100 Best Boy Names That Start with J


Congratulations on your new baby boy. If you are looking for boy names that start with J, you have come to the right place. The letter J is one of the most popular letters for boy names. Classic names such as Jason, Joseph, Jacob, James, all start from the letter J. The reason you want to name your child with a name that starts from J maybe sentimental, or astrological, or because you’re following a family tradition. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you find the perfect name for your perfect little baby boy.

Those with boy names that start with j are associated with intelligence, leadership and creativity. People with names from J are confident and ambitious with a never-say-die spirit and are willing to work very hard in order to achieve what they desire. They have great physical energy and a strong will and they like change. However, they can sometimes be negligent of other’s feelings and imperceptive of things that do not concern them. Generally speaking, there are both positive as well as negative traits associated with it; however, the positive far outweighs the negative. This is a numerological analysis, however, and it is up to you to believe it. How your baby turns out is mostly dependent on your parenting, which we are sure you will be amazing at.

Boy Names That Start With J – Baby Boy Names

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We think the letter J is a great letter to choose for your baby boy’s initials, and we are here to help you choose the perfect name for him:

Boy Names that start with J

Jaafar He who comes from the small river
Jaako Finnish form of Jacob
Jaakob He is a supplanter
Jaali Powerful
Jaalib One with a purpose
Jaan God is gracious
Jaani He is a gift of God
Jaanesh Lord of Men
Jaarah One who wounds and cuts, a powerful warrior
Jaaved One who is eternal
 Jaay Rejoice
Jabaar One with great power and might
Jabari Brave
Jaber One who is a comfort to others
Jabier A bright man
Jabilo A man of medicine, a doctor
Jabin One who understands
Jabiri A man with no fear
Jac Holder of heel, a variant of Jack
Jabrion One with a bow made of yew
Jedediah Noble and happy
Joseph Son of Jacob, King of Egypt (Biblical)
Jason A Greek demigod warrior, son of Zeus
Jeremiah A prophet in the old testament
Jeremy English version of Jeremiah
Joel A prophet from the old testament
Julian A form of Julius, the family name of Julius (Caesar)
Jesse “Gift” in Hebrew
Jared Hebrew for Jordan, meaning descending
Jose May god’s gifts increase
Jackson Son of Jack or John
Jasper Variant of Casper; an ornamental stone of red
Jake A shortened for of Jacob
Jonah “Dove”; name of a prophet from the Bible
Jude “Praised”; a variant of Judah
Jay Related to Joseph or Jacob.
Jerome “Rejoice”
Jorge “Farmer”; a form of George
Julius Latin for “youth”
Jamal “Handsome”
Jon Variation of John or abbreviation of Jonathan
Jax “God has been gracious or has shown favour”
Jeffery “Peaceful”
Jefferson Son of Jeffery
Jules French for “youthful”
Jareth A modern blend of Jared and Gareth
Jere Exalted of the Lord
Jerett One with a strong spear; a variant of Garett
Jordan The river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized
Jean Variant of John
Jabez Hebrew for survivor
Jace American form of Jason
Jabbar Arabic for mighty, colossal and omnipotent
Jacinto Spanish form of the flower name Hyacinth
Jacques A sophisticated moniker; variation of Jack
Jadrien A modern blend of Jay and Adrien
Jael Mountain goat
Jagmeet Friend of the world
Jairo Spanish variant of the Hebrew name Jair
Jamil Handsome or beautiful
Jameson Son of James
Jamin Son of Simeon in the Old Testament
Jamshid A king, a character from Persian Mythology
Japhet Handsome or beautiful
Jarah Honey; one who gives us sweetness
Jarl Scandinavian form nobleman or royalty
Jarrah Arabic for vessel or an earthen jar
Jarrel An modern variant for Gerald
Jarran Jaron: the Israeli cry of rejoice
Jaspar Keeper of treasure
Jaxon God has blessed us
Jayyed Arabic for “good”
Jedidiah Beloved of God
Jericho City of the moon
Jerall Strong and open-minded
Jerric A strong and gifted ruler
Jervis Modern variant of the French name Gervais
Jerzy Polish for farmer
Jesstin Variation of Justin, meaning upright and just
Jirkar Greek for farmer
Johann God has been gracious
Joren Danish for farmer
Jorim Jehovah is exalted
Jorn A Scandinavian variant of George
Jove A form of the name “Jupiter”
Jovan Father of the sky
Judd To flow down, a male variant of the feminine “Jude”
Jullien Latin for youthful
Jumoke Nigerian for “Beloved child”
Janius Young, youthful, junior
Jevan Life
Josiah Fire of the Lord
Javier January
Janus A god in Roman mythology
Johnny A form of John, meaning: God is gracious
Juan God has given
Jivan Life
Jal Water
Jami Supplanter

Teak, Oak


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