100 Unique Middle Names for Boys


Most of us think of not one but two names for our babies. In several cultures middle names are a compulsory and must be included in the name of the baby. Historically middle names are used to honour a near and dear member of the family. They are usually preceded then by a surname that are the signifiers of the child’s family lineage. Many parents often have trouble and find it difficult to select a suitable middle name for their baby boy. Therefore here is a list of some of the most unique middle names for boys to help you and assist your parenting journey.

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Names for Boys: 100 Unique Middle Names

middle names for boys

        Names                                          Meaning
1.    Aaron The enlightened one
2.    Abe  It is a Biblically inspired middle name adopted by Roman Catholics
3.   Ace The name means unity and excellence
4.  Aiden Someone who is warm and comforting
5.   Alexander The name has been given multiple variations yet it still is inspired by the valour and chivalry of the great Alexander
6.   Anthony  A child worthy of praise
7.   Anthony  It symbolises versatility and permanency in life
8.   Arthur It mean a child who is strong and fearless
9.   Bailey  A name used to honour a senior member of the family
10.  Beck It signifies the running stream
11.  Blake It means a child with a handsome personality
12.  Brendon  A child who is like the prince
13.  Brett  A native name of the people from Brittany
14.  Brock  A child who lives on the shores of a brook
15.  Byron  The one who is the gift of God
16.  Caleb  A child with the heart of gold
17.  Charles  It honours children with a Germanic origin
18.  Chase  It means to hunt
19.  Clark  The name means a clerk
20.  Claude A French name meaning a warrior
21.  Cody A helpful person
22.  Conrad  A bold child with a generous and giving nature
23.  Damon A gentle and caring child
24.  Daniel The god is the judge
25.  Dante  A Spanish word meaning strong
26.  Dash  It is an abbreviation for the term dashing but it symbolises the beauty of the child
27.  David  A serious and intellectual child
28.  Dean  It means the great open valley
29.  Denver  A French word meaning the great gift of life
30.  Dex A Latin name meaning a strong child
31.  Doran A peaceful wanderer
32.  Drake A brave, strong and fierce child
33.  Drew The one who carries a heavy load and responsibilities of the family
34.  Edward A classic name may symbolise the royal family lineage of the child
35.  Eli A shortened version of the phrase my god
36.  Felix A favoured and lucky child
37.  Finn The middle name carries with it a positive aura good for the child
38.  Flynn Generally given to children who have an Irish descent
39.  Francis This middle name is used to honour the Roman Catholic Pope
40.  Gabriel The angel of God
41.  Gavin It means the rare white hawk
42.  George  The God of crops
43.  Glenn A child who lives near the valley
44.  Grey The name pays tribute to King Henry V
45.  Heath An old English middle name means the one who lives near the moor
46.  Henry The ruler of all
47.  Hugh It is derived from the French name Hughes and is meant to honour the French lineage
48.  Hyrum The one who is exalted and lofty
49.  Isaac  It means the one who will bring joy to the family
50.  Jace  A Greek word it means a child who will heal the family
51.  Jack  A rough and strong man
52.  James  A Hebrew name it means the sup planter
53.  Jasper  A Persian name meaning treasurer
54.  Jax  A Spanish word it means the son of Jackson
55.  Judd  A child worthy of praise
56.  Jude Derived from the Holy Bible
57.  Justice A fair and just child
58.  Justin A biblical name it means the righteous child
59.  Kai The one who follows various cultures
60.  Kent Named after the English country Kent
61.  Kingston The one who rules like the king
62.  Lane It means a child who will discover new paths
63.  Lawrence A Latin name means the laurel leaves
64.  Lee It means the ones who have a tribal descent
65.  Leo One with the ferocity of the lion
66.  Levi  It means a solemn pledge
67.  Louis A famous warrior
68.  Luke  A native person of Italy
69.  Michael A child who has attributes like God
70.  Neil A passionate child
71.  Noah It is biblical name meaning the enlightened child
72.  Noel  It means the Birthday of the lord
73.  Oren The beauty of the pine tree
74.  Oscar A dear and loyal companion
75.  Preston The one who has all noble attributes
76.  Randall A giving soul
77.  Ray The bright beam of light
78.  Reese A fiery and valourous child
79.  Reeve An English word meaning a warrior
80.  Rhett  It means fiery and ardent
81.  Riley  It means the rye
82.  Robert  A child with a bright future
83.  Ryder  A brave knight
84.  Sean  The gift of god
85.  Seth  A child of a Hebrew descent
86.  Shane It means that the God is gracious
87.  Sutton The native of the south
88.  Tanner A hard worker and achiever
89.  Thomas  An Aramic word generally used when one has twins
90.  Tobias  The goodness of God
91.  Trey The third born of the family
92.  Troy  The one who is as brave and strong as the soldiers of Troy in Greece
93.  Tyson A strong and loyal friend
94.  Vincent  It means the one who conquers
95.  Wade  A child who is strong and capable of crossing the river
96.  Warren  The game changer
97.  Will The one who has a strong mental strength and power to do good
98.  William  The one who protects all
99.  Xavier The one who will be forever rich
100. Zane A gracious gift from God

Thus here was a list of some of the best middle names for your child to make the overall name unique and meaningful.

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