Braces During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


Pregnancy is the most beautiful as well as a very crucial stage in a women’s life. Women are expected to keep special care of themselves while carrying. During pregnancy, women are advised against many things that they normally do.  They are said to undertake certain changes in their diet, medication and daily routine as well. There are several hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

These hormonal changes lead to many gum problems which may in turn affect the growing baby. Sensitivity and toothache is a common problem. But use of certain painkillers is extremely prohibited during pregnancy. However, doctors do not see much problem in taking orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. But, there are some obvious precautions that a pregnant women must take while using braces. Like, x-rays are prohibited during pregnancy by many doctors, so you should get the x-ray before pregnancy only. Thus, Using braces during pregnancy is indeed safe unless you are motivated enough to take an orthodontic treatment and carry on with the precautionary steps.

There are certain factors that a pregnant women must keep in mind, if they are willing to use braces during pregnancy:

  • Certain hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, which me induce some effect on tooth movement.
  • Gingivitis and periodontitis are likely to occur during pregnancy.
  • Various drugs have their significant impact in pregnancy and on tooth movement.
  • Make sure to inform your dental doctor about your pregnancy. So that they may give you appropriate advice about how to take care of the braces and your teeth during pregnancy.
  • Always keep your teeths and braces clean. This may help your to stay away from bad breath and ache which is common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.
  • Make frequent visits to the dentist as during pregnancy there are certain changes in gums and teeths. So, regular dental check up helps to stay away from any kind of infection.

Braces During Pregnancy: Things You Need to Know

braces during pregnancy

Impact of various hormones on dental treatment

Progesterone: The oral mucosal tissue often swells and there is a high growth of bacteria in the gums due to high progest rate which suppresses the immune function. Due to limited collagen production, the ability of the oral tissues to repair itself also decreases at a rapid rate.

Estrogen: The increase in the amount of estrogen can lead to loss of folate and metabolism. Folate is responsible for maintaining healthy oral tissues. Moreover, the fluctuating level of estrogen in the body of a pregnant women can also lead to blood- clotting. Whereas in certain cases, decrease in estrogen can even result in osteoporosis in the jaw.


Relaxin: This hormone can be used as a supplement to orthodontic therapy as it relaxes the mucosal muscles.

Inconvenience caused by using braces :Women who  undergo orthodontic treatment during their pregnancy period are expected to face certain problems while using braces. The main risk during pregnancy is of gingivitis. Gingivitis is primarily the swelling and bleeding of the gums which is very very common during pregnancy. Traditional braces are difficult to clean and thus they make cleaning of teeth difficult and thus bacterial growth takes place around the gums. Thus, pregnant women are advised to take good oral care and visit the dentist often to avoid any such problem. It’s also the responsibility of the conditions make the pregnant womens aware about the basic precautionary steps they need to take to avoid such dental conditions.

Braces technique used in adults: According to the variant needs of every patient, there are certain techniques of putting on braces. Though all may not be completely ideal for pregnancy but they  certainly  effective.

Traditional braces: Using brackets and wires to put pressure on the teeths helps to move the braces in their places slowly.

Invisalign: This technique uses clear plastic aligners to provide the required pressure to align the teeths in correct order. They are virtually invisible in nature and can be removed while eating and brushing. These are more convenient for pregnant women as they cause less gum irritation

Retainers : In case you have very minor orthodontic problem, you can resist the use of braces and use this treatment instead. Retainers are best for correcting smalls disorders in tooth alignment.


Food that you must avoid if you are pregnant and have braces

  • Hard food like candies and cookies are immensely avoided during pregnancy if you have braces.
  • Crunchy chips and shells
  • Nuts
  • Popcorns
  • Stiff Meat
  • Ice

Care to be taken:If you have braces on, make sure to take proper care of these braces, or else it  may pose a problem for you. Here are the steps you need to follow to have healthy teeth and healthy braces.

Flossing: Cleaning between teeths by using floss is very beneficial if you have braces on. Flossing is rather difficult and time taking, but it’s worth it.

Mouth rinse: Orthodontic treatment during pregnancy puts our gums are great risk of bacterial growth. Doing mouth rinsing after brushing helps to keep your gums healthy and resistant to bacterial growth.

Toothpaste: You must consult your dentist about the appropriate toothpaste that you should use while having braces during pregnancy.

Rinse often:  Whenever possible during the day, you must rinse your mouth with water. It will avoid bad breath  which is common during orthodontic treatment in pregnancy.

Go for regular dental checkups:  It’s highly advised by doctors to go for regular dental checkup. This will avoid any commencing problem.


So, as you have read in this article using braces during pregnancy is safe enough if you take up certain precautions. Braces can help you get a perfect smile but they can also give you good amount of pain if you act ignorant to the precautions you must take. Pregnancy is a stage where you need to take proper care or else it will cause a direct effect on your to-be-born little one. So, stay cautious and get set for welcoming you new toddler into the world with a perfect smile gifted to you by your braces. Happy parenting! Keep smiling!

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