11 Health Benefits of Bone Broth in Your Diet


A type of thin stock that is full of nutrients and made from animal bones and connective tissue is what we call a bone broth. In order to improve the flavour of bone broth, bones are first roasted. In fact, some people may cook the bone broth for 24 hours so as to ensure that the nutrients and minerals are efficiently absorbed into the broth. From being a rich source of protein to boosting the metabolism, bone broth is richly dense with all the essential components our body demands. In this article, we will discuss 11 health benefits of including bone broth in your diet. Read below:

11 Amazing Benefits of Bone Broth in Your Diet

bone broth

Helps in building muscles

Bone broth consists of amino acids that help in the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis that is essential for the maintenance, growth and repair of muscle groups. Also, as per a study monitoring healthy patients and ovarian cancer patients, amino acids led to the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and reduced inflammation in both healthy as well as patients undergoing cancer therapy, as per the researchers.

Promotes gut health

Being full of amino acids, bone broth helps in preventing inflammation in your digestive tract and also promotes the growth of healthy probiotics. In fact, unlike other food sources, bone broth can be easily digested by your system and its vitamins and minerals can be easily absorbed, which in turn promotes gut health.

Boosts the immune system

As per the reports, people who drink bone broth are less likely to suffer from common ailments like cold or flu. This is because of its ability to heal the gut as unhealthy gut causes the immune system to release antibodies that adversely affect it by attacking the healthy tissue. Apart from that, bone broth also leads to an improved mood, energy levels, and healthy sleep.

Healthy skin and hair

It is the collagen that is responsible for promoting healthy skin and hair. However, the body’s connective tissue declines and turns into cellulite when your body lacks sufficient amount of collagen. Also, it is because of this that many people have reported significant weight loss on consumption of bone broth because their cellulite levels get reduced.


Increases bio-available minerals

Soil degradation is to be held responsible for the reduced mineral content in our food and we all know the importance of this mineral content for our bodily functions. Thus, bone broth becomes an excellent source of the supply of these minerals, for instance calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, silicon and phosphorus.

Protect your joints

People who suffer from joint pain are often recommended to take glucosamine supplements. But, the good news is that bone broth consists of glucosamine as well. In addition to this, bone broth also provides you with other nutritional and health benefits to ease the pain, which is not the case with pills.

Eat healthier

Although the majority of people consume bone broth in a drinkable form, there are also several other ways you can consume it. For instance, freezing it for later use, making a soup, using it to make grains etc.

Boosts detoxification

Bone broth helps the digestive system expel waste, maintains tissue integrity, improves the body’s use of antioxidants and also promotes the ability of the liver to remove toxins, thus acting as a powerful detoxification agent. It supports both cellular and liver detoxification as it contains both potassium and glycine.

Aids metabolism

Glutamine is an amino acid that promotes healthy metabolism by sending nutrients to our cells that help us to maintain our energy. Whereas, arginine also plays the role of breaking down nitric oxide which helps in improving the blood circulation throughout the body and improving normal wound healing.

Better sleep

Who doesn’t like a bowl of soup before the bedtime? Well, Bone broth consists of glycine, an amino acid that has shown positive results for better sleep in some people.


Weight loss

I agree following the same usual weight loss diet plan may seem a little boring after some point. For a change, you can try to include bone broth in your diet. Although, at the first place, it may seem like you ate something heavier than you usually eat but it keeps you fuller and helps you to consume a fewer calories throughout the day.

How to consume bone broth?

  • You can make use of bone broth to make grains. For instance, make use of bone broth instead of water when you cook any of your favourite ancient grain.
  • Make soup. You can purchase a bone broth from a store and use it as the base.
  • Freeze it. You can pour some bone broth in ice cube trays for later use.
  • Drink it.


I have myself been drinking bone broth every morning from last two months and trust me, I have been noticing changes in my skin and hair. So, why not try this for yourself?

Hope this article was of help to you! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy, Healthy and Empowered Women!!