Benefits of Using a Birthing Ball for an Easier Pregnancy


What is a birthing ball?

A birthing ball is a basic standard exercise ball that you can use for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. In addition to the fact that it is budget-friendly, it’s a more secure option than exercise. It likewise aids flexibility and stabilization. It’s important to understand your limits while pregnant. It may not be appropriate for you in the event that you are ever dizzy or unable to balance your body on the ball.

Birthing Ball Guide for an Easier Pregnancy

birthing ball

Benefits of birth-ball

A birthing ball is fantastic for exercising during pregnancy. It also is very effective for easing labor pains during labor too and helps you get into a more upright position. And can help bring the baby’s head further down into the pelvis. So during labor as well it has been shown to reduce your labor time by up to an hour and also eases anxieties because you can go very rhythmic with it by bouncing up and down,  moving from side to side as well.

A birth ball can

  • Help adjust the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the pelvic region, so the child can subside into an ideal position.
  • Amid work, it might urge child into a superior position.
  • Reinforces the lower back.
  • Opens the pelvis.
  • May support an easier, shorter labor.
  • May reduce pain during labor.
  • Can soothe back pain and back labor.
  • May increase bloodstream to the uterus
  • Lessen the likelihood of needing an epidural or C-section.
  • Lessen anxiety and tension.

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What size birthing ball?

When choosing the size of a birthing ball, a  good rule is that, when you’re sitting on it, your knees should just be lower than your hips. It just allows the hips to open up and the baby to move down through the pelvis. One of the things to remember regarding safety with using the birth ball is that you want to have a support person around you so that you do not fall off the ball. you also want to make sure you get a ball that fits your height and so that is something that you can look at the box when you’re purchasing your exercisable.

How to use a birthing ball to dilate?

  • Try not to blow up your ball to the maximum. You need it to have a little give, as this makes it considerably more comfortable.
  • Sit on your ball with feet level on the floor and spread the legs to frame a tripod with the birth ball.
  • Roll your shoulders back and pull your lower abdomen in slightly (rather than simply giving it a chance to hang).
  • You can try to do little hip circles to extend the pelvis.
  • Then again, you can utilize your ball to enable you to work on crutches. (the most ideal approach to open the pelvis and adjust the body).
  • Utilize the birth ball against the wall as a help.
  • Lift the ball so that it rests on your middle back.
  • Then roll the ball up and down the wall as you squat.

This is incredible for times when a partner isn’t accessible to help.


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When Should I Start to Use a Birthing Ball?

The sooner you begin, the better! Beginning early will enable you to develop strength in your muscles as your stomach grows and gets heavier. Numerous mothers are beginning to swap out their office seat for an activity ball when they find they’re pregnant! Be that as it may, it is more typical to utilize the birthing ball from 32 weeks onwards, when you begin encountering the impacts of the growing little one, from back pain and not having the capacity to breathe easily.

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How Do I Use a Birthing Ball During Labor?

The following are exercises you can do to help progress your labor. You can utilize a birthing ball in a clinic or at home, in the event that you’ll be doing a home birth. It’s to a great degree adaptable and sufficiently clear to help you through labor.

  • Sitting astride the ball and rocking your pelvis from side to side or back and forth.
  • Leaning on your birthing ball from a kneeling position on the floor.
  • Getting into a hands-and-knees position by hugging your birthing ball and lifting your bottom up from a kneeling position. You can then rock your pelvis from side to side.
  • Leaning over your ball from a standing position, with the ball on the bed or another surface.
  • During the pushing stage you’ll want to avoid sitting, so use the leaning or hands-and-knees positions. They will take the pressure off your bottom and give your baby lots of room to descend with each contraction and to be born.
  • Most hospital labor wards and birth centers have birthing balls for women to use during labor. If you’re particularly attached to your own birthing ball, take it along with you. You can clean it afterward by washing it down with warm soapy water.

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How Do I Use a Birthing Ball During Postpartum?

Regardless of whether you are recovering from postpartum pain or searching for a more secure, gentler approach to practice post-birth, you can begin exercises, for example, squats, lunges, and side-laying lifts to get you back on track post pregnancy. Make sure to get the permission from your specialist before you begin working out. There are such a large number of benefits of a birthing ball that each pregnant mother should try. It’s economical, simple to use and has such a significant number of advantages for a natural birth. In the event that you will probably have a healthy pregnancy and delivery, a birthing ball is something you can use today.


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In the event that you want a natural childbirth, you’ll need to arm yourself with everything important to make your activity easier. A birth ball is an incredible sidekick for a natural pregnancy. Obviously, you’ll likewise need to get instructed, eat healthy food, and take your prenatal. Other than that, you’ll additionally need to consider how you’re exercising and getting your pelvis “into shape” for labor and delivery. And this is where a birth ball can come into play.

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