31 Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby


Nature has bestowed human beings with various gifts. Breastfeeding ranks among the top tier and one cannot underestimate the benefits of it for a new born baby. It is a vital clog in the wheel for infants as in the first few days of their life it is their staple food.

Sophisticated formula based products have stormed the market in recent times, but nothing is a substitute to breast milk. There are numerous benefits of breastfeeding for mom and the baby. So continue reading to know more about it.

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Listed below are some benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby

31 Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

breastfeeding benefts

1} A healthy baby

The chances of viruses, cold and pneumonia reduces if you exclusively breastfeed your baby. Gastro intestinal infections in the form of diarrhoea could have fatal consequences on your baby.


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2} Protection for a long time

Breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of several disorders like Crohn’s disease or celiac disease and gives protection against the same.

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3} SIDS risk is lowered

The incidence of sudden infant syndrome is reduced by half if you are into breastfeeding.

4} Stronger bones

On pregnancy as a woman is lactating, the body is known to absorb calcium at an optimum level. The bones of the spine or back are a little dense at the stage of weaning. Down the lane they could be denser than you were during pregnant.


5} Fewer problems with putting on excessive weight

If you are into breastfeeding the chances of a mother and a baby putting on significant weight is reduced.


6} Burning of calories

On breastfeeding a mother tends to loose in the bracket of 500 calories. Breast milk is empowered with 20 ounces at a single ounce. So if you have feed your baby around 20 ounces, then straight away takes away 400 calories from your body.

7} Reduces risk of cancer

Consumption of breast milk reduces chances of childhood cancer. The incidence of ovarian and breast cancer drops at a substantial level in mothers.

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8} An emotional connect

A mother develops an emotional connect and it is a fun to see your baby grow. All this is on the basis that breast milk is the only food that is provided to the little one.

9} Good for the environment

Any formula milk is raised from the cows and has a telling impact on global warming. Enormous amount of methane are dumped into the environment that is fatal.

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10} Better healing once delivery is over

Once you are into breastfeeding the uterus is restored back to its normal shape pretty quickly. Coupled with the fact uterus contract reduces blood flow post-delivery.

11} Vaccines are more effective

Studies point to the fact that breastfeeding babies have a better antibody response to vaccines in comparison to formula feed babies.

12} Menstrual vacation

Regular breastfeeding around the clock keeps ovulation at bay. Once you are exclusively into breastfeeding prolactin levels are bound to reduce over the course of time. Breastfeeding mothers can expect their periods after 6 to 8 months after delivery.

13} No disruptions of work

As your baby is less likely to fall sick, so it means less days off from work as well.

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14} Breast milk is cost effective

If you are into formula based milk numbers have an interesting story to reveal. You end up spending close to $ 6000 yearly on it. In comparison, breast milk works out to be a cost effective option.


15} Customized source

The constitution of formula milk cannot be changed, but when it is breast milk, it could be morphed as per the needs of your baby. Lower in sugar and high in terms of protein your baby is protected in the best possible way.  In hindsight sufficient supply of calories to your little one is ensured at the same time.

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16} You are able to understand your baby better

The satiety cues could provide a better idea as you cannot compare it to a bottle. You can figure out the exact amount of consumption. The baby’s behaviour and your own instincts come into play whether the stomach of the baby is full or not.

17} Say no to birth control measures

Breastfeeding can be close to 99 % effective as a birth control option if the correct guidelines are followed.  You would need to breastfeed once in 3 hours and your periods must have not resumed. Night time feeding is important and let your baby sleep through feeding.

18} An easy option

There is nothing easy when compared to breastfeeding.  Just unhook your bra and let the baby nurse. The supply of milk is available round the clock and that too at the correct temperature.

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19} A win-win situation for all

It is beneficial as substantial savings as medical costs are achieved if you breastfeed the babies for close to 6 months.

20} Better friendships

Breastfeeding babies develop better friendship with their mothers. Be it nursing or engorgement, postpartum relationships are developed if breastfeeding is practiced.

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21} Risk of allergies reduce

It has been observed that bottle fed babies are more prone to allergies in comparison to exclusively breastfeed babies. In fact, incidence of allergies in breastfeed babies is at a negligible level and this develops during the further course of life.

22} Obesity

The chances of an obese baby reduce substantially when they are breastfeed. Studies point that babies who are bottle fed or into formula based foods have more chances of putting on weight when they grow up.

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23} Diarrhoea is a no brainer

Babies into bottle feeding are more prone to diarrhoea. This risk could be eradicated at a significant level if you incorporate the practice of breastfeeding from the starting stage. It is one of the silent killers for infants and when you breastfeed, baby’s chances reduce substantially.

24} Immune system is strengthened

Right after delivery the first milk is considered to be important for the babies. It is stated that there is no substitute of this milk as it is loaded with antibiotics and immunity enhancing enzymes.

25} Brain development

Babies who are exclusively breastfed possess better levels of brain development in comparison to babies fed with formula based foods. This is based on an MRI scan that was undertaken on babies in the age group of 6 months to 2 years.

26} Reduction of ear infections

The incidence of ear infections reduce considerably when you breastfeed your babies. If infections develop it has an impact on the immunity levels of your baby.

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27} Reduction in respiratory problems

Chances of respiratory issues spring up in breastfeed babies is less when you compare it to bottle feed babies.


28} Dental problems at bay

Kids who are breastfed from the early stages of their life tend to face less dental issues when they grow up.  Parents are of the opinion that since baby teeth eventually fall off, there is not much attention required. But this is not the case as dental care should begin before the formation of teeth in babies.

Fewer cavities are also observed once they grow up as well. For this reason wipe the baby’s gums with a clean and moist cloth after a session of breastfeeding.

29} Heart diseases are reduced

Babies who are breastfed on a recurring basis have less chances of blood pressure at later stages of life.

30} Cognitive skills are enhanced

Breastfeed babies develop fewer psychological; behavioural along with learning problems once they grow up. An increase in their cognitive skills is observed in comparison to bottle fed babies.

31} Post-delivery problems are reduced

When a mother is exclusively into breastfeeding it helps them to recover easily and in a timely manner from delivery.

From our discussion till now, the basic fact which emerges is the benefits of breast milk are immense. This is all the more so in the first 6 months as in due course of time solid foods could be introduced to the baby. Though it issuggested that you continue with breastfeeding till the baby touches 1 year.


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Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Your Baby