Bleeding after C section -What is Normal and What’s not


In simple words, a surgical technique used for delivery of babies is referred to as C Section. When a vaginal delivery is considered as non-suitable for the mother and the baby, C section is performed.

Like any surgical procedure, a C section can cause postoperative pain. But where does the pain come from? Are they normal? When should you worry? Is the bleeding same as after a vaginal delivery?

C section and normal delivery are accompanied by a postpartum symptom characterized by an abundant flow of mucus and blood. It begins immediately after delivery and lasts from ten to twelve days. In some cases, spotting or light bleeding may persist for about four to six weeks.

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Bleeding after section C delivery: Guide to understanding what is normal and what not.

Irrespective of the delivery, whether normal or c section, your body gets rid of all the extra tissue and blood, stored to feed your baby during pregnancy. This discharge is called Lochia.

Lochia is similar to what you have during your regular period. Only the time period increases and it becomes heavier than the regular period.Sometimes the discharge also contains small pieces of tissue and mucus from the uterus. Especially from the area where the placenta was attached to the uterus. It is not necessary to be afraid of heavy flow or these small pieces of tissue in the stream, as it is quite normal and will not last more than a fortnight.Bleeding after C section


In the first few days after delivery, the flow will be heavier and thicker. Soon, the bleeding will decrease and you will also see that the darkness of the flow goes from dull red to pink, brown and finally yellowish white.

In any case, the Lochia flow must stop within six weeks of delivery which is considered as normal. If you still bleed after six weeks, you should consult your doctor.

Management of heavy bleeding after section C:

After delivery through C section, during the first few days, it is advisable to rest completely and there are certain restrictions on your movements. However, keeping yourself clean is very important for the well-being and hygiene of the baby and oneself.

Things you should worry about after C section that is not normal: 

Soon after the C section, above-mentioned points are normal only if they exist for a short duration. But if they continue to persist for a long time and you don’t find any improvement, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Guide to handle the high flow and bring situation normal under difficult circumstances.

  • In the first few weeks, when the flow is heavy, use thick pads almost similar to the thickness of your baby’s diaper.
  • Avoid using tampons as they can cause a bacterial infection.
  • Use panties and clothes that you can throw away later. The use of new or favourite clothes at this time is not a good idea, as stains can occur and are difficult to remove. The old cotton pants are the best.
  • Normal lochia has a smell similar to that of the regular period. In case the flow has large clots or a foul odour, you should contact your doctor because large clots or a foul odour is not considered normal after C section.
  • Skate change: You will need a lot of skates after delivery. So keep a good stock of maternity towels with you.
  • Buy good quality maternity mats; do not use fabric
  • Around three packs of 12 buffers may suffice. In the first days, you will have to change the pads every hour and then by 3-4 hours.
  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant every time you change the tampon.
  • Full rest is advised in the first two weeks when you bleed extensively.
  • No hard work during this time, not even lifting! Physical stress can reverse the recovery process and even increase bleeding.
  • Your body has undergone great changes, it is recovering and repairing itself. You must, therefore, collaborate and facilitate the process.
  • Arrange for help and support at this time, either from the family or from a professional support network.

With proper care and good hygiene, you can easily overcome these problems after the C section. Do not forget to drink a lot of liquids, to rest in abundance and to eat well. In a few days, you will be healthy again and can start your daily regular routine.