Chanting Mantra During Pregnancy: Does it Impact the Unborn Baby?


Mantras are the core of our Vedic Indian society and culture. They have always been a refuge for people from all the stress of the world and provided man with peace and calmness. In the rush of our lives these mantras provide stability to the mind. It’s generally a part of a yoga therapy. Pregnancy is a time when a woman is advised to stay happy, stress free and healthy.  Chanting mantras on a daily basis can simply provide you with all these benefits.

Pregnancy can also be a time of emotional upheaval for a woman. Whatever she thinks and does it directly affects the baby. Since,she gets involved in the rush of her life, the basic need for the baby in her womb may get neglected at times. Women should keep this in mind that any emotional upheaval in their life releases chemicals in the brain which effects the baby as well. Taking lots of stress can make your child prone to stress related problems in their life. So, it becomes mandatory for the pregnant women to calm down and relax. Chanting mantra and meditation can be of great help. It provides harmony to the little one growing in the womb. Just like healthy food and proper rest is important for a pregnant women, so is relaxing and generating positive energy around. This positive energy comes from chanting mantras and some exercises.

From the twentieth week of gestation period itself babies begin to sense sound and by the twenty-seventh week they start reacting and differentiating between the different kind of sound. The chanting of mantras by the mother – to – be is like a song of peace and love to the baby, which calms it and makes it happy. The Omkar mantra and the gayatri mantra are considered to be the best way to calm down all our stress and remain relaxed. They have innumerable benefits for pregnant women. Some of them are as follows:

Chanting Mantra: Importance of Gayatri Mantra to Pregnant Woman

Chanting Mantra During Pregnancy

Reduces anxiety and depression

Work stress and emotional upheaval during pregnancy leads to anxiety and depression which can be reduced by chanting mantras. By combining, sound, rhyme, rhythm and breath mantras channelise the flow of energy in the body which leads to abatement of all negative thoughts and feelings.

Soothing nature

Mantras provide us with a clam body and soul. It wipes out worries and makes us happy and content at the end. Thus, it soothes the body and mind.


Instills love and compassion

Mantras generate so much of positive energy into the body of the mother that they are filled with so much of love and compassion which is atlast passed on to the baby as well.

Boosts immunity

During pregnancy women have a little weak immunity, this is why doctors recommend them to take proper care of themselves and eat healthy food. Well, chanting mantras can help to boost immunity of the mother. Thus, protecting her from any kind of disease that may have occurred otherwise.

Instills good thoughts

Since, it provides positive energy to the body and soul. It wipes of all the negative thoughts and makes you feel good and positive.

Among all the mantras that are a part of our heritage. The Omkar is the supreme mantra. The Gayatri mantra is also very powerful and beneficial. Let’s look into the benefits they provide to the mother and the baby in the womb.

The eternal mantra Of ‘Omkar

The power of this single word ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ is far more than we can imagine. It comprises of all the sounds that exist in our universe. Every word that we know, speak or that exists has derived its origin from this single syllable of omkar.  When considered deeply, AUM is diversified as threefold division of time. ‘A’ stands for the conscious or the awake state. ‘U’ is the state of dreaming and ‘M’ is considered to be the state of deep sleep.

Let’s dive into the benefits of chanting ‘omkar’ mantra for pregnant women.

  • It alleviates stress of the would be mother.
  • Since, the baby recognises and adapts to his mother’s voice more frequently and it’s the most favourite voice for the baby. The calming voice of the mother while chanting mantras provides a soothing effect to the baby
  • The vibrations produced by chanting the sacred Omkar mantra produces positive energy around the mother to be and the baby in the womb. This surrounds the baby with positive energy and helps to create a happy and peaceful environment around it which ultimately leads to it’s healthy growth.
  • Chanting Omkar mantra daily reduces the blood pressure which generally increases in the pregnant women. Thus, promoting proper heart functioning.
  • Since the mantra provides you with calmness, it helps you to get a sound sleep as well.

The sacred gayatri mantra

The Gayatri mantra is the mother of the vedas. It invokes in us intellect and peace. Chanting this mantra will help you nurture a your unborn baby as a genius with good qualities and ideal nature. The sacred mantra goes as follows:


Chant this mantra properly with correct pronunciation orelse it may have many negative effects as well.

Chanting these mantras is simply the best therapy for a happy and healthy life. Many people chant mantra as a part of yoga therapy. The Omkar mantra is a vital part of many yoga asanas and meditation as well. Pregnant women are strongly advised to do yoga daily. If they start chanting mantras on a daily basis they can grab the grasp its benefits as well.

Since, Mothers are blessed with the supreme power to give birth to life, they can also mould the nature of the baby they give birth to. Staying calm  and creating positive energy around oneself by chanting mantras will simply help you give birth to a baby who is calm, composed, happy and healthy. If you are wise enough, you will never neglect the benefits of chanting mantras and include them in your routine. Happy parenting!

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