Breastfeeding vs Formula: Which is Better and Why?


A baby in the family brings all joys and happiness. Right from the womb the little life develops a never-ending connection with her mother. The connection is so deep that the little life knows, always she will be protected. Soon after her birth, the life challenges will begin. The biggest challenge for a new born is the nutrition. While in the womb, the job’s much easier. The little one draws the nutrition from within and has no issues regarding that. However, when out in the world, the nutrition must be drawn from the environment. This has an immune risk for the little life. The little body will take a while to adjust the regular food. The digestive system and the immune system must undergo several maturation cycles prior to the regular food intake.

So, how to take care of the nutrition until then? Nature has all answers! Milk is the first food that a baby can intake. The milk is a wholesome food and will contain all the essential nutrients required for growth and development. Now, there are two sources of this milk; breast milk and synthetically derived formula milk. Formula milk is a similar version of the breast milk which can cater to developmental needs.

The decision of breast feeding and formula feeding is purely parental. Many mothers are devoid of breast milk and have no choice than formula milk. There are also some who do not want to breast feed due to many personal reasons. Nevertheless, baby’s nutrition is taken care. However, there are some differences between the two methods. Breastmilk is 100% natural and is considered as a life saver for babies. Breast feeding is by far the better way to take care of baby’s nutrition.

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Experts define a period of first 6 months for exclusive breast feeding. Beyond 6 months, the same can continue till 12 months coupled with other solids. After 1 year has passed, both the mother and the baby can mutually decide to continue or not. Obviously, the baby must be weaned out. Following natural cycle, almost all babies will stop breastfeeding after 2 years. There are many reasons due to which the world experts consider breast feeding is the better approach. The key benefits out of that many benefits are penned below:

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Breastfeeding vs formula

Breastfeeding vs Formula: which is Better and Why?

Immune System Booster

With mother’s milk also passes the antibodies to the baby’s body. These are important immunoglobins that provide the body the natural defence against foreign bodies. Mother’s milk will carry antibodies for various diseases and place in the baby’s body. This is called natural immunization and is only possible through breast feeding.

2. No common cold and Cough

The most common illness that strikes the little body is common cold and cough. This happens due to environmental changes around the baby. Any member in the family falls for it, the next eligible victim is the small baby. Breast fed babies will stay strong in such cases and be immune to these conditions. Frequent weather changes also do not affect them!

3. Nutrition

Talking about nutrition in terms of breast milk is 100% perfect. Compared the formula milk will see differences in terms of cost and manufacturing process. Safety is also compromised at times. While breast milk will ward away all that variables. Breast milk is easy to digest and the body can absorb the nutrients with ease. Formula milk will not support much!

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4. No more Colic

Colic issues in babies are common and disappears with time. However, it may run little longer in formula fed babies. The complex nutrient structure in formula milk makes the digestive system work harder to achieve complete digestion. Breast milk’s formulation is much simpler as it is processed within the mother’s body.


5. Baby requirements

Deep research has also revealed facts that the formulation of the breast milk differs from a boy to girl. Mother nature decides the nutrition requirement based on the gender. It is to cater to the exact need for the baby. This feature is completely limited in case of formula milk.

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6. No extra care needed

While you feed formula milk, there are certain safety instructions that need to be adhered to. These instructions are on the preparation of the milk and the related hygiene. In short, there is a lot to do before feeding your baby. On the other hand, breast feeding is easy and handy. You need not prepare a lot before feeding your baby.

7. High IQ

Many scientific studies have also stated that breast fed babies are high on their IQ levels than others. This is may be because of the deep connection and a better system development. Formula milk will not be able to leverage this capability of breast milk as it is synthesised artificially.

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8. Bonding

The most important connection between the baby and mother is achieved through bonding Breast feeding is not just a mere exercise, it is also a bonding session with your child. Children will remain connected for long with a deeper bonding. Understanding your baby’s problems will come easy to you.


Breast feeding is undoubtedly the better way to feed your baby. This gives the baby and the mother immense satisfaction and happiness. Breast feeding is a healthy exercise for both the mother and the baby. Breast feeding is the basic right of all children, unless the mother is unable to complete the same by natural process.

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