce withdrawal symptoms and keep you mind and body calm.

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Chewing Gum

Tobacco addiction can often be fixed by chewing something like a gum and the lack of something to chew on or put in your mouth may make quitting tobacco much difficult. Chewing gum (or nicotine gum) whenever the craving for a cigarette arises can help you fight the temptation.


Physical activity is difficult for chain smokers and people who chew tobacco as their stamina is low, so after quitting tobacco, set up a workout routine. You will initially be struggling, as the damage to your lungs and body may be severe after years of smoking.  But will eventually come up.


Stop Buying tobacco

If you refuse to buy any more packs it will eventually help you quit! It will save money plus more importantly your life.

Saving Money

Cigarettes are quite expensive in some parts of the world, if you buy a pack a day; collect the cost of each pack in a glass jar where you will see it every day. Saving that money will be a motivating factor for you.

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Fatigue can take down your willpower and make it easier to get back into bad habits. Try getting a proper amount of sleep, as your body will feel rested, and the thought of a taking tobacco will hopefully not be there.

Hydrate your body

 It is important to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your energy levels up when you are trying to quit tobacco. Your body will be undergoing certain physiological changes after you quit, so drink enough water, and promote the process. You also want to feel the positive change in you.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude towards your decision is important for quitting tobacco permanently. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and how close are you to your aim. Maintain a positive attitude and remember all the benefits of not smoking to keep you on the track.


Alcohol and Caffeine, common triggers

The most common triggers for chewing tobacco or smoking are alcohol and caffeine; If you feel like these triggers will take you back to the addiction, try to cut back on these habits, at least for the first few months after eliminating tobacco.

Replacement therapy

There are many tobacco replacement therapy options you can try.  These include patches, gum, nasal sprays and certain medications which are more effective.

Take help from family and friends

Look for external support from people who have gone through this process and your friends and family can help you with dealing this. Talk to the doctors and ask them how to curb the urge and how to deal with the physical changes positively. You could also go to a therapist as they can help you in a better way.

Write down the good aspects of leaving tobacco. Lead yourself to a healthier lifestyle; write about all the good things that will happen with one small step that you are planning to take. The positive changes in your life are much more joyous than enjoying the taste of tobacco.

At last, someone once said “if you can win over your mind, then you can win over the whole world”, it is all about your will power that will help you get your goal.

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