Bulletproof Tea: A Ketogenic Dream Come True


The name is actually a brand, Bulletproof, but because of its popularity, it has been associated with the coffee products. If you don’t want the coffee boost, but you want the benefits of bulletproof coffee, then bulletproof tea is the best option for you. It may sound new to you, as the bulletproof style tea is a new concept. This specific tea is made by using butter, coconut oil or ghee. So adding ghee, butter or oil to your cup of tea has become the amazing beverage of choice for keto diet lovers. 

bulletproof tea

A lot of people who are on the keto diet have been asking for an alternative to coffee for a very long time. Most of them were having bulletproof coffee all day long. But they wished to have something for when they don’t want their second or third cup of coffee in a day. And here is the solution, ketogenic tea, you can call it as bulletproof tea also. Here in this article, we will know about this magical bulletproof tea including its health benefits. So let’s begin. 

Firstly, we will know which tea is best for keto. 

Which Tea Is Best For Keto? 

If you wanna jump-start your day, then black tea is the best choice for you. Black tea contains lower caffeine content than others. Black tea is considered to contain smaller compounds than those found in green tea.  That’s why they can be absorbed faster and give you a jolt quicker than your morning matcha would. But you get more long-lasting energy by having green tea, as it tends to last for four to six hours. While the energy you get from black tea lasts for a shorter period of time. 

If you want to give your tea that keto effect, then you need to add macadamia nut milk, cow’s milk, MCT oil or coconut mana. Having black tea with these healthy fats on an empty stomach provides an extra lining that has a gentler impact on the gut. 


Now, we will know about the amazing health benefits of bulletproof tea. 

Amazing Health Benefits Of Bulletproof Tea

The following are some of the health benefits of this magical bulletproof tea. Let’s have a look. 

Omega-3 in butter: 

If you’re making your tea with butter, then the butter provides omega-3. This omega-3 helps you with almost everything from greater sex hormone production to slowing cognitive decline. It is also known as Tibetan tea. It is made with yak butter, water, salt and tea leaves. It boosts immunity, aids in digestion, enhances brain, altitude sickness, has moisturizing qualities and suppresses appetite. 

Coconut oil benefits: 

Bulletproof tea with coconut oil has great application for weight loss. The medium-chain triglyceride in this tea is easily metabolized in energy. You can soothe your throat by having coconut oil green tea, as it is very effective in relieving sore throat. This can be a great face mask for you also. The antioxidants present in green tea facilitate your skin and coconut oil nourishes the skin. 

Green tea:

If you are having green tea, it will provide L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that supports the immune system. Green tea decreases the trough effects of caffeine also. It prevents a range of heart-related issues also. Drinking green tea regularly is associated with reduced risk of stroke also. 

Black tea: 

Black tea and Pu-Erh tea can be a great choice also for keto lovers. These two tea reduce cholesterol and the production of fatty acid synthase that helps in reducing weight faster. It lowers blood sugar and blood pressure level. It improves gut health and boosts heart health. Black tea may help in reducing the risk of cancer. 


Great for the keto diet: 

If you want to be on a keto diet in future, then the bulletproof tea will be helpful for you in getting deeper into ketosis since it is almost all the calories from fat. 

Now, we will know how adding healthy fats to tea is good for weight loss and digestion. 

How Adding Healthy Fats To Tea Is Good For Weight Loss And Digestion?

According to some recent studies, the flavonols present in black tea are really beneficial for the gut. It helps in growing the numbers of good bacteria there. It is associated with a stabilized blood sugar level and a leaner body mass. 

An everyday cup of black tea contains a good health-boosting punch. The keto twist will make those amazing benefits more announced. It helps the polyphenols and flavonols in black tea to be better absorbed. 

Now, let’s know about an easy-peasy and awesome recipe of homemade keto bulletproof tea recipe. You can make it by using some simply available ingredients. So, let’s get started. 

Keto Bulletproof Tea Recipe

You can start your day with this creamy bulletproof tea. It contains a lot of healthy fats which is appropriate for any low carbohydrate diet. The preparation time for this creamy tea is 2 min. 



10 ounces of any strong tea of your choice, 1/8 tablespoon ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of canned coconut milk or butter or ghee (according to your choice), 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or MCT oil and 1 scoop collagen peptides (optional). 


According to the package instructions, steep your tea. Select a strong brand of tea in order to preserve the flavour. Pour the tea with butter or coconut milk or ghee into the blender. Add the coconut oil or MCT oil to it. Add the collagen peptides and ground cinnamon to it. You can add a bit of natural sweetener also. Blend it for about 30 seconds. Serve this magical tea into your favourite teacup. And your keto bulletproof tea is ready to have. Enjoy!! 

Bulletproof tea is considered to be the best choice for keto diet lovers. You can get relief from tiredness by having this tea, it will provide numerous health benefits as well. So, say no to coffee and try some bulletproof tea. If you’re thinking of being on a keto diet in the next few days, and you don’t want to drink a lot of coffee in a day, so here the bulletproof tea is in your rescue.