Buying Kids Glasses: 11 Things Every Parent Should Consider


When it comes to your kid, you always look for the best.  Due to certain lifestyle problem, some children fall in need of a pair of glasses for themselves. So, if you are a parent who is looking for the best pair of glasses for your child, just walking into an optical store may not help out. So, here is a list of things you must consider in your search for the best kids glasses.

11 Tips for Buying Kids Glasses

kids glasses

Lens thickness

Well, if you notice that your kids need glasses now. Do make it a point to get a prescription first. Without prescription you won’t be able to choose the right lens. If the power is high, the lens needs to be thicker and the frame according to it. Smaller lenses have less high-order aberrations near the edge of the lens as compared to larger lens of similar material and prescription. So, the risks of distorted or blurred vision are really less.

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Choosing the frame

Well, once the doctor’s prescription is ready, just go to the shop and find a perfect frame. Thick lenses cannot have heavy frames as it can make the glasses heavy and uncomfortable. As a rule of thumb, thick lenses need to be fixed in a light frame only. Also, let’s not forget about the less high- order aberrations at the edge of small lenses as compared to larger ones.

Material of lens

Along with the thinness and thickness of the lens that you buy, you also need to focus on the material of the lens. The material you choose should be such that it not only helps your child to get a better vision but at the same time it should protect the kid’s eyes and eyesight. Polycarbonate is the best material for making lens. The material called trivex is also a great material for making lens. The specialty of lens made up of this material is that it is light in weight and it can bear more tough conditions than other lens material. Generally they are also equipped with properties that enable them to keep the child’s eyes protected from potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. They are also covered with scratch resist material. Your optician can be the best person to consult regarding this.


Material of frame

Generally there are two types of frames, metal and plastic. Plastic used to be a popular choice earlier because of its good durability, lightweight and less price. But as technology is developing, manufacturers have manufactured metal frames with the same advantages as plastic frames. Since, the composition of the metal varies, so it’s better to consult the optician before choosing the frame. In case, the child has some sensitivity towards some materials, it’s better to ask for hypoallergenic material for the frame.

Bridge fit

Since, the child is still in the period of growth, so choosing a proper bridge fit is very tough task. They do not have a bridge to stop the plastic frames from sliding down, but the metal frames are equipped with nose pads which fits on almost everyone’s nose. But, there are some plastic frame manufacturers as well, who strive to make frames fit for little children. However, the frame must be evaluated properly and it must be made sure that the bridge of the frame and the bridge of the nose do not have much difference. It’s important that the glasses stay in place otherwise the child may not be able to utilize the glasses properly.

Earpiece style

Once you visit the store to buy glasses for your kid, you will get to see two types of earpieces, the cable temples and the standard temples. The cable temple has a curvier earpiece which goes around the ears, whereas the standard temples have a straight edge. If your kid is really very young, cable temples are just the earpiece style for them. This is because they do not let the glasses slide off the face or lost. But, in case your kid requires glasses only at some particular time, such as while studying, then you can opt for straight cable glasses for them.

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Spring hinges

Children are not at all watchful while wearing or taking off their glasses. So, temples with spring hinges are the best thing in kids glasses. These hinges help the temple to be flexible enough and flex outwards away from the frame without causing any kind of inconvenience. These spring hinges increase the worth as well as the safety of the eyewear. They help us resist frequent adjustments and repairs. So, even if your kid sleeps with glasses on or plays wearing glasses, it’s a safe way out with spring hinges.

An extra pair

Well, kids are not always watchful on their actions and your child may misplace a pair of glasses or it may break while playing. So it’s better to keep a spare pair. If your kid has really strong prescription, then you must make sure that they do not have to stay without glasses for long.


Little fashionable

Wearing glasses at a young age may make your kid feel odd. So, in order to watch any kind of teasing, you can always buy a trendy or fashionable pair for yourself. So, it’s better to choose a frame that doesn’t make them feel uncool or bad about themselves. So, it’s better to buy glasses that make them feel good to wear. The main concept of wearing glasses is to be fulfilled, but it’s up to you to make them look good on your child.


Quality comes in handy with a warranty. If you are spending some good amount in order to get your child the best eyewear, make sure that it has some warranty. So, buy eyewear that has good replacement provision if your kid is a first time wearer.

Don’t let them feel bad about it

Once your kid gets an eyewear, it makes them feel inferior and different from others. They may also fall trap to some kind of teasing which can reduce their morale and generate an inferiority complex. So, as parents it becomes our responsibility to make the child feel good about themselves and make them feel positive. Make them aware of the benefits and necessity of these glasses.

So, now you know all that you must consider while buying kids glasses. So, don’t wander around in the dark. Stop by a good optical shop and buy good glasses for your child to help them see better.

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