7 Foods that Promote Bone Growth in Children


Dairy products, soy, almonds, green vegetables, sesame and chia seeds, white wheat bread and dried figs are some of the foods for bone growth in kids.

Children are almost always engaged in physical activity, be it in school as a part of the physical exercise regime or just at home, in games and other activities. They need a healthy and balanced diet to be able to do that and still grow at a normal pace. It is important to incorporate healthy food for kids in their daily diet that can support their all-round development, and the factor of bone growth in kids also requires attention. To make sure that your child does not injure himself during accidents too badly, you need to make sure that they grow to be strong and healthy. Having a strong bone density can prevent the risk of a broken bone, giving them even more freedom to play around.

The increase in height over the years is one of the key characteristics of a child growing up. In the growing stage therefore, kids need to be given the right food supplements, the kind of food that helps growth and strengthening of the skeletal system. Many adults, especially women, may develop osteoporosis as an adult individual. If kids are exposed to a calcium-rich diet from the get go, the risk of fractured bones or osteoporosis is much less. Make sure you pay due attention to food for kids in order to increase their bone density and strength.

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What is bone density?

Bone density is more accurately referred to as Bone Mineral Density or BMD and indicates the amount of mineral present in one unit volume of bone. It is clinically measured by bone imaging and the optical density in each square centimeter of the bone surface. Having a low bone density indicates the increased risk of fracture, and often tends to imply the early onset of osteoporosis in women. While osteoporosis is a condition typically occurring in adults, some kids may have a natural condition of lower bone density, making them susceptible to it in their adulthood. By taking care to include food that promotes bone growth in kids, you can lower the risk of osteoporosis in the future and reduce the risk of fracture as well.

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7 Power Foods that Promote Bone Growth in Kids

bone growth in kids

The main mineral that makes up most of the density in a human bone is calcium. If you wish to give your child that encourages bone growth in kids, you need to prepare a diet that is rich in calcium. The following food items can make sure that your child has good bone growth:

Dairy products

Whole milk, low-fat yoghurt and cottage cheese among other dairy products are am excellent source of calcium for kids. Half a cup of cottage cheese contains 125 mg of calcium, while a cup each of whole milk and yoghurt can contain 276 mg and 311 mg of calcium respectively, ensuring great bone growth in kids.


Soy is an excellent source of calcium that can make an interesting addition to your child’s diet once in a while and foster bone growth in kids. A cup of soybean can have up to 515 mg of calcium content.


Crushed almonds in daily food items can help switch up the flavour and also ensure that your food for kids has a high percentage of calcium. One-fourth cup of crushed almonds distributed in your child’s food through the day can account for 115mg of calcium intake.

Green vegetables

Cooked green vegetables have a host of nutrients that your child needs along with calcium that can enrich bone growth. Green vegetables may not be a favourite but definitely counts as food that helps growth in your child. One cup of cooked spinach may contain 245mg of calcium, whereas cooked green turnip can contain uptown 249mg of calcium.


Sesame and chia seeds

Both sesame and chia seeds contain high calcium that can boost your child’s bone density and growth. One ounce of chia seeds can contain up to 149 mg of calcium, whereas a sprinkling of an ounce of sesame seeds may contain 280 mg of calcium.

White wheat bread

If your child is not much of an eater and you still plan to get him or her to eat the calcium they need, a few slices of white wheat bread may do the trick. A single slice of white wheat bread contains 192mg of calcium that can boost bone growth in kids.

Dried figs

One of the richest sources of calcium, for adults and children alike, are dried figs. One cup of dried figs can contain up to 241mg of calcium. This implies that with other calcium supplements, eating two cups of figs can easily match the amount of calcium that how child needs to grow properly.

Calcium supplements for specific age groups

Not all children require the same amount of calcium. The necessity for calcium-rich food increases over the years to improve bone density and health. Make sure to include the specified amount of calcium in healthy food for kids, so that he gets the nutrition she or he needs.

  • A baby less than six month old requires 200mg of calcium per day, which is provided in the mother’s milk itself. No extra food that improves bone growth in kids is necessary. Infants between 6 to 11 months old require 260mg of calcium on a daily basis which may supplemented with formula milk.
  • Kids from 1 to 3 years of age require about 700mg of calcium per day.
  • 1000mg of calcium is the daily requirement of kids between 4 to 8 years of age.
  • Kids and teenagers between 9 to 18 years of age need about 1300mg of calcium daily.


Giving your kids a diet rich in calcium will give them the healthy groundwork to combat conditions like osteoporosis in the future. While deciding on the food to give your kids make sure you include the items mentioned in the list to encourage bone growth in your child.




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