21 Foods to Boost Immune System of your Child


Yogurt, oats, garlic, fish, egg, beef and beans, mushroom, yams, papaya, ginger, tulsi, chia seeds, papaya, kiwi, broccoli, almond, spinach, chicken soup, citrus fruits, honey are some of the foods to boost immune system of your child.

If you’re looking for ways to keep winter colds and the flu away, your answer may be as close as your grocery store. If you add certain foods to your kid’s diet, you may be able to help their immune system stay strong. To fight these infections, eating different kinds of foods is very important; to make sure they get all the vitamins their body needs. Here are some of the foods that will boost immune system of your child.

21 Natural Foods to Boost Immune System of Your Child

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For health, yogurt is a very beneficial food which contains healthy bacteria that will keep you disease-free. It is also very effective in boosting your immunity. If you want benefits from yogurt, consume it daily in your diet. It is also a great source of vitamin d.


To boost immune system, oats contain beta-glucan, which is a type of fiber that contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.  It helps antibiotics to work better and also boosts your immunity. It is really good for your health, so start adding it in your kid’s daily diet to get miraculous benefits for their health.


Garlic, an effective medicine contains the ingredient – niacin, which fights harmful bacteria and infections and protects you from diseases like a cold. It also boosts the immune system. Give 2 to 3 cloves of garlic in the daily diet.



Fish is another good food for kids. It contains proteins that help white blood cells to produce cytokines, which drive away the flu virus from the blood. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids protects from cold and boosts immunity.

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Beef and beans

Beef contains a high amount of zinc. Zinc is responsible for the boosting of immunity.  Deficiency of zinc in the body increases the chances of infection. Beans are very important for you, as they contain zinc, which in turn is very important for the development of white blood cells.


Mushroom is very important for keeping your immune system healthy, as it increases the production of white blood cells. It also protects the body from diseases. Try to include mushrooms in the daily diet for boosting your immune system.


Eggs are very healthy breakfast option for kids. They contain proteins and vitamins and are good for the immune system.


Yams and sweet potatoes are not only extremely nutritious, but also a very important immune-boosting food.



Papaya is the inexpensive medicine which contains a high amount of vitamin c and antioxidants, which protects from symptoms of cold and help in boosting the immune system. Papaya is a very effective and inexpensive food which has lots of benefits for the body.


Ginger protects your kid from fever and cold.  Ginger contains medical properties that target the virus that cause cold and protects the body from cold. It helps in treating fever; the most effective way to consume ginger is to take it in tea.


In Ayurveda, Tulsi is considered as an elixir of life and is well known to promote longevity. The extract of the plant is used to cure various diseases such as common cold, inflammation, malaria and heart diseases as it contains hundreds of beneficial compounds and possesses strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and immune enhancing properties.

Chia seeds

In the Mayan language, chia means strength. Chia seed is nutrient-dense and packs a punch of energy-boosting power. It is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. One teaspoon of chia seeds soaked in a cup of water overnight, along with a pinch of pink salt, can keep your kid energetic whole day.


Research says that the daily recommended amount of vitamin c can be fulfilled with one medium-sized papaya.  It also has a digestive enzyme called papain that has anti-inflammatory effects and helps in easy digestion and provides the necessary amount of potassium and folate to the human body.


Regular consumption of kiwi helps in boosting white blood cells. The presence of other essential nutrients like fellate and potassium helps in smooth functioning of the body. It also helps in diminishing fatigue.



If consumed semi-cooked or boiled, broccoli is loaded with minerals that boost the immune system. It also contains vitamin a, c & e  along with antioxidants and fiber, that help in easy digestion and strengthening of bones.


Almond is good in every season, as it fights against a cough and cold.  Research says that a half-cup serving of shelled almonds provides nearly 100 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin e and is a strong immunity booster.


Spinach is another vegetable that’s full of vitamin c, which helps the body fight infection.  Like with broccoli, it’s best to cook the spinach as little as you can, to make sure the nutrients are kept inside this, will add to its vitamin a and take away oxalic acid.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup doesn’t only make you feel good when you’re sick, but it also keeps you away from getting sick.  Poultry like chicken and turkey has a lot of vitamin b6. Just 100 grams of light turkey or chicken meat has 40 to 50% of the vitamin b6 your kid should have every day.

Citrus fruits

Many people try taking vitamin C once they have a cold. But vitamin c can stop you from getting sick in the first place by making white blood cells which help fight infection. Some citrus fruits you can try are grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, and lemons. Make sure to take vitamin c every day,  because your body doesn’t store it since there are so many citrus fruits to choose from, it’s easy to have some with every meal.


Honey has antimicrobial properties. It coats the throat eases the irritation of the throat. But remember, honey should be given to the baby only after one year of age.



Avocado is a wonderful way to get essential fatty acids into your baby. Avocado is the good fats that help the immune system recognize and fight off infections.


It is very important to maintain a healthy body, but it is difficult to do so, because of the many diseases, which may attack your kid. There are many ways to protect your kids but the most effective and natural way is to add healthy food to their diet, as it will boost the immunity.

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