Breastfeeding After Boob Job: Is It Safe For The Baby?


There arises no question how beautiful, elegant and confident a woman feels after getting breast implants. Though many of us are dubious about getting them, some of the women wonder if they are even permanent or not, or whether they are painful or safe. Whereas, for moms-to-be wonder, if breastfeeding will be possible after the breast implants. There are a number of things you should take into consideration before getting the implants.

Breastfeeding After Breast Implants

breastfeeding after breast implants

Will breastfeeding be possible with implants?

To one’s surprise, YES! It is very much possible for a woman to breastfeed with implants, depending on the type of surgery and the size and type of implants. As breast implants are filled with silicone or salt water, some women have a question if these chemicals will mix with the breast milk and harm the baby. However, the experts believe that it is completely safe for women to breastfeed it implants and these chemicals do not get mixed up with the breast milk. For more questions, you can ask your caregiver about the safety of implants.
How do different kinds of surgeries affect breastfeeding?

At the time of the surgery, an incision is made around the dark area of your nipples, which can further cause nerve damage in this particular area. In case, the incisions were made under your breast or in the armpit, you should be sure to avoid any sort of damage to the milk ducts or to the glands.

Considering the location of your implant, this may affect your nursing of the baby. Breast implants should be inserted under the chest muscles or between the chest muscles and the breast tissues. If these implants are placed under the muscles, this may avoid damage to the nerves and milk ducts and will also prevent the silicon to get mixed up with the breast milk. The incisions under the breast can be made with fatty issues which will prevent any damage to the breast tissues.

Is there any problem in breastfeeding if you have had breast implants?As stated above, breast implant surgery can cause damage to the milk ducts, milk glands, and nerves. In case of any injury to the nerves around the nipple can lead to a reduction in the let-down response when milk is released during nursing.  If your milk ducts have been damaged, your milk production may also be damaged. And, if the ducts have been blocked, there will be reduced flow of milk and this may cause the breasts to swell.

You may experience an exaggeration of breast engorgement which can lead to mastitis, after your childbirth and your breasts may also begin to produce milk. However, you will feel intense chills and pain and this will be accompanied by fever.


When to seek help:

When should you contact your caregiver? When should you worry and contact your contact your caregiver? In case, you notice any of these symptoms, feel free to contact your caregiver to seek immediate help.

  • You feel pain during the time of breastfeeding or between the feedings.
  • In case your baby breastfeeds for lesser than eight times during the day.
  • Your breasts do not supply milk after five days of childbirth.
  • You do not produce enough milk.
  • Your baby moves his bowels less than three times a day.
  • You detect a lump in the breast.
  • In case your baby is dehydrated. Dry skin, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeats, sunken eyeballs  and few wet diapers are some of the common symptoms of dehydration

You wouldn’t know how your milk supply has been affected until and unless you try to nurse.  In case, you still have a feeling in the nipple, it means that you have a lot better chance of having a full milk supply. But, if you are only to supply a portion of the breast milk required by your baby, it is recommended that there will be a need to supplement with formula or donor milk.

More importantly, it is vital for you to let your baby’s doctor know about your breast implant. Due to this, your baby’s doctor can keep a check on your baby’s weight. On the other side, if you had underdeveloped breasts and this was the reason you had a breast implant, you may find difficulty in producing enough milk.

So, now you have got answers to all the relevant questions you had regarding breast implants, its effects and most importantly whether you can breastfeed during implants or not. Not to be ignored, it is vital for you to notice each and every symptom after the implant and consult your caregiver in case you experience nipple pain.

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